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Well, the next day everyone knew about the two kids, being Inuyasha and Rin, who had shook the whole school. Other kids in Rin's class were afraid of the two were obviously oblivious to it. The kids would just try to avoid those two. Rin tried talking to other kids, but they'd either run away or start crying and the teacher would come and take the child away from her.

"Sethomalu was wight, I jwast twald that girl that my nwame is Rin and she stwarted crying. They rweally are stupwid." Rin told Inuyasha.

"Why do you wannna twalk wid thwem, when you know they are stupwid?" Inuyasha asked, annoyed by Rin's umpteenth fail to go and talk with a ningen.

"Inuyatha, I thwink people are scwared of me. Do you thwink I am scwary?" Rin asked looking at her feet.

"No, you are nwat scwary." Inuyasha said looking away, since he knew how scary Rin could be sometimes.

Rin smiled brightly at that and took Inuyasha's hand and pulled him towards the playground, "Inuyatha, let's go plway."

Inuyasha followed. But halfway, Rin suddenly stopped and looked back at Inuyasha.

"Inuyatha, I need to pee." Rin said looking straight at Inuyasha.

Inuyasha rubbed his nose with his sleeve and said, "Let's go then." And started heading the other way but Rin didn't move.

"No, Inuyatha, tweacher said, boys should not go to girl's bathroom na?" Rin asked.

"Keh! The teacher is stwupid. Why do we need to listwen to her?" Inuyasha asked, slightly annoyed.

"No, Inuyatha, I will go and cwam, so, you just stay here." Rin said, trying to act stern.

"Okay, but cwam fwast. I will wait here." Inuyasha said reluctantly.

"Okay, plway somethwing, I will cwam fast." Rin said, now beaming.

"Keh. Still they are stwupid." Inuyasha said, going the other way. Inuyasha knew what she was doing, she wanted to do something on her own. She was not feeling good, so, like always she'd try to show herself that she was fine on her own. But since, she was just going to bathroom, she would be fine, or not, since it was Rin. He'd just let her be for now.

"Hmm. Fwast lweft, then wight, then agwain lweft, then?" Rin was trying to find the bathroom but she forgot the way. Yesterday it had been so easy to find it because Inuyasha was there. But her teacher had said boys should not come to girl's bathroom and so, she didn't let him come today. She would be fine on her own, or so she thought. But now she didn't know where she was. She would see something familiar and go towards it, but as she'd reach nearer she'd realize it was wrong. She wanted to go back to Inuyasha but she got more and more lost. Now, she started panicking.

'Inuyatha, I am lwast, i want to go back. Pwease cwam.' Rin was praying, her eyes tearing now.

"Sethomalu, you always fwind me fwast when plwaying, pwease fwind me fwast today also." Rin was saying as if Seshhomaru could hear her, her tears now about to fall.

"I thought I heard your voice, and when I smelt tears i thought you made another kid cry, what a surprise to find you crying." The white haired demon said coming towards her and stopping a bit far from her.

"Whaddya mwean? She cr... crwied b... because s...she is s...stwupid." Rin said.

"Oh, so you've already made another kid cry." The demon said unable to believe the girl infront of him.

"I wanna go bwack to Inuyasha." Rin said now fully crying.

The demon cringed at the smell of salt which got more stronger now. "Then leave, why are you crying?"

"I dwon't knwo how to." Rin cried louder now.

Now, the demon's ears and nose cringed, he wanted this torture to end now. "What do you mean you don't know how to?"

"I fwogot the way." Rin said crying louder and louder now.

"You are lost?" The demon asked now totally unable to believe the girl infront. She was something.

Rin just cried now.

"I will take you then." The demon said now annoyed.

Rin stopped crying now and looked at the demon with tear in her eyes. "Rweally?"

"Yeah, so stop crying ok." The demon said looking away and suddenly something was clinging to his leg, and when he looked down, that something looked upto him and smiled, tear full in her eyes and he had to admit she looked really cute. He quickly looked away.

"Thank you, Hak... Hak... Hak?" Rin said frowning, trying to remember the demon's name.

"Hakudoshi." The demon said, easing Rin's trouble.

"Hak... Hak... Haku." Rin frowned more now, trying to tell his name.

"Just tell me where is he?" The demon asked sighing.

"Plwayground." Rin replied now beaming.

"Okay, let's go." The demon said hoping she'd let go off his leg but when she made no attempt to do so, he asked, "Don't you wanna let go off my leg?"

"No, dwon't wanna." Rin replied, smiling even more.

Then , the demon sighed again and started heading the same way he had come before. She would really tire him out without any effort. Even now, he was feeling as if he had done some heavy workout and he knew he had to do lots to feel this tired. She really was... something.

Halfway, Rin suddenly gasped loudly and looked up to him and said, "I cwame to go to the rwestroom and i still didn't go. I wanna pee."

He just couldn't believe this girl. She got lost searching for a restoom? And she remembers it now, when they had been walking farther and farther from then nearest restroom from where they were before. He sighed for he didn't know how much that day and looked down, Rin's face changed giving him the signal that he got to hurry. The demon walked towards the restroom and when they reached there he looked down and, told her, "Ok, we're here, let go off my leg now and go inside and do whatever you have to do."

Rin did as she was told, but as she opened the door, she paused and looked back, "Dwon't lweave okay?"

"If you don't hurry, I will leave." He said not caring.

"No, dwon't..." Rin was saying her face changing now.

So, when the demon realized what she was gonna do he interrupted not wanting to go through that torture again. "Ok, I'll wait here."

Now Rin smiled and went in. Seeing this the demon got more confused. What was with that girl, suddenly she'd be smiling and suddenly she'd be crying and again suddenly she'd be crying again. Was it because she was just a child, or was it because she was a human? But whatever, he had found that she really was interesting. He just couldn't understand her, she was like an open book yet unreadable.

Rin came out smiling. "Let's go."

Hakudoshi turned and started walking, Rin ran and caught one of his leg and walked.

"But, how cwome you cwan cwome to girls bathroom, while Inuyatha cwan't?" Rin asked.

"What do you mean? I didn't go inside right?" The demon answered.

"But tweacher said boys should not go to girl's restroom." Rin said thinking hard. "So, I dwidn't lwet Inuyatha cwam wid me."

"Oh, that's the reason you got lost." Hakudoshi replied.

Rin was about to say something but was interrupted.

"Gwet away frwam her." A very angry Inuyasha was a few feet away from where they were.

"INUYATHA." Rin screamed running towards him, making the hanyou and youkai cringe their ears and the hanyou was given a very tight bear hug.

"Rin, are you ok?" The hanyou asked really worried and also struggling in Rin's bear hug. "I swearched each and evewy bwathroom and as i was going to the lwast bwathroom i got your smwell. And pwease lwet go off me"

"I got lwost, and Haku-kun hewped me. He was taking me to you." Slightly letting go of him Rin said.

"Haku? Since, when did I have such a name?" Hakudoshi complained and Rin ignored him.

"See, that's why I twold you nwot to off on your own." Inuyasha said slightly annoyed.

"Inuyatha-kun." Rin said and Inuyasha understood what that 'Inuyatha-kun' meant, it meant she needed something very badly. "Pwease dwon't be angwy." Rin pleaded with him.

"Keh!" Inuyasha replied and Rin smiled too brightly and Hakudoshi was confused, why was she so happy, he just said 'keh', what does that even mean.

"You arwe rweally good Inuyatha-kun." Rin said, whatever did that 'keh' meant Rin understood it.

"Now twell fwast." Inuyasha said impatient.

"What?" Hakodoshi asked, really confused about what they were talking about.

Inuyasha knew she still wanted something, cause Rin still called him 'Inuyasha-kun.'

"Inuyasha-kun, I want you to be Haku-kun's friend and..." Rin was interrupted by some sound coming from the two males in front. But, she ignored it. "And i want mommy and daddy to meet him too." Rin said happily.

"But Rin, I dwon't want to be his fwen." Inuyasha complained.

"And what makes you think I want to be friend with a Hanyou?" The demon also complained.

"I dwon't cware, swince Haku-kun is Rin's fwiend, you two also hwave to be fwiends." Rin said sternly.

"Since, when am I your friend?" Hakudoshi asked totally annoyed.

"Okway, but if he acts lwike yesterday, I will nwot be his fwiend agwain." Inuyasha said after thinking.

"What do you mean ok? I told you i don't want to be your friend. Are you two even listening to me?" Hakudoshi asked.

"Yayie. Inuyatha. I am swure he will be good." Rin said forgetting the 'kun' now since her work was done and ignoring the demon's complaint. "Haku-kun, mweet my pwarents twoday okway, I want to shwow thwem thwat I also mwade fwiends."

"I don't want to." He said storming off.

"Wait, Haku-." But before Rin could complete her sentence he was gone and Rin was sad.

Inuyasha seeing Rin sad got angry, and was about to run to where he had disappeared when Rin caught his hand, stopping him.

"Lwet go of me Rin, I will kwill him, I told you I will not be his Fwiend if he does thwat agwain." Inuyasha was really angry.

"No, Inuyasha, he is our fwiend." Rin said pleading and Inuyasha calmed down and looked away. "Inuyatha, lwet's ask for Sethomalu's help."

"I dwon't wanna." Inuyasha said stubbornly.

"But." Rin was unable to complete her sentence with a 'No' from Inuyasha.

Now Inuyasha knew he had to do the same thing Rin had done to make her help him. "Neesan, I dwon't want to mweet Sesshomalu nwow, he is angwy at me." Inuyasha said remembering how Sesshomaru had been angry in the morning since Inuyasha had spilled milk in his new shirt.

Rin knew Inuyasha seriously didn't want to meet Sesshomaru because of the 'Neesan' and the look in his eyes. He was scared. But Rin couldn't do this on her own. She didn't even know where his class was. "Ne, Inuyatha I will twell Sethomalu not to hit you."

"But, still if he hits me?" Inuyasha shuddered at the thought.

"No, he won't and if he does I will tell daddy." Rin said and Inuyasha nodded his head and took Rin's hand and started walking towards Sesshomaru's class.

Sesshomaru was sitting in his desk looking outside the window when he heard some noise outside, he ignored it until he smelled a familiar smell, one calming him and another boiling his bloods. He didn't bother about them, knowing they'd be coming here soon.

"O, what are you two doing here?" Someone asked.

"Keh, why do you nweed to know?" Inuyasha said ignoring him

"Oh, they're the ones who made all the kids cry yesterday." Someone from the crowd said.

"Oh really?" "Ahh, you're right." "I heard they made other childrens cry today too." People were talking.

"Oe, where do you think you're going? Acting as if you own the place. You might have made other kids cry, but we're not kids ok." One demon came infront and told them.

"I dwon't want to talk to you mweanie." Rin said looking at the demon and sticking out her tongue.

All others present gasped. The demon infront was shocked, he didn't know if he should be angry or he should laugh. But Inuyasha and Rin just walked as if nothing happened. "Oh, I got stronger smell now, he must be near." Inuyasha was saying.

"Oe." Before the demon could finish his sentence, the two had entered a classroom, so he followed them inside.

"Sethomalu." Rin ran to him and hugged his both leg since he was sitting. Sesshomaru looked down at her, but said nothing. He liked it, why would he complain? He looked at Inuyasha and Inuyasha shuddered and he was satisfied. He knew Inuyasha was scared from the morning.

"Sethomalu-sama." Rin said and now it was Sesshomaru's turn to shudder, 'Sesshomaru-sama', he knew she wanted something from her, every time she said that Sesshomaru had always gotten into trouble. "Sethomalu-sama. I want you to twell my fwiend to meet mommy and daddy."

Sesshomaru almost blinked, What? He didn't expect that. "Why do you want me to tell your friend?"

"Becwause he said no." Rin said looking at him, her eyes begging him, making him cringe. He knew he was in trouble. She'd not let him go until he did what she told him. But he didn't want to go and tell some child to go meet their parents, children were just trouble and he didn't want more.

"What? Get away from Sesshomaru-sama little girl." The demon who had followed them now came to class and saw Rin sticking to Sesshomaru's leg.

Sesshomaru glared at him and he backed up. "Oe, what's going on here?" A voice called and entered.

"Hakudoshi-san." The demon backed up more.

"Orey, Haku-kun." Rin said happily, "What are you dwoing hwere?"

"This is my class, what are you doing here?" Hakudoshi replied.

"Oh, I wanted to twell Sethumalu to twell you to cwome mweet our pwarents." Rin said beaming.

"I told you I don't want to meet them, and also I am not your friend. So..." He stopped seeing Rin's face change.

Sesshomaru saw Rin's face change, now he knew she must have somehow talked with Hakudoshi and somehow made him her friend. He looked at Hakudoshi calmly and the youkai gulped.

"Hakudoshi." Sesshomaru said and the other youkai nodded.

"Ahh, Rin I... I will c...come ok. So, do... don't cry." Hakudoshi said.

Rin asked, "Rweally?"

The youkai nodded and Rin smiled.

"Rin, why do you want him to meet our parents?" Sesshomaru asked.

"Becwause, I prwomised mommy thwat I'd let her meet my frwiend when I mwake one." Rin said happily. "Haku-kun, cwome with Sethomalu ok." Rin said and before anyone could say anything more, Rin let go off Sesshomaru's leg and ran towards Inuyasha who had stayed quietly without looking at Sesshomaru. She grabbed his hand, "Lwet's go Inuyatha."

Later, Rin was waiting impatiently for Sesshomaru and Hakudoshi to come. Izayoi and Inutaisho came to pick them up and at the same time Sesshomaru came with Hakudoshi behind him.

"Mommy, daddy, I mwade a new fwiend." Rin said happily.

"Oh, that is very nice. Where is she?" Izayoi asked.

"He is not she."Rin said with a frown, "Oh, he is coming with Sethomalu thwere." Rin pointed towards where they were.

"Oh! He is older." Inutaisho said.

"Ahh, he is in same class as Sethomalu." Rin replied.

Izayoi and Inuyasha looked at each other and smiled. When they came near, Rin introduced them. And he was answering some questions. Then they knew he was Inutaisho's business friend's son. So, they called him for dinner which he accepted, albiet reluctantly. Then, a car came and stopped near them and a driver got out and called, "Hakudoshi-sama."

"I should get going." Hakudoshi said.

"But, I wanted you to cwome with us to our hwome and plway wid me." Rin said.

"His parents will be worried, let him go Rin, next time ok?" Izayoi said.

Rin nodded, "Bye Haku-kun." Rin said slowly.

"Bye." Hakudoshi said. As he was leaving he turned around, "see you tomorrow, Rin." Then sat in his car and he was gone.

Rin smiled happily. "Okay." Rin said though he was already gone.

Then they too headed home.

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