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"Well Sesshomaru, are you ready?" asked the silver haired daiyoukai, his golden eyes full of amusement.

"Honey, please don't make Sesshomaru nervous." said a woman with a brown and very honest eyes and waistlength straight dark hair. Even though Sesshomaru was very quiet she could see he was very restless.

"Well, i was just asking since..." Inutaisho just shut his mouth as he saw the glare his wife was giving him.

"Izayoi, tell father that if be keeps this up, i will not go see her." A five year old Sesshomaru told his step mother.

Izayoi smiled. "Well, Sesshomaru before we head out why don't you drink this juice, since you have not eaten anything since morning and i will take care of your father for you."

Sesshomru nodded and took the juice from his step-mother and just as he was bout to drink it the front door crashed and in came a woman with long silver hair and golden eyes.

"Well, isn't this a happy situation, my son is going to see his mate, how are you feeling my son?" asked the female youkai.

"Hello, mother." Sesshomaru greeted his mother.

"How are you Nokami? And could you please try and come normally? Everytime you come i have to change the front door." Inutaisho said looking at the door which was now on the floor.

"I am so glad you made it in time. I thought you would be late." Izayoi said and hugged her husband's exwife and her childhood friend Inu NoKami.

"Well, i would not miss it for the world. My son is going to meet his mate, isn't he lucky? He will meet his one even before knowing the importance of it while i am still searching for one. I am so happy he doesn't have to marry some wrong person like i did and regret it." Nokami said and sighed to give a more dramatic effect.

Inutaisho coughed and added, "Yeah, and that wrong guy was me. And don't act as if you're the only one who suffered."

"Well, Inutaisho, if you're done, go out and see if the car is ready, Nokami and i will come as soon as Sesshomaru finishes his juice." Izayoi said.

"But, Jaken is there he must have gotten the car ready." Inutaisho complained.

"Go." Izayoi said and gave him the look which made the daiyoukai squirm and do as he was ordered. And looking over to Nokami she gave her the look that said 'men' and looked over to Sesshomaru who upon seeing the look given to him by his step-mother drank his forgotten juice.

He drank half and was about to put it back when he heard, "Sessho..." Before Izayoi could finish taking his name he finished it and headed outside without a word.

The two friends upon seeing that, looked at each other and start laughing and headed out too, where Sesshomaru and Inutaisho had already entered the car and were waiting for them . As they entered the car, Inutaisho started the car and drove off, everyone had a smile on their face except one inuyokai who was sitting in the backseat with his mom.

He was going to meet his, he cringed at the tought, his future mate.

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