Just a Game


Warnings: Non-Graphic, Non-Con, Torture

Susan couldn't stop shaking. Tears streamed down her face as her Muggle Studies Professor forced her body over the office desk fastened her hands to the chair opposite with Susan's black and yellow scarf. Alecto moved her mouth to Susan's ear, her tongue running the along the shell before nipping the lobe.

"Please," Susan whimpered, "Please, I won't do it again!"

"Shhhh," Alecto murmured, "I don't usually get to play with such a pretty little red-head."

Susan let out a uncontrollable sob against the cold hard wood of the desk. Alecto grabbed her hair and wrenched her head to the side.

"You won't make another sound sweetheart otherwise this will be unpleasant."

Susan couldn't even imagine how this become even more unpleasant. Her bottom lip quivered and her shoulders shook but she managed to hold in her sobs. Alecto chuckled to herself and Susan felt a breeze as Carrow vanished all her clothing but her skirt. The shaking of Susan's body got more vicious for a moment before she forced herself to calm down.

Feeling a sharp sting on her inner thigh where Alecto whacked her wand against her, Susan sucked in a breath.

"Spread your legs further, Red," Alecto demanded. Susan stood firmly still, willing her body to move to avoid any unnecessary pain but the stubborn part of her wasn't going to respond. Alecto sighed behind her and dug her nails into Susan's thigh. Silently she gasped, her hands clenching into fists and reluctantly, ignoring the pain Alecto was causing, Susan shifted her legs apart.

Alecto laughed harshly, "Too easy, Little Hufflepuff."

Susan's blood ran cold as Alecto's hand slipped northwards under her skirt and she bit into her lip hard. At least that way, Susan could pretend this wasn't happening.