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Summary: What happens when Harry's world is turned around by being re-sorted while in fifth year? Drarry, Good!Voldemort, Bad!Dumbledore

Pairings: Draco/Harry

Ratings: M

Warnings: Strong Language, M/M Relationship, Abuse

Genres: Romance, Angst, Adventure, Hurt/Comfort

Chapter Two

The next morning, when Harry awoke, he was disoriented. He opened his eyes and saw green. He frowned, before he remembered about last night.

"Morning sunshine." He heard someone call from beside him. He looked and saw Draco putting on his shoes. He groaned.

"Morning Draco." Harry said, sitting up.

"I've seen your clothes. You need new ones." Draco said. "They look like hand-me-downs."

"They used to me my Cousin Dudley's." Harry said.

"Well, you can borrow mine." Draco said, standing after finished tying his second shoe. He walked over to his closet, and stood there for a minute. He turned to Harry.

"We want a change, but we want to work you up to me." Draco said. "We don't want a giant change."

"Okay..." Harry said, just listening, and stayed sitting on the bed as Draco went back to thinking. He then quickly picked a black t-shirt and black jeans, before walking over and dropping them in front of Harry.

"These should work. Theo, Crabbe, Goyle and I will be waiting in the common room." Draco said, and walked out.

-:-:- Things Arn't As They Seem -:-:-

As Draco walked down, he was pleased with himself. He had just helped Harry with his fashion some. And thank goodness. His Muggle family had no fashion sense.

When he arrived downstairs, he sa Theo, Crabbe, and Goyle on the couch, waiting for him and Harry.

"Hey guys." Draco greeted, and the trio in front of him turned and smiled.

"Hey Draco. Where's Harry?" Theo asked.

"Right here." Harry said, racing down the stairs in his new uniform.

"Well that was fast." Draco said, walking ovr as he saw Harry's tie messed up. Draco quickly fixed it, and then the group headed down to breakfast.

-:-:- Things Arn't As They Seem -:-:-

When Harry arrived to the Great Hall with Draco, Theo, Crabbe, and Goyle, he noticed many people staring at him, and Ron and Hermione were glaring at him. When the room got quiet, and they all looked at him, he growled.

"Mind your own business, will you?" And the Hall went back into conversation, and Harry heard his name among a few people.

"It's okay Harry. People are just jealous and judgemental." Draco said.

Harry smiled. "Thanks Draco." Harry said, and they sat at their table. On one side was Crabbe on the left, Theo in the middle, and Goyle was on the right. On the other side, Harry was in between Crabbe and Theo, while Draco was in between Goyle and Theo.

"So what do we have first guys?" Harry asked.

"We have Potions with the Gryffindors." Theo growled out.

"Great..." Harry said.

"Don't worry Harry. Usually Theo and I are partners, but now we can have a third person, so you can be with us." Draco said.

"Thanks Draco." Harry said, smiling.

"Hey guys, look! The morning mail!" Harry heard Seamus call. Harry looked up, and saw Hedwig carrying a couple packages, and Harry was confused.

"Guys, I think Hedwig is carrying things for you too." Harry said, and Hedwig got there.

"Here's a package for Goyle, one for Crabbe, a letter for Theo, and a package for Draco." Harry said, passing everything to who it belonged to, before grabbing his letter and feeding Hedwig a cracker.

"Thanks Hedwig." They said, and all gave her treats. She ate them, and hooted in response. Harry gave her one last pet, before she flew off.

"Crabbe, what did you get?" Draco asked.

"More candy."

"And what about Goyle?" Harry asked.


"Theo, what's the letter about?" Harry asked.

"Mum is telling me that she heard I remained Slytherin, and she's happy. She hopes that I can behave." Theo said, and the group started laughing.

"You staying out of trouble? That'll be a sight." Theo said.

"Yea, you got that right." Harry said, before turning to Draco.

"What did you get?" Harry asked. Draco opened it, and Draco smiled.

"Mum sent me a new pair of shoes and a new snake man-bracelet." Draco said.

"Harry, who's the letter from?" Crabbe asked.

"I don't know." Harry said, and he opened it, and read it out loud, but only loud enough for his new friends to hear.

Dear Harry,

We heard what Hermione and Ron said yesterday, and we're sorry they acted that way. We don't want to stop being your friends, so we want to talk. Meet us in the Shack this Saturday at three in the afternoon. Hope to see you there!

Fred, George, Neville, Seamus, and Dean

"So they still want to be your friends?" Theo asked.

"I guess. Should I meet them?" Harry asked uncertainly.

"It's your choice." Draco said.

"If I went would you go with me?" Harry asked Draco.

"If you want me to." Draco said.

Harry smiled. "Thanks."

-:-:- Things Arn't As They Seem -:-:-

When the group walked in, Harry, Draco, and Theo went to a table.

"Harry, wanna come sit with us, at least today?" Seamus asked. Harry looked at Draco and Theo.

"Go ahead." Draco said.

Harry smiled his thanks, and moved to their table.

"We heard you got our letter." Dean said.

"Yea. What's up?" Harry asked.

"We heard what happened with Hermione and Ron down at the lake, and what Ron said." Seamus said.

"Yea, well, I realized they arn't my friends, they're followers." Harry said. "I mean, they weren't there in the room with the Mirror of Erised, they didn't help me in face the basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets, and they didn't save me from the Dementors, and they weren't at the Graveyard last year. They were helping, yes, but that's their own faults."

"I didn't want to say this, but I agree." Dean said.

"But they did risk their lives." Seamus argued.

Harry glared. "You know what, if you are going to defend them, then I don't know why I was going to see you on Saturday." Harry said, gathering his stuff and going back to the other table where Theo and Draco sat. When he sat in between them, they looked at him with confused expressions on their faces.

"What?" Harry asked.

"I thought you were sitting with them." Theo said.

"Finnigan was defending the Mudblood and her boyfriend." Harry said, shrugging his shoulders.

"Dumb thing he did." Draco said.

Harry nodded. "Yea."

And then Professor Snape came in to start the lesson.

-:-:- Things Arn't As They Seem -:-:-

After Potions, Defence Against the Dark Arts, and Herbology, it was lunchtime. Harry decided he would grab a snack, and go to the common room for th next hour. Draco decided to come with, for he wanted to talk to Harry.

Draco arrived to the common room a few minutes after Harry, and when he entered, he saw Harry reading the paper.

"Anything interesting?" Draco asked, placing his stuff down. Harry didn't flinch, but just sighed.

"Apparently someone told the Prophet and Rita Skeeter I was now a Slytherin, and let it slip that I'm a Parselmouth." Harry said.

Draco sighed. "Just ignore everyone. People are just judgmental."

Harry sat up and looked at Draco as Draco sat next to him.

"Can I confide in you?" Harry asked.

"Of course." Draco said, getting comfortable.

"In first year, I was supposed to be in Slytherin, bu I asked the Hat to put me in Gryffindor. It kept trying to reason with me, but I kept saying to put me anywhere but Slytherin. But now that I realize, Slytherin isn't all that bad." Harry said.

Draco was silent. "Well, at least now you are where you're supposed to be, and I'm glad you are." Draco said, smiling. Harry smiled back. "Yea."

"Harry!" Draco looked around, and so did Harry.

"Harry, the fire!" The voice said again, and the duo looked down, and went wide-eyed.

"Sirius!" Harry called, and dived onto the green rug, Draco following.

"Harry, I heard you're in Slytherin. Good." Sirius said.

Harry looked at him, confused. "Why are you proud?"

"Because you're where your father was placed." Sirius said. He looked at Draco. "Oh, hello Draco."

"Hey Sirius." Draco said.

"Harry, you need to watch yourself; your in trouble." Sirius said.

"Sirius, what are you talking about?" Harry asked.

"Draco will tell you, but someone's coming. I gotta go. Congrats again!" And just like that, Sirius was gone.

Harry looked to Draco right away. He stood, and grabbed Draco.

"You are going to tell me everything, now." Harry said, pulling Draco up the stairs to the Slytherin Boy's Dorm.

Draco gulped. Well, this is gonna be a disaster.

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