So the song, Stupid Stupid by Alex Day, inspired this short. NOT A SONGFIC.

Booth woke up late. He saw that Bones had already gone to work but he was still in bed. He took the quickest shower he ever had and practically ran out the door. Thankfully, he got to work right in time.

Later that day, he got home a little early. He reached into his pocket to grab his keys to open the door. He couldn't find the keys in his pocket. He figured he might have dropped them in the car so he went to look for them. He searched practically everywhere in the car but he still couldn't find them. He thought a little longer about where he might have left the key. Booth realized that by rushing out of the house this morning, he forgot his keys in the house. It didn't really matter since the kids were probably in the house. He rang the doorbell waiting for an answer. He couldn't see anyone coming to open the door.

He heard some laughter in the backyard and thought that Parker and Christine were probably in the pool. He decided to walk over to the fence to call the kids to open the door. It had rained earlier so the grass was really muddy and slippery. He got to the fence and started to yell for Parker. There was no response.

He guessed it would just be easier to climb over the fence since you couldn't open it from the outside. It would have been an easy climb for a trained FBI agent but his shoes were really muddy and he slipped right as he got over the fence andfell face first into the mud.

Parker turned his head to where he heard a loud thump. "Uh…who's that?" he asked Christine. All they saw was a huge guy covered in mud from head to toe.

"Hey bud, it's me! I left my keys in the house this morning." Booth yelled as he was trying to wipe mud off his face.

Brennan came out of the back door of the house. "What happened here?"

"You were inside the whole time?"


"I left my keys in the house this morning. I knocked a couple of time but no one answered the door."

"Sorry, I didn't hear you. I was probably taking a shower."

"So I am covered in mud now."

"And you are not coming in the house until you are clean" Brennan pointed out.

"What can I do?" Booth questioned her with a grin on his face.

Brennan took a few steps outside, "This." She pushed Booth into the pool and grabbed the hose.

"Hey!" Booth shrieked.

"Kids, take care of your father." She handed them the hose and had a big grin on her face as she walked inside, "I'll grab a towel."

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x

It was after dinner and Booth was really excited. He bought some pie from the grocery store and couldn't wait to eat it. Brennan pulled the pie out of the oven. Booth and Parker both followed the smell of pie to the kitchen.

"It's really hot. Let it cool down for a bit. You are going to burn your tongue." Brennan stated.

"Yeah okay" Booth responded.

Five minutes didn't even go by and Booth already took a knife out to cut the pie.

"Cut me a big piece!" Parker exclaimed. Booth gave him nearly one forth of the pie. He also cut himself about the same amount.

"Chrissy, do you want any?" he asked her.

"No" Christine answered

"Why? It's pie." Parker looked at his sister.

"It looks like it has eyes. It's creepy. Your food is staring at you," She stated.

Booth knew that she didn't really care for pie just like Bones but it was worth a try. He surely didn't think that the reason for not liking pie was that it had 'eyes'.

The boys took a huge bite of pie off their plate.

"AH!" They both shrieked. "I burnt my tongue."

Brennan turned around from washing the dishes. She already predicted it would happen. "Told ya."

This was a fun, fluffy one shot that I just couldn't resist writing. Reviews would be nice. :)

By the way, are you ready to go on a road trip?!