Alfred ran down the stairs. He was so going to be in class before Arthur. It had taken a lot of self-discipline and hard work to get up so early, but he had finally done it! He was so going to be in class before Arthur.

Then it wouldn't be the Student Council President saying "Say, aren't you running a little late?" It would be Alfred saying it! This was going to be so awesome!

Alfred happily strode down the final steps, only to freeze once he actually saw what was going on on the bottom floor.

What were all those policemen and medics doing here...?

Alex Knöpfli, the school's janitor, heard Alfred coming down the stairs and turned to him. The teen was utterly confused and bewildered. Upon making eye contact with the friendly janitor, he snapped out of his stupor though and walked over.

"What's going on? What's with all these guys?" he asked, waving at the unusual sight.

"Wait-" Knöpfli said, motioning for Alfred to stay back, but it was already too late. Alfred saw the damage on the walls and floor and... He had arrived just in time to see Arthur Kirkland's face disappear inside a body bag.

Alfred watched in shock.

The Janitor was silent too, however it was mostly because he didn't know what to say. Eventually, he placed a hand on Alfred's shoulder and said "... I didn't realise anyone would be up so early. I'm sorry."

Alfred simply stared blankly at the body bag. His mind was still processing what he had just seen.

... He can't be dead... his thoughts trailed.

"Where are you going?" the woman asked, looking at the Italian curiously.

"... Paris." Feliciano replied.

"I'm sorry, I can only take you as far as Basel."

"I can connect to a train from there. That's fine."

"Oh. Well then, if you like, hop in. It'll be a few hours drive" the woman replied, smiling.

"Thank you." he said happily and got in.

"So what's your story?" she asked, as she pulled into the highway.

"I'm hitch-hiking. I've always wanted to go and see Paris." Feliciano replied, smiling brightly. The woman smiled back.

"... But why hitch-hiking? I mean, not to be rude, but hitch-hiking isn't the best form of travel."

"Well, I always thought hitch-hiking would be fun. And you've got to do it at least once in your life, form valuable memories and stuff like that. Besides, Switzerland's one of the safest countries in the world, so I thought this would be the best place to hitch-hike in. "

"Huh. I suppose I didn't think of it like that. Well, I'm glad you're making valuable memories."

"I think this is awfully exciting." Feliciano beamed. The woman smiled softly. She wasn't able to see through Feliciano's façade. He happily chattered away, as she drove from French-speaking Switzerland into German-speaking Switzerland.

She remained unaware that Feliciano wasn't really as happy as he currently appeared. Or that he was uttering lies most of the time. She was content with the idea of an enthusiastic teen, travelling to Paris by himself via curious means.

Eventually, Feliciano silenced, not that she noticed. She was too concentrated on avoiding traffic and making sure that she didn't get lost. Feliciano looked out the window, staring at the trees as they drove on.

"Ah, what's your name? I never asked. I'm Carmen."

"Feliciano." he replied smiling.

"Oh, that's a nice name! What does it mean?"

"It has three meanings, namely happy, fortunate and lucky."

"Well, that's a good name for you, considering how happy you are!"

"Ha, yeah..."

"Oh, sorry, I need to concentrate on driving again."

"No, it's fine."

Silence settled down in the car once again. Feliciano returned to staring out the window.

He wasn't lying when he said he'd go back for Arthur that night. Sure, the Brit might be dead(though Feliciano was sure that the Brit had not only been exaggerating, but also lying), but Luciano was still out there, probably killing people. He needed to go back and make it all up to Arthur, for leaving him alone with the... What did Arthur call it? Oh yes, Blood Spirit.

Feliciano sighed.

He wished he'd at least gotten a chance to see Lovino, Kiku and Ludwig again before leaving. It was actually strange that Kiku and Ludwig hadn't been in bed when Feliciano went to pack. Maybe they'd been to the toilet? Either way, they hadn't been there.

He sighed silently, as his eyes focused on the blue skies above him. He sure hoped he'd see them again one day.

" well as Feliciano Vargas missing. There is evidence that he may be the murderer, however, interviewed students protested this idea and some evidence points at Kirkland. At the moment, it is unknown if Vargas is innocent and missing because he was kidnapped or guilty and missing because he is on the run..."

Gilbert watched the news, his face blank.

Feli... missing?

He was still processing the thought that Kirkland, of all people, was dead. The idea didn't sit well with him. Who would he pester and prank now? No, Arthur couldn't be dead. The just wasn't the type to die young. He was more like the type to become really, really old. Arthur should have become really, really old.

Gilbert stopped thinking about Kirkland.

Why was Feli missing? On one hand, he wanted the Italian to be OK, but on the other hand that would mean that the Italian was on the run... But Feliciano was no murderer.

He placed another spoonful of ice cream in his mouth.

This was just... Not sitting well with him.

In fact, a lot of things weren't sitting well with him lately.

He sighed, but then jolted when a sound rang, suspiciously similar to an alarm clock.

In the end, it was his phone, not an alarm clock, which was announcing that he had received an SMS. He pulled it out to read and became very, very confused.

Feliciano is innocent. Help him. -LV

He's headed to Paris. -AFC

Be there for him. For me. -LB

Look after him and don't tell him what happened. -KH

Look up Blood Spirits. -AK

Sent from: Unknown

All Chapters (so NOT INCLUDING epilogue or prologue) were written from the POV of whoever was going to die (hint hint).

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Luciano is 2p!Italy (or meant to be... some people use Luciano as 2p!Romano's human name).

Blood Spirit (c) Super Sister (I invented them for the sole purpose of this fanfiction :P)

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