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Summary: What happens when Harry's world is turned around by being re-sorted while in fifth year? Drarry, Good!Voldemort, Bad!Dumbledore

Pairings: Draco/Harry

Ratings: M

Warnings: Very Strong Language, M/M Relationship, Abuse

Genres: Romance, Angst, Adventure, Hurt/Comfort

Chapter Five

"It's cold."

"I know, love. We'll be there shortly, though."

Harry and Draco walked down the path the the Shack, hand-in-hand. Harry was freezing, so he put Draco's arm around him and cuddled closer.

When they arrived, Harry was beyond cold. His teeth were chattering!

Draco pushed open the door, and entered, quickly bringing his mate in with him, and closing it.

"I-it's co-old." Harry chattered. Draco took off his jacket, the instant coldness making him wince, before he placed it on Harry.

"Better, love?" Draco asked.

"Y-Yeah. B-But what a-about y-you?" Harry asked, eyes like a puppy.

Draco cupped his face and kissed his fore head before backing away and hugging Harry.

"I will be fine." Draco said, and then he saw the other six figures in the room, all with their eyebrows raised. "Harry, dear, I think your friends are here."

Harry turned and saw Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Fred and George Weasley, Seamus Finnigan, and Dean Thomas looking at them. He chuckled nervously. "Hey guys. How's it going?"

"Fine." Seamus said. "And I see you're doing fine as well."

Harry chuckled nervously again, and rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah..."

"It is fine Harry." Luna said, smiling. "It does not matter that you are dating Draco. I for one think it is cute."

Harry smiled. "Thank you Luna. It means alot."

"I may not like Malfoy, but if I must deal with you dating him, I will propose a truce with him." Neville said. Harry nodded.

"If none of you will be his friend, then you came here for nothing. The first step to earning my trust is to befriend him, and actually be nice to my mate." Harry said, glaring at the group.

Luna stood and walked over. She held out her hand for Draco. "Draco, might I be able to be the first to propose a truce, and become your friend?"

Draco looked at it for a few moments before he took it, and shook it. "Nice to be your friend, Luna."

"Same here Draco." She said, and sat down.

Harry smiled at the young blonde. "Thanks Luna."

She nodded her 'your welcome' and Harry went back to glaring to the rest.

"Is she going to be the only one?" Harry asked. Everyone exchanged glances, and Harry crossed his arms.

"I think no one else likes you, my love." Draco said.

Just then Neville stood. Harry and Draco raised their eyebrows, and Luna smiled in encouragement.

Neville sighed, and walked over to the couple. "I may have disliked Draco in the past, but I will forget all the bullying if he is willing to be nice to me." Neville held out his hand for Draco. Draco looked at it, then Neville, then took the hand. He smiled at Neville, and Neville went and sat down. Fred and George shared a look.

The twins stood, and walked over. Fred spoke first. "Harry, you are like a brother to us-"

George continued. "-and we're stuck with you-"

"-and even though we dislike Malfoy-"

"-we will stick with you through anything and everything-"

"-so we will be Malfoy's friends-"

"-if that's what you desire." George finished.

Draco looked at his Veela. Harry smiled. "Well, I would like if you guys did what Neville and Luna did."

The twins smiled and nodded, both holding out their hands. "What do ya say, Malfoy?" They said in unison.

Draco smiled, and took Fred's hand on his left, and George's hand in his right, and shook both. "I would love to be your friends. And maybe get some of your products you plan on selling when I help you open up your shop." Fred and George looked at him in disbelief. Draco chuckled. "Yes, I'll help you open your shop."

Fred and George unexpectedly hugged Draco. Harry chuckled. "Looks like they're super grateful!" Harry said.

"And now can you guys get off and sit back down?" Draco coughed out. "You're kinda squeezing me too much." Fred and George immediately let go and Draco smiled. "I don't care about receiving hugs, but I don't think Harry would like it very much if you squeezed me to death."

"Yea..." They both said, and went back to sit. Dean and Seamus then stood and looked at the couple.

"We're sorry Harry, but we can't do this. Have fun, traitor." Seamus said, and walked out, calling for Dean to follow. Right before he left, however, he shot everyone an apology smile.

When he left, everyone looked at Harry. Harry sat on Draco's lap, and Draco looped his arms around his waist.

"Love, continue." Draco urged. Harry sighed.

"I didn't plan this out Dray." He said.

"Just tell them what I told you." Draco whispered into his ear before quickly kissing it.

Harry nodded, and then sighed. "What I am about to tell you is something you cannot tell anyone. It stays in here." Harry warned. The small group nodded. Harry smiled. "First off, my real name is Harry James Riddle."

"Actually it's Harry Armano Riddle." Draco interrupted. Harry shot him a glare, but Draco chuckled. "Love you Harry."

Harry rolled his eyes but continued. "As you know, Voldemort's real name is Tom Marvolo Riddle. So yes, that means he is my real father."

"But how is that?" Neville asked, confused. "You look like James Potter, and you have Lily Potter's eyes."

Harry sighed. "I think that it's some kind of long-lasting disguise spell or potion or something."

"Oh." Neville said.

"Anyways, continuing on. He's not actually the bad guy. Dumbledore is." Neville's hand shot up, and Harry sighed. "Can we save all questions to the end?" Naville then slowly lowered his hand and smiled. "Thank you.

"As I was saying, Dumbledore is the bad guy. Tom is the nice guy. I believe Dumbledore put Tom under the Imperius Curse, and then somehow erased their past memories and replaced them with different ones. I definitely hate him for that. Anyhow, the next thing you all should know is Professor Lupin was the one who betrayed my parents, not Sirius; he just framed him. Next thing you should know is that the Weasel and Mudblood were actually told to befriend me."

"Told by who?" The twins asked.

"Dumbledore." Harry said, and everyone gasped. Harry nodded. "The Order are actually the bad people. Death Eaters are good people."

"Okay. Gonna have to get used to that." Neville mumbled.

"Dray, would you like to tell them the next part? About us?" Harry asked, looking down at his true love. The blonde nodded.

"Harry and I are Veelas, and we're mates." Draco said happily. Everyone's jaw dropped, except for Luna's.

Luna smiled. "Who's the submissive?" At this, Harry blushed deeply, and Draco chuckled.

"Harry is the submissive, and I am the dominant." Draco said. Harry blushed even deeper (as if that was even possible) and Draco chuckled again. He quickly kissed Harry's cheek, and then said, "I'm sorry I'm embarrassing you, love. It's a habit."

Harry smiled. "It's okay."

"Harry." The twins finally spoke. Harry looked at them.

"We would like to help you-" Fred started.

"-defeat Dumbledore even if-"

"-we have to work with-"

"-Him." George finished.

Harry smiled. "You swear on your pride and honor as Gryffindors?"

"We swear."

"Great." Harry said.

"I swear as well." Neville said, smiling.

"And Luna?"

"I will stick with you to the end, and you know it." Luna said.

"And so Harry's Army has started." Draco said.

Harry smiled. "No. We are not Harry's Army." Everyone looked at him in confusion. "We are the Wildfangs."

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