The cruise

It was the summer and Bella's mother had just gotten married to a young professional Baseball player. To celebrate, they invited her to go along on the honeymoon cruise they decided to take.

They were going on a cruise along the Pacific Ocean and while they would probably spend all their time in their cabin, Bella would have total independence on what she did during those magical 3 weeks.

She did consider going to spend those 3 weeks with her father but then she looked at her two choices: either spending 3 heavenly weeks on a cruise under the sun or going to the rainiest town in the world to spend 3 boring weeks with her father, witching him fish or staying inside and be bored…

She loved her father of course but his choices of activities weren't what she would choose for herself… He lived for his job and his only activities were fishing and watching sports on TV.

Not what she preferred.

Of course she chose to go on the cruise with her mother and Phil.

She was 16, almost 17 and there was no way she was going to spend 3 weeks being bored to hell when she could have fun and simply enjoy herself.

Bella didn't mind being left alone for 3 weeks, she had only been a lonely girl and she knew how to entertain herself.

The boat was great of course…Huge and luxurious… Well, at least it was luxurious compared to what Bella and her mother were accustomed to.

"You'll have lots of fun here Bella!" Phil said as they looked for her cabin before heading to their own.

Renee and he had a really hard time keeping their hand off of each other and Bella knew she would not see much of them until the end of the cruise.

As soon as they were showed to their cabins, Bella new she would be alone most of the time, that's why she had packed a few of her favorite books with her.

Sea, sun, books… What else could she want for her summer vacation?

While Phil and Renee had a special honeymoon cabin in the first class section, Bella had a simple but very pretty cabin in the second class section. She didn't mind though, what mattered was that she wasn't in Forks and instead of rain, she had sun.

She wasn't planning on spending much time inside her cabin anyway… There was a swimming pool and a lot of places where she would enjoy just laying and reading her favorite books.

"Are you sure you'll be okay Bella?" Her mother asked her before following her husband into her own cabin.

"Yeah, don't worry, I'll be fine! You go and enjoy your honeymoon!" She replied gently and sincerely.

"Okay then. Don't hesitate to come and find us if you need anything though." Renee said, also her tone showed that she hoped they weren't needed.

"Sure… Don't worry…" Bella hated being anyone's concern.

"Maybe we could find each other to have dinner or lunch together sometimes this week…" Renee suggested.

"Sure, I'll be out most of the time but leave a note in my cabin if you can't find me okay?" Bella suggested.

"Great! Have a good time!" Renee said before kissing her daughter's forehead and running to her own cabin to enjoy her honeymoon with her new and young husband.

As soon as she was alone in her cabin, Bella took the time to settle in before she changed into a pair of shorts and a white tank top. She grabbed one of her favorite books, a pair of sunglasses and left her cabin.

She walked outside on the deck to see the boat leave the dock. She stayed there for a while, simply enjoying the sun and the hot wind blowing in her hair.

It felt nice…

She felt free...

Sighting in happiness, she walked until she found herself in front of a row of chairs facing the ocean. She took a seat and started reading.

Her cruise started out nicely…

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