Homestuck belongs to Hussie and only Hussie.

They're common people.

Common youngsters, not old enough to be considered adults, not young enough to be considered kids.

They have their lives, friends, but no family. Nobody asks, everybody knows, and there is that awkward silence when Thanksgiving is mentioned.

He's a comedian. He's got that kind of charm that makes people smile whenever he does: his jokes and pranks are famous all over the world. He loves to be at the center of attention, whether on the stage or on the metro, when he would give a candy to a kid, randomly telling him to read a book instead of playing videogames. He tells people a videogame once brought imps and monsters to his house, and he says so with a look on his face that makes people seriously wonder if he's joking or not. And sometimes, just sometimes, you talk to him and there is this small breeze you wonder where does it come from.

She's a fashion major, and walks with the confidence of a successful young woman. She knows people watch her, she's very beautiful, after all, but she doesn't pay attention to anything but the road in front of her. Her colleagues are fascinated by her creativity, but can't help but wonder why her clothes feature mainly only the colors blue, green, red and orange. She also keeps a blog, about random stuff she likes, like creepy legends and fantasy books, and if you read it you'll find the story of SBURB, a videogame that, according to her, once destroyed the universe. She doesn't answer to people who ask if the story is real, she just smiles, the kind of smile that makes people shiver an shut up. And sometimes, just sometimes, you'll look at her with the corner of your eye and you'll have the impression that her eyes are glowing.

He's a DJ. You'll see him often in a disco, with a serious expression on his face, behind the platform where he creates music. There are many girls (and boys) who'd give away anything to have a glance or a smile by him. He always wears sunglasses and a hoodie, and never uses his name at work. Because if during the night he makes people dance, during the day he's an average student. And he's really good, though no one has ever seen him studying, no teacher has ever been able to find him unprepared. He would answer promptly and correctly and smirk at the face of the professor who expected to give him an F. Under a pen name, he draws a really popular webcomic, in which four kids play a game and end the world, just to become Gods and save it; it's weird and random, but people love it. And he says everything really happened, and people laugh and fist-bump him,

And sometimes, just sometimes, he'd answer to your question before you even asked, and you'll wonder how, and he'll say "I guessed".

She's a writer. She's really weird and she's often spacing out. While she's signing a copy of one of her books she'd stop and stare at a white dog passing outside. Her friends wonder why she's never bought a pet, despite her love for animals; she'd say she once had a dog and he was the best of friends and no pet will ever be able to replace him. She says she lost him when he sacrificed himself to save the world, and people wonder if the tears in her eyes while she says so are real or another shenanigan.

And sometimes, just sometimes, things around her seem to move and disappear without an explanation and you'd see a faint green glow in her eyes.

And once in a year, in the middle of April, you would pass by the airport and see the four of them hugging for a real long time. You'd see Egbert crying, and Lalonde laughing, you'd see Strider losing his cool and Harley living in the moment. You'd continue walking, maybe smiling, because you don't know that night the four of them will open a closet and wear old clothes that will always fit. And they would hold hands and they would fly, while all over the world people celebrate the Four Gods who created the world.

And sometimes, just sometimes, a kid, an old man, or you will look up and see Blue, Black, Orange and Red figures flying above.

I wrote this at 1PM today after finishing Act 5, that's all.