It was Josie's day off. She and her adopted daughter, Rain were just finishing breakfast.

"Mom, when's Daddy coming home?" Rain asked.

"As soon as he wraps up the case he's working on."

"I miss him," Rain said.

"I know. I do, too."

"But I like having a daddy I can miss," Rain said thoughtfully. "I never missed Popper when he was away. I hoped he'd never come back."

Josie was about to pour a second cup of coffee and read the paper when the phone rang. It was Principal Mabel Jordan of Bay City Elementary. Rain had been caught with a gun. This meant an automatic two-week suspension, and a call to the police station. However, since Josie was a cop, Mrs. Jordan felt that she could let her handle the situation herself.

A little while later, Josie and Rain were sitting on Rain's bed, talking.

"Rain, honey, how did you get my gun?"

"I... took it off your dresser."

Suddenly, Josie remembered. When she woke up, she'd forgotten that it was her day off, and she had unlocked the drawer and taken out the gun. And then the doorbell rang, and Josie went to answer without putting the gun away. How could she have been so careless?

"Oh, Rain, I'm so sorry," Josie said. "I made a terrible mistake. I should never have left that gun out, not for one second. But, honey, you knew you shouldn't touch it, didn't you?"

""Yes, Mom," Rain said.

"Well," Josie said, "we both did something wrong. And Joe gave me emergency leave, so I can be home with you while you're suspended from school." And then, Josie looked stricken.

"What's wrong, Mom?"

"I've got to call Joe again. He needs to know that I was careless with my weapon."

"Because he's your captain?"

"That's right," Josie said.

"Do you think he'll be mad at you?" Rain asked.

"No," Josie said, "I think he'll be disappointed. And I'm definitely in for a lecture."

Josie came back a few minutes later.

"What did Joe say?" Rain asked.

"Well," Josie answered, "he scolded me, but only a little. And then he placed me on suspension for two weeks."

"He did?"

"He said it was for my own good. And for those two weeks, we're both confined to the house, and no television, and no dessert."

"You mean you, too?" Rain asked.

"Me too," Josie said.

"Was that Joe's idea?"

"No," Josie said, "mine, because it was just as much my fault as it was yours, and fair is fair, right?"

Rain nodded. "Right."

"Now, Sunshine, can you tell me why you took the gun to school?"

"Well," Rain answered, "today we were supposed to talk about what we want to be when we grow up. And I took the gun because I want to be a cop, just like you."

Josie couldn't say a word. She could only take Rain in her arms and hold her close.