She's many things, but many of the people who know her describe her as a weird person. Sometimes she's cheerful and polite, sometimes she's rude and mischievous. She happens to give often presents to her friends, but once her classmates caught her stealing money from them. She had to change school because of that.

She's an artist, but again she's quite ambivalent, because sometimes she draws some really beautiful works of art, but when she's asked or ordered to draw something by someone else she's not that good.

She's ambidextrous, but she's better at writing and drawing with her left hand, while she's better at shooting and firing with her right one. Right, because she has a fascination with pistols and guns.

Her few close friends are the ones who know how to deal with her mood changes, who are not offended if she says she loves them one day and he hates them the day after, only to apologize later.

She will never say to anyone she has a fetish for hentai and lame porn fanfiction, she keeps her stories in a black, locked, tome.

She's not ugly, but she's more beautiful than she thinks: and she's god some charming eyes. One is deep red while the other is a startling emerald green.

And sometimes, just sometimes, she wonders why that guy with pointy shades, at school, dropped his books and looked at her like he saw a ghost. And she wonders why the smell of alcohol makes her nostalgic and angry at the same time. And she dreams of gyres, gyres of red and green and a place at the end of time itself.

There will be two more chapters: one for the Alpha Kids, as hinted in this one, and one for the pre-scratch trolls.