Kensi Blye looked up at the knock on her door knowing who it was before the familiar voice sounded, just by the trademark knock at the time at which it sounded. She sighed and went to answer the door not really in the mood for talking but knowing that the person on the other side of the door wouldn't give up.

"What?" she snapped as she opened the door,

The person on the receiving end of her fury looked taken back, whether at her fury or her appearance she didn't know, before rebounding with an infuriating smile.

"Deeks!" She growled, not wanting to deal with his antics.

He put his hands up in the universal sign of surrender while saying, "I'm not here as your enemy Kens, just came by to spread some of my charm, figured you'd miss it." A charming smile, quickly removed at her answering scowl, followed his statement. He sighed, " Kens, I was worried about you, you seemed…weird today."

"I'm fine," she responded before stomping away from the open door.

Deeks gave her a disbelieving look before asking, "Kens, really, what's wrong?"

"Would you stop asking that? I'm fine. Don't you think I would know if I wasn't?" She angrily retorted.

"Look, I care about you and just wanted to make sure you're okay," Deeks explained patiently.

"Well, I don't need anyone to care, especially not you, Deeks."

"What?" asked a completely bewildered Deeks.


"Someone like me? What does that even mean?" asked Deeks, thoroughly confused.

"Someone with your past, your genes," she spat looking him up and down in disgust.

As Deeks continued to stare at her with a look that was somewhere between confused, disbelieving and hurt, she continued relentlessly. "Someone's whose alcoholic father abused his family because he couldn't stand them. Someone just like Tony Mark and you, Martin Deeks!" She spat. "So, do you think I want someone like that in my life? Look how it turned out for petty officer Hale."

Deeks stood stunned and hurt beyond anything at the things Kensi had just said about him, to his face. Kensi, who was his partner and who he thought was his best friend, thought he was just like his father and Tony Mark. Two men who abused and killed the people they swore to love and protect, though they killed them in different ways. He shook himself out of his stupor and pivoted towards the door. He couldn't leave fast enough in his books.

Deeks got into his car revved the engine and immediately pulled onto the road. His mind was replaying everything Kensi had told him as he mindlessly drove through the streets. He sighed and impulsively directed the car towards the beach and just sat there. How could he have let his guard down? How could he have been so wrong?

Kensi, meanwhile, stood in her living room also replaying everything she had said to Deeks. She remembered clearly the look on his face as she'd compared him to his father and Tony Mark. But more than that she remembered the blue in his eyes had diluted even though at the time she couldn't see it through the haze of fury over her eyes. Fury she had wrongfully directed at Deeks but that was now directed at herself. How could she have been so cruel to Deeks?

She thought about calling him but eventually decided against it. Deciding it was best to talk to him face-to-face the next day instead, though she felt a sense of dread even thinking about the conversation.

The conversation, however, never took place.