The sun started to rise in the horizon, while john waved goodbye to the strange couple that walked...and dragged itself away from his crib.

I stared at John's face.

He looked melancholic.

Suddenly, the girl and the monster disappeared into thin air and a John changed his expression. Like a veil was being lifted from his eyes.

- John?- I asked , as he shook his head and blinked hard several times.

- Yeah?- he said, while frowning, like trying to resolve something in his head.

- What did she said?- I asked.

I was curious, really. I wanted to know what he had heard, what he had know about her and maybe the place she came from, in those small conversations with the strange and pretty girl. If that was what she was.

- She told me she loved me...and other things- He said.

- Oh..Well, sorry dude- I said, grinning.

- Why?- he asked, confused.

-You seemed to really like her. And she was married...and now she's gone- I answered, more confused.

- Well. Yeah...- He said - Is a bummer...I guess-.

I frowned at this.

John, suddenly looked like nothing had happened. Like a six foot monster hadn't tried to kill him for some chick, who revealed to be his wife and who probably wasn't human either.

In that moment, still frowning, John just turned and went back inside.

When I tried to follow him, he just slammed the door on my face. Wish I still think was rude, even he was probably traumatized in some way.

- John?- I knocked.

Nobody answered.

After ten minutes of standing in the cold morning, I just groaned - Okay, I'll just go home, then-.

After that , John didn't spoke to ne in three days.

But when he did, he didn't mentioned any of the things that happened that day.

At least for a while.

-Yig- Once, he said.

We were wating to shoot this goo monster and it came out nowhere.

- What?- I asked.

-Serpent dude- he said and went back to what he was doing.

Later, I started to noticed that every time he revealed something about that night, his face changed to the same he had when that chick cupped his face with her hands and said those things to him. Like he was in a love trance. That was a little scary for both of us, as they kinda came out of nowhere, sometimes in the most unusual cases.

Like in the middle of one of his concerts. Or the bathroom. Or like I said, in the middle of missions.

But it was only for seconds. Seconds when he revealed the most strange things.


"She's not really Human. She is a monster. But not really"

" Yihdra. That's her name. I might write a song for her"

"I'm so in love with her. Don't care she's married to that serpent dude".

" I'm fine not being the only one she loves. But I hope the others are monsters. I want to be the handome one".

"I might immortal now, Dave. hold the shotgun. I'm fine with the bat."

" Pity she doesn't have a cellphone number. I can feel her when she come, you know?"

Seconds...then came back to normal mode.

The last thing he said to me was about three weeks ago and it was in the middle of us and Amy, going to eat some burritos. I was driving, while John was changing the radio station. Amy sat behind me, holding my seat while looking at him.

Amy was the one keeping track of the phrases. All the ones that I mentioned before where remembered by her. I don't know why, maybe is a chick thing, but Amy thought that was so romantic and that's why she remembered them.

Suddenly, John just stopped changing the dial and sighed - I'm to young to be a father. But know?- he shrugged.

I hit the breaks and abruptly stop.

Me and Amy just snapped at him and yelled - What?!-

Well...that was unexpected...Even for John.

Because, in the moment he snapped back to himself and came down that pink romance novella cloud he was in, he just whispered surprised - shit...- And looked at us with wide eyes.

God lord! I hope it was just a though.

Now I'm afraid every time we come face to face with some monster from another dimension, he'll look at John and will start to call him papa. I don't want to imagine how scared shitless John might be.

But that's his goddamn fault.