We always get into trouble, even we aren't trying to find it.

But you all know that by now, especially if you live in [undisclosed]. Is like, after we took the sauce, we came up on the GPS of every goddamn species in the universe and it's parallels and they all gathered in a big monster reunion and decided to fuck with us...or at least bother us in someway.

Not that every case is a world threatening event. Some are just pranks. Monsters just passing by this universe and taking opportunity to make a drive by. You can say what you want, but a lot of monsters are not just evil, they're also dicks.

But in this case...we kinda had it coming. At least John.

Especially John.

John tries to pin me the fault on this one, because I was out that day, but this is totally his responsibility.

John and his little drunk charades.

Why didn't he just went home and pass out like other times? Why didn't he went with his crew and got high behind some Denny's?