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It was raining when Ros finally got back to the Grid. The rest of the team were still huddled over various computers, dealing with the inevitable wind up of a successful operation. She sighed heavily knowing that because Lucas and Ben were there within seconds she was still alive. Jo handed a folder to Ben as Lucas walked towards her holding a coffee.


"Where's Harry?"

"Last minute call to Whitehall. Apparently Blake is about to implode."

"When isn't he?" Lucas smiled as he handed Ros the mug of coffee.

"It's not machine and you look like you need it."

"I'm fine." She closed her eyes as her hands wrapped around the hot cup, savouring the warmth it gave her. "It was a job. We stopped the British Economy from collapsing. We did what we were supposed to do."

"Yeah." Lucas smiled. "Yeah we did. But at what cost?"

Ros turned on her heel and headed towards Jo's desk, eager to put the case behind her and move onto the next. If she ignored Lucas' good natured concern then she didn't have to face what had happened or how she felt. If she ignored it long enough it would fade from memory; simply an unsavoury event in what was otherwise a very succesful op. She had lived through operations where things happened. It wasn't the end of the world. She kept her face neutral as Ben walked towards her.


"I want the case report ready to give to Harry by tonight."

"Halfway done already." Ben stated. Ros nodded as Jo frowned.

"Problem Miss Portman?"

"No." Jo frowned. "Ros, are you alright?"

"Of course." Ros smiled slightly. "I'm always alright. Jo, can you have the report into Meynell's financial records ready as soon as?"


"Thanks." Ros turned back to her own desk and buried her head in paperwork, studiously ignoring the concerned looked between Malcolm and Connie.


It was dark when Harry finally returned to the Grid to see half his team still there. He was exhausted and couldn't help but glance at Ruth's abandoned desk. Even after all this time no one had claimed her workspace. Pinching the bridge of his nose he walked to his office and threw his suit jacket on the battered old red sofa in the corner of his office. He smiled slightly as he realised there were two typed reports on his desk waiting for him. Before any of his team could approach him he walked back onto the main Grid.

"Right." He watched as all eyes fell on him. Lucas hastily dropped the chocolate donut he was eating as Ros smirked. "Thank you all for today. I'll deal with the reports but I think you all have homes to go to? Yes? I'll see you all here tomorrow first thing for the official debrief. Ros? A word if I may." He walked back into his office as Ros pushed her chair away from her desk. She felt sick, knowing he would want to know what really happened with her and Meynell in the office; not the sterilised version she had put in her report.

"Pub?" Ben asked. Malcolm shook his head.

"Not tonight." Malcolm's eyes fell on Lucas as the new boy watched Ros walk into Harry's office and close the door behind her.

"I could do with a drink." Connie decided. "Jo?"

"No." Jo sighed. "I think I'm just going to go home and watch rubbish chick flicks and soak in the bath."

"Need any company?" Ben smiled cheekily. Jo raised an eyebrow.

"No." She smirked. "I can work the DVD player all by myself. What about you? Lucas? Are you going to the pub?"

"Not tonight." Lucas sighed. "I'm going to finish up here and go home. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yes of course." Malcolm got the hint immediately and began ushering the remaining spooks from the Grid. As he passed Lucas' desk he rested a hand on his shoulder. "She isn't as hard as she would want us to believe. I've known Ros a long time. The Ice Queen image she likes to portray is just that." He waited as the younger man nodded, his eyes never leaving Harry's office.


"You specifically told me there was no gun." Harry held her gaze. Ros shrugged her shoulders.

"I know."


"I had to make you believe I was safe. The operation depended on you not wavering. If you believed I had a gun to my head you would have. Anyway, the look on his face when he knew I was not scared was priceless." She smiled as Harry shook his head.

"Is this about Adam?"


"He had a death wish, you think you have to have the same to be Section Chief?"

"Don't be ridiculous." She snapped, her eyes narrowing. "It was about getting the job done."

"And was it about getting the job done the night you went back to his flat?" Harry watched as the colour drained from her face.

"That was uncalled for." Ros spat. "And don't tell me you've never been in a compromising position when you were in the field."


"Nothing happened. If it had I would have written it in my report."

"Are you ok? That's all I want to know. Are you ok?"

"I'm fine, Harry." Ros smiled. "I am always fine."


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