A/N So this is my first fanfic on this site. For the sake of the story Christine is 7 and Parker is 14. I haven't really fully thought out the concept of the story if I want it to be a bunch of one shots or an actual story. Never the less, just expect a lot of fluff.

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"Hi daddy!" Christine Booth said as she jumped into the backseat of her dad's FBI issued SUV.

"Hi sweetheart, how was the last day of fourth grade?" Booth replied. To this day, he still wonders how her 7 year old skipped not only one but two grades of school. Takes after her mother, he thought.

"Great! Look at my report card. All A's!" handing over the paper to her dad. Yup, definitely her mother. Booth chuckled.

"When are we going to pick up Parker?" Christine said with excitement "I haven't seen him in months."

"His flight gets in at 9:00 tonight." Booth misses his son too. Parker has been back and forth between England and Washington DC every few months due to Rebecca taking a new position in London, England but Booth doesn't get to see him as much as he would like. "We're going to pick mommy up from the Jeffersonian, eat dinner, and head to the airport."

"Yay! I can't wait to spend the whole summer with him!" as she reached into her backpack for her book. "We will go swimming, the zoo, the museum, the park…" Booth just continued to smile as Christine's list kept going on and on.

Christine quickly unbuckled her seatbelt, leaped out of the SUV and ran towards the Medico-Legal Lab of the Jeffersonian as Booth followed closely behind her. Christine loved spending time at the Jeffersonian. She loved the bugs that Hodgins would show her, the big projector screen that Angela would let her play on, the science experiments that she would get to do with the squinterns but most of all she loved her mom's office. She found the artifacts very fascinating and the couch, it was so comfortable.

As the doors to the lab opened, she ran in, discovering her mother on the platform. She quickly stopped right before the stairs knowing not to set off the alarm. She made that mistake once, the sound of the alarms were terrible, she were only a few petri-dishes on the platform so Christine knew that she was allowed to be up there today.

"Hey Bones!" yelled Booth as he entered the lab.

"Hey Booth. Hi Christine, how was your day?" Brennan said as she saw her little girl eagerly waiting at the bottom of the stairs to come up.

"Fantastic! I'm sad that school is over." Christine answered while Booth slid his access card in the slot allowing them to enter. Christine walked up to her mother to give her a hug. Brennan then gave Booth a quick kiss.

"Eww" Christine said while both her parents laughed.

"I'm just going to be here a little while longer then we can head over to the diner for dinner" Brennan said "I think Angela is in her office with Michael, Christine. Booth, there are some files from the last case that you need to sign off on in my office."

"Yeah sure, got it." As Booth turned around, Christine was already entering Angela's office.

Michael , or Mikey which everyone calls him, was Christine's best friend. They were only a year apart and since their mother's practically did everything together, they would too.

"Hey Mikey! Hey Angie!" announced Christine as she entered Angela's office. Her office was always cool with all the art that's displayed around her office.

"Hey! Look at what my mom's trying to do with the Angelatron." Michael replied.

"Hi sweetie" Angela said with a determined look on her face "I'm trying to program this hockey game that you'll be able to play on the Angelatron…here this should do the trick."

The screen turned on revealing the start screen with two teams. "Sweet!" exclaimed Michael as he passed Christine the second controller.

"I'm going to kick your butt at this!" Christine said.

"Not if I kick yours first!" replied Michael.

"Have fun kids. I'm going to go check on Bren." Angela said while leaving the room that was filled with laughter.

An hour passed by, maybe two. Christine really didn't know because the game was too much fun. The two kids took their eyes off the screen as four adults entered the room.

"Hey kids, time to go!" Booth said while entering the room "—Hey is that a hockey game? Can I play!?"

"Booth, were going to be late if you play another round." Brennan replied.

"Really quickly?"

"You don't want to keep your son waiting at the airport, do you?"

"Fine, your right. Come on Christine." Brennan, always the logical one thought Booth.

"Bye guys, see you on Monday." The family said as they walked out. During the past few years Brennan has finally promised to stop working on weekends unless she absolutely had to. Booth took pride in knowing that he was the one that convinced her to doing so. Maybe it was Christine…maybe just a bit.

"See ya." The other family replied.

"Well I'm going to play a round with my son before we leave." Hodgins said loudly knowing Booth would hear and be jealous as he reached for the controller.

"Not a chance" replied Angela as she shut off the Angelator "We're going to have a nice family dinner tonight."

"Awwwwwwwww" the boys groaned but they knew better than to argue.

On the drive to the airport, Booth could only understand about half the words that were coming out of his partner's mouth but somehow their daughter could understand all of it, let alone be interested in the topic. He was glad that when Parker was here, they could talk about sports in the car instead of squinty things.

"So the human skeleton changed when we started to walk on two feet?" questioned Christine.

"Yes, bipedalism caused changes to the skeletal structure. There is the s-curve in the spine, the pelvis is much wider and shorter, the sacrum is flatter, and there is a bicondylar angle in the valgus knee, just to name a few." Brennan replied excitedly. She loved it when her daughter would ask questions and become so fascinated in science.

Bicondylar angle in the valgus knee? Is that even English? This was definitely a 'I don't know what that means' kind of moment. Booth thought. I love these two but seriously, this squint talk needs to stop.

"Yeah, bipedalism is very exciting" Booth said sarcastically, "But let's help me find a parking space."

As the three of them walked into the airport, Brennan looked down at her watch. "It's 8:30, were still early. We will also probably need to wait for Parker to get his suitcase and to get through customs."

"And you were the one saying that there was no time to play that hockey game on the Angelatron" Booth said while Brennan gave him a disapproving look. Avoiding the subject he continued, "Hey Bones, you want some coffee?" pointing over to the coffee shop in the corner.

"Yeah sure. Get a cookie for Christine? Also some food for Parker while you're at it. He will be hungry after he lands."

"Got it." Booth smiled and shook his head as he walked away and heard his two favourite girls continue their talk about bipedalism.

"Do you see Parker?" asked Christine.

"Nope not yet" her parents replied.

A few minutes later they spotted a teenager with long blond hair with a big grin on his face as he spotted Booth, Bones, and Christine.

"Parkerrr!" Christine exclaimed, running up to him.

"Hey Chrissy, how's my favourite sister doing?"

"Parks, I'm your only sister."

"Yeah and my favourite." He laughed. "Hi dad. Hi Bones." Giving them both a huge hug.

"Hey buddy"

"Hi Parker, how was your flight?"

"There was a lot of turbulence, I'm glad that I'm back on the ground." He replied.

"How's England?" his father asked.

"It's alright. I missed all of you though."

"We missed you too" said Brennan as the four of them walked towards the SUV.

"Hey dad, do you have some food?" Parker asked. Brennan handed him a sandwich. "Thanks Bones! I'm starving!" As he took a big bite into his sandwich he looked over at Christine.

"Hey Chrissy, why are you so quiet?" asked Parker.

"I'm just thinking of all the fun that we're going to have. We will go…" Christine continued her whole list without even taking a breath.

Now that his little sister is on a roll, she probably won't stop talking until they got home. That didn't matter though. He missed the excitement, playful arguments, and seeing his old man lose those arguments. Oh, he sighed, how much he missed home.

A/N This chapter was meant to set everything up. I learned about the bipedalism stuff in my anthropology class so I thought I would include it. Look forward to pranks, swimming, and family time.