Like usual, I have borrowed the toys I'm playing with. The lucky Eric Kripke actually owns the. This is an AU that studies what would have happened if the Angels opposed the jump start of the Apocalypse and the souls that were supposed to be born to John and Mary Winchester were kept in Heaven so the souls of two very powerful and rare elementals were born instead. These elementals were to circumvent the coming apocalypse.

Two Points to make-one is this is not Wincest but it does show the extreme closeness of soulmates. It may seem like it but it really isn't. The other point I want to make is the feeding of Sam by Dean when they first meet Bobby is actually an idea that made me think of Jean Auel's Earth Children Series where Ayla learned that babies could eat anything that an adult could, it just needed to be soft and easy to chew. Dean will repeat this action in a later chapter when Sam is incapacitated.

According to Wikipedia, there are eight types of elementals, the ninth is of my own making. Enjoy!

The Alpha and The Omega

Chapter One-Becoming

January 23, 1978, Lawrence, Kansas-

The night John Winchester's first son was born a blizzard hit Lawrence, paralyzing the city. John had to call the fire department since he couldn't get his wife, Mary, to the hospital as the roads were too treacherous. The EMT who rode along with the firemen helped Mary give birth to a son with lights flickering because of ice on the power lines…or so they thought. The storm was at its worst during Mary's labor but, after the baby was born and took his first breath, the storm started to abate. By the time Mary had put her new son to her breast to drink, the storm had died down completely. Mary looked at her beloved husband with tears of joy in her eyes and asked, "John, could we name him Dean Henry after my mother and your father?" John nodded, it was perfect. John had loved his father, the man had raised him by himself after John's mother died giving birth to him. John also knew that Mary had a special love for her mother who helped Mary buck against Samuel when the man didn't want her to date…at all. Then when John came along, Deanna took him under her wing and made sure the two young people were together as much as possible. She also gave him a feeling of being mothered after never having one in his life. So John was very okay with the name.

Both parents looked at their baby boy and marveled at his beauty. But it was his eyes that were captivating. They were green with a hint of hazel and they glowed softly. The Alpha was born.

May 2, 1982, Lawrence, Kansas-

Though it never was reported as such, a tornado went through downtown Lawrence at the precise moment that the second Winchester son was born. Mary's labor started two hours before he was born, a very quick birth. So quick that Mary was wrong when she honestly believed she had enough time to call John, get Dean to the sitter's and even take a shower before leaving with Dean. Mary was able to call John but that was it. She couldn't even call an ambulance since she had been packing in the bedroom when the urge to push took her by surprise. "It's too soon!" she thought. Thinking fast and knowing that John was too far away to help her, she called Dean and asked him to get a ball of yarn and the sharp scissors. She knew she would have to deliver the baby by herself with her four year old's help.

By the time John got home, the wind had picked up its speed and Mary was crowning. Before John could call out to ask where everyone was, Mary screamed in pain. John knew his wife was in the bedroom and ran up the stairs only to find his four year old son between his mother's legs, waiting for his brother to be born. John watched in awe, something holding him back telling him not to interfere, as Dean delivered his brother. The force holding John back eased and the new father approached his family. Without looking up from his brother, Dean picked the yarn up and held it out to John. Automatically, John cut two pieced of yarn from the skein and tied them to the umbilical cord. Then, picking up the scissors again, he cut the cord, releasing mother from son. As Dean took the baby to clean up, John helped Mary deliver the afterbirth and that was when all hell broke loose.

She started to bleed heavily, heavier that when Dean was born, John remembered. He tried to pack towels around her then ran to call 911. He was told that there were many trees and power lines down between his home and the ambulance services. It would take some time to get there. John yelled that his wife was bleeding to death and may not have much time to live. The operator assured him that there would be help for her as soon as possible. John hung the phone up and numbly walked up the stairs. He knew that he would be losing Mary just like his father lost his mother. He thought he would be walking into a room with a deathly pale woman on the floor so he was shocked when he saw his wife holding both boys surrounded by a soft white glow. Well, holding Dean who was holding the baby. She looked up into her husband's astonished face and shrugged hopelessly. She didn't know or understand what had happened but she was grateful for the save as she had lain bleeding to death.

Finally, after a couple of hours, the ambulance sirens could be heard in the distance and John went down to meet the paramedics. When he was gone, Mary looked over her new son, as much as his big brother would allow her to that is. He had a large amount of baby fine brown hair and the biggest hazel eyes she had ever seen. None of the names she had thought of would fit this child and she wondered what she and John would name this beautiful child.

"My Sammy," Dean said without looking up from the child.

"What baby?" Mary asked.

"My Sammy. His name is Sammy," the little boy said.

"Samuel was my father's name; did I ever tell you that?" Mary questioned. Dean shook his head and went back smiling at the baby. "How about Samuel Adrian, after my father and your Dad's mother? Her name was Adrianne." Dean actually thought about it and nodded. Samuel Adrian yawned in his big brother's arms. The Omega was born.

November 2, 1982, Lawrence, Kansas-

Dean had a great day with his baby brother. The baby didn't do much except sleep and eat but Dean loved him and was infatuated with everything about him. Within the last six months, Dean had to share his brother with his parents and that really didn't sit right with him, especially since he knew about the deal his mother had made with the Fallen Angel, Azazel. He really didn't understand how he knew but the fact was he did and it made him very angry with his mother. How could he protect his Sammy if his mother already sold him away? The problem was that Azazel had made the deal possible only by killing his father, making his mother desperate enough to deal with that bastard.

Now, Dean had to figure out what he was going to do about the deal. It had to take place but the Alpha/Protector didn't like the idea of his baby being poisoned with the demon's blood that was now running through Azazel's veins. He waited until his mother put his baby down for the night then he snuck back into the nursery. Looking at his brother, Dean smiled then he reached down and touched his brother's chest. Closing his eyes, he willed his brother's soul into his hand then, carefully cuddling it he said, "Night, Sammy. Don't worry, I'll protect you." Then Dean left the room. Before he got to his own bedroom, he looked into his parents' room and saw his mother. Carefully, without waking her, he went over to the bed and gave her a kiss. "Bye momma. We love you and we'll miss you." Then, with tears in his eyes for what was going to happen, he went back to his own room. When he got to his room, Dean put the little soul in the only real safe place, his own vessel. Then he climbed back into his bed and fell asleep. Around eleven that night, Dean awoke from a very deep sleep. Quietly, he slipped back out of bed and carefully walked to the nursery.

Exactly ten years to the second, Azazel appeared in the nursery with the baby. He looked at the child who was special, who was destined to be Lucifer's vessel and he smiled. Cutting his wrist, he bled into the child's mouth murmuring comforting (well, he liked to think so) words about how his blood was better than mother's milk when Mary sleepily walked into the room. Azazel, even as a Fallen Angel, was a being of his word. Since Mary was there, he took it as interference and didn't feel bad about her death even if she was his favorite. Because he was so occupied with causing Mary's death, he didn't notice a small glowing creature silently walk up to the crib and put it's hand on the baby. Mary did and she knew, somehow, that her oldest son was purifying her baby of the poison the demon had dripped into that innocent mouth. As she was dying, she did her best to keep the demon's attention on her until the glow left the room. It was her last gift to her children whom she loved very much.

Because Azazel needed John to raise the child, he faded into a corner of the room as soon as he heard the father's footsteps on the stairs. When John went into the nursery, he stood by the crib and smiled at his son who was awake and looking at the mobile, or so John thought until he noticed a drop of blood on the infant's bedding. That drop of blood was followed closely by another and caused the father to look up at the ceiling only to find his wife pinned there with her stomach slashed open. As he watched, flames burst around Mary, burning her as she screamed silently. John quickly grabbed the baby out of the crib and ran to the door where his four year old son was standing, waiting to receive his brother.

"Take your brother and get out of here!" John yelled before going back into the nursery, trying to save his wife. The demon showed himself to give John that extra push into becoming a hunter.

Flashing his eyes yellow, the demon said, "Sammy's next, John. He will be mine." Then he disappeared, leaving the stunned ex-marine standing in the burning room. John shook himself and ran out of the house just before an explosion blew out the window to the nursery. He swept his two sons up into his arms and ran the rest of the way to a neighbor's house where he called the police and fire department. An ambulance was sent because of possible smoke inhalation damage done to the six month old baby. They were also worried about the four year old since children were delicate when it came to extreme heat and smoke. Both boys needed to go to the hospital, John was told, to get checked over. What he didn't know was that he also was going to be seen by a doctor for smoke inhalation.

At the hospital, both boys were put in the PICU together while John had his own oxygen treatment done in another room. Neither doctors nor nurses questioned why the baby wasn't in the nursery or why the father was kept away from the children. Dean had suggested it so he could give his brother back his soul and he didn't want his brother exposed to any more humans that night. After the nurses left the brothers alone, Dean crawled into Sam's crib and, taking his brother's soul from his own vessel, he proceeded to put it back where it belonged. Then he gathered the baby and, with Sam's face towards him, Dean held the child for the rest of the night.

November 5, 1982, Lawrence, Kansas

John stood alone at Mary's gravesite. He had to leave the boys in the hospital since the doctors were watching their lungs very carefully. The other mourners had already left to go back to the church for the libation but John couldn't face any of them at that moment. Mary was his heart, his soulmate and it hurt to think she would never see her children grow up. It also hurt to know that John would never see her smile again or hear her voice as she sang or talked to the boys. He would never hold her again and that just broke the man. Never to feel her soft skin or smell her scent as he lay next to her. John saw a vista of very lonely years in front of him as he stared at his wife's grave.

As he stood saying the last prayers he would ever utter, John didn't notice two men walking up to him until one spoke, "Excuse me, I hate to disturb you at a time like this but I'm Agent Remington of the FBI and this is Agent Colt. We would like to ask you a few questions about the night your wife died."

"Can't this wait? I need to get back to my sons…" John began but he was cut off.

"I'm sorry I didn't know you had children. How old are the boys?" Agent Remington asked politely.

"None of your business," John practically growled.

Agent Colt flinched at John's growl but Remington didn't show any kind of reaction. It was like he had been through something close to what John and his sons had been through. "I'm sorry if we seem to get too personal but it will actually help us catch your wife's killer. We need to know if the fire that killed your wife follows a pattern of a serial killer we've been tracking. One of the signs it's our guy is that there is a six month old child and a fire that kills a parent, usually the mother. In two cases, the fathers who rescued the child said they saw a man in the room and it seemed as though he had yellow eyes," Remington explained. John sagged as he heard about the serial killer's M.O. Sam was six months old, there was a fire in which Mary died and John remembered seeing a man in the room who seemed to have yellow eyes. Seeing the question in the agents' eyes, John nodded. The man who killed his wife was the same man the agents were looking for.

"Was there anyone else who could have seen anything?" Agent Colt asked carefully.

"My four year old boy was there with me," John replied dully. "I gave him the baby to get out of the house. I think he may have seen something."

John looked down at Mary's grave again. He didn't notice the looks the agents gave each other. If he had, he could have prevented what was going to happen. Instead, when he got to the hospital a few hours later, there were three unconscious men in his sons' room and the children were gone. John recognized two of the men as Agents Colt and Remington. The police arrested the three men on kidnapping charges but the fact was Sam and Dean Winchester had disappeared into thin air.