It's really amazing what people will miss if they don't pay attention, or if they purposely ignore and deny what they see. Digimon, from the lowest Baby to the mightiest Mega, are really not all that different. At the same time, when they do notice something- that really to anyone with all the information is nothing- their thoughts, like those of humans, can become completely illogical. Gallantmon, however, was not in a position to appreciate the irony of this fact seeing as soon the illogic would likely bring shame upon his family. Damn rumor mills.

It really was nothing, Ophanimon, soon-to-be wife of Seraphimon, had come to discuss with him something she had heard that had worried her deeply. As the Era, had become rather peaceful lately, truly the only threats likely to come were at the hands of Champion and Perfect Level Raiders claiming to serve the Demon Lords, Duftmon as the Strategist of the Royal Knights, had determined that in order to keep the Era as peaceful as possible for as long as they could- a very noble goal- they must root out Evil's strongholds.

Duftmon had approached Omnimon, Second in Command and De Facto Leader when Alphamon was away- which was nearly always- with a list detailing those Digimon hiding out there that Duftmon had concluded to be the greatest threats to the stability of the Digital World. Among the notable ones listed were MaloMyotismon, Megidramon, and Piedmon.

Gallantmon could understand her worry, as he had felt it for all of the first five seconds after he had heard Omnimon announce their intentions. However, between the subtle gestures of comfort that had passed between him and a few others as well as hearing more of the story, Gallantmon had little to worry about from that- he did worry that Ophanimon might have just put a major strain on her relationship with her beloved, simply for his sake, unnecessarily at that. Given all she was willing to sacrifice to be with him… well he thought it terrible if either he and/or the others had to harm an Angel for wounding Ophanimon's heart so badly- especially because it really wouldn't be Seraphimon's fault. They'd still do it; they just wouldn't be able to get even a sick pleasure out of it, should it come down to that.

So, even as he first saw her, Gallantmon looked around, and spotted a deserted courtyard, the Digital Cherry Tree beginning to bud in the far corner of the open air, some petals drifting lazily, sometimes to the outer ramparts, sometimes the stray breeze sending the petals into open windows as Digimon of all ages enjoyed the wondrous morn. Gallantmon, however ignored all that and sat on a bench opposite the tree, waiting for Opanimon- who he knew would come.

And come she did and she sat down. With no greeting, she began, "I've heard that Omnimon has sanctioned a new Campaign."

"He has," came Gallantmon's measured reply.

"And that they shall hunt for threats to our world, which Duftmon has listed."

"Duftmon did post such a list," he conceded.

"And when I read it, there was listed the name of the Northern Dragon King."

"It's on there."

"So tell me, Gallantmon," she said her worry becoming rage at his curt replies, "what is it that you intend to do, nothing? And do you wish me to just stand by as you all delete each other? Am I just supposed to play the Good Wife and ignore all that shall come?"

"Sister," he whispered to her so lowly that even she, sitting next to him, could scare hear. "Thine worry be for naught. For what mon leaves his house unguarded to traipse among the trees and stir shadows in the forest on a black night? Knights though we may be, fools not are we. Some to go and some to stay and not all shall be fought and slain anyway. I'll tell you true, the chance that I might be hunter and hunted in the same chase is as low as can be."

Ophanimon smiled, Gallantmon had always been taken up in "Acting the Part." "Cease that silly speaking, for I see the Mischief in your eyes even as I gaze about the Yard. And I know you far too well to be taken in."

"You wish me to speak straight?" Gallantmon replied. "Then I shall, out of all those named- the Royal Knights shall hunt maybe one in four. And Megidramon is the most controversial name given, with at least five of our order strongly opposed, and none to truly champion the cause. And honestly, if it ever came to it- I'd merely lead them on a merry romp about the Northern Mountains, perhaps on occasion allowing them to see the tip of my tail or the edge of my wing. For really, fair sister- who, save Ebonwumon, Fanglongmon, and the Makers themselves, knows those peaks and caves as well as I?"

"Calumon, for one, if half your tales be true," she replied with a smile.

"Ahh, but that is why he will be with you, happily preparing you and Seraphimon for the Hell that some call Parenthood," the knight replied merrily.

"I think dealing with you, who have never truly grown up, has been preparation enough."

"It is as the Lady says," Gallantmon said with a bow. "Still my mind in happy childhood be, though my body has the form of a Mega."

"You've always been a Mega," Ophanimon pointed out.

"As have you, Magnadramon," the Virus responded, though not unkindly.

Ophanimon stood their silently for a moment, contemplating what she would say next. "Me- Megidramon," she began, "I want to tell him. If we are to be wed, I do not want such secrets between us."

"And you are asking me because I have the most to lose," Gallantmon finished what she dare not speak. "I had seen this coming even as you came in that measured pace that you have which means you are most worried. It is your choice, and I as well as the others will still support you even if Seraphimon will not. Though I know you cannot choose who you give your heart to, you know him best. If you think he can stand the shock and its implications, tell him- otherwise do as you always have and keep it locked in the depths of you heart."

Ophanimon paused, shocked. But then again, she shouldn't have been. Megidramon had always been this way, he and Goldramon were always so child-like- almost as if they would force themselves to be happy- and yet there would be those rare moments where they would become melancholy and be wiser than she and Azulongmon combined. And once he took on the role of The Crimson Knight, he would act that way for much longer periods- though he often found it to be only that, an act. But here was proof, once again, that her brother was never one to be underestimated- either in body or in mind.

"So, assuming all goes well, are you inviting the rest of us to the Wedding?"

'Yes,' the Southern Dragon King reflected, 'those two were a host of contradictions, but then again- they wouldn't be the same if they were not.'