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Ros stared at her image in the mirror over the sink in the Ladies' toilet. She knew Lucas and Harry were still in the main ballroom with Ben working behind the bar. She felt sick at the fact she had needed Lucas to help her get away from the slime ball that was hassling her. Ros Myers was not a damsel in distress ever.

"Ros?" She closed her eyes and swore under her breath as she heard Lucas call her name through the bathroom door.

"What?" She pulled the door open and stared at him.

"The man that was giving you hassle."


"No." Lucas smirked. "His name is Mani and he is ex Mossad. Harry knows him."

"I thought as much." Ros nodded.

"Are you?"

"Do not finish that sentence with the word ok. I am always ok." Ros narrowed her eyes. Lucas raised an eyebrow.

"If you say so."

"I say so." Ros hissed. "What the Hell is an ex Mossad operative doing in London?"

"Could be legitimate." Lucas leant against the wall, relieved that Ros was now in the corridor outside the Ladies' bathroom.

"Yeah." Ros agreed. "And I could be Cinderella."

"Come on then." Lucas pushed himself away from the wall. "We better get back in there before that dress turns to rags." Ros rolled her eyes and walked past him into the ballroom.


"Connie?" Malcolm turned to the older woman. "You look a little pale."

"Do I?" Connie snapped. "Maybe you should concentrate on getting Harry out of there and not what I look like."

"Indeed." Malcolm snapped as he turned his attention back to the monitor. Jo raised an eyebrow but kept silent. All she wanted was to get her friends out of the ballroom and find out what significance Mani would have in their lives. It was clear Connie was wary of the man but refused to say why. The older woman tutted before Jo looked away, concentrating on what the bugs Ben had managed to plant that afternoon were picking up.


It was almost sunrise by the time the weary spooks got back to the Grid. Jo slumped in her chair and rested her head on her desk. Ben looked like he was about to fall asleep on his feet. Malcolm smiled slightly before heading off to make himself and the rest of the team some tea.

"I could sleep for a week." Ben yawned.

"Harry will want us back here long before that." Connie snapped. Harry raised an eyebrow before tugging at and removing his bow tie.

"Yes, because I am such an ogre. Joanna, take Ben home before he starts snoring. Has anyone seen Ros and Lucas?"

"Our fearless leader." Connie smirked. "I dread to think. Lucas is probably hanging off her every word or mooning after his ex-wife."

"Who's been sleeping in the knife draw?" Ben asked. Harry narrowed his eyes as Connie got to her feet.

"You should learn some respect." Connie hissed. Ben rolled his eyes as Malcolm reappeared. Connie stormed out of the Grid.

"Not staying for tea?" Malcolm sighed. Harry shook his head remembering another brunette that had asked that question so long ago. Malcolm rested the tray on his desk and sighed heavily. Ben took a mug and passed it to Jo.

"We are." Jo smiled at the IT boffin. Harry took a mug and rested against Lucas' abandoned desk.

"Can I ask something?" Ben sipped his drink as Harry began leafing through the preliminary reports and transcripts of the night. It seemed the bugs had yielded some very useful information.

"Of course." Harry didn't look up, assuming the question would either be in relation to Connie's behaviour or Mani's presence at the reception.

"Who's Ruth Evershed? Only I heard Connie mention her earlier."

Harry felt the blood drain from his face. He had no idea why Connie would have anything to say about Ruth. He swallowed hard and forced his face to stay neutral.

"She was my best friend." Jo said quietly. "She worked here when I started, the Senior Intel Analyst."

"Was?" Ben frowned. "Connie has that job."

"She took over from Ruth." Harry almost whispered before turning and walking back to his office. Jo couldn't help but focus on the fact that Harry hadn't referred to Connie as Ruth's replacement.

"She died." Jo decided to keep Ruth's legend intact. There was no way any of them wanted to relive what had happened and she didn't think Ben would understand. At times she wasn't sure she did.

"Then why was Connie talking about her? I heard her on the phone earlier when we left the reception. I got the feeling Connie didn't like her."

"At the moment it would seem Connie doesn't like anyone." Malcolm sighed as he watched Harry close the blinds in his office. He knew his friend still missed the clumsy brunette that had literally fallen into Section D. He couldn't help but agree with the new boy. It was strange that Connie should be discussing the 'dead' analyst on the phone, he made a mental note to look into it as soon as he could.


The sun was rising over London as Ros stared out over the city. She loved London but hated it at times. The Congestion Charge, pollution, noise and horrendous traffic got on her nerves. She sighed heavily knowing that when she had been in exile in Russia she would have given anything to be stood where she was now.

"You must be freezing." She smiled slightly as she heard Lucas approach. "Harry said we can call it a night."

"It's 7 am, hardly night anymore."

"Good point." Lucas stood next to her, his hands on the metal railings around the edge of the roof.

"Go home."

"What about you?"

"I've some paperwork to finish. I still need to write my statement on Meynell's arrest. It would seem the police want to use me as a witness."

"What? Why? We have all the evidence we need to prove he has tried to end the UK economy." Lucas turned to face her, furious that she would be made to relive her time at the bank. Ros shrugged her shoulders.

"This is the clowns we are talking about."

"Ros. Come inside, you'll catch your death out here."

"There are many that would be glad of that." She kept her eyes on the cityscape in front of her. Lucas remained silent, he knew there was no way she was going to agree with him. He watched her for a moment. "I'm the Ice Queen, remember? I'll be fine."

"I know." Lucas watched as she gripped the rail a little tighter. "You just don't have to be alone. Not with everything." He touched her hand as she froze. He pulled his hand back and walked away from her. Ros turned to face his retreating form.


"Yeah." He turned and smiled. Ros couldn't help but return the smile.

"You don't know me. Not really." She held his gaze as the smile fell away from his lips.

"True." He nodded. "But everyone needs a friend. Especially in this job."

"Colleagues. I don't do friends."

"Good job I do then." Lucas held the door open. "Breakfast? The cafe across the road is open."

"Lucas North that is the best thing you have said all day." She followed him to the doorway. Lucas let her walk ahead of him, ignoring the comment about his old-fashioned ways. He was worried about her, but knew she would not appreciate his concern. Sighing slightly he had an idea Mani and Meynell were not finished with them yet.


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