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Chapter 1: The Day I Died


We were surrounded by the shadow monsters. I honestly didn't intend on getting in this fight, but it just happened.

Annabeth, Grover, Nico, and I were just going out for pizza that cold November day, just to hang out, when we were randomly attacked by a hoard of these black monsters that leaped out of the shadows. None of us had any idea what they were, but we were forced to fight them anyways.

It's been hours now, or at least it felt like it. Every time we killed one, another one came. My back was against Annabeth's, and I panted slowly, facing the next row of monsters. The panther-like beast lunged at me, and ducked under it, slicing its belly with Riptide. It dissolved like black sand, which still was weird to me.

The fight continued, and I knew we were all exhausted. The array of animal-like monsters still attacked for unknown reasons. A was fighting a horse-like one (which bothered me) when I noticed Annabeth was starting to struggle with her monster. A monster lunged at her, straight for Annabeth's throat.

I threw myself in between them and killed the monster with a slash through its neck. However, my focus on saving Annabeth left myself open, and I knew it. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a human-like shadow being, but it was already too late.

All the sound around me stopped; all I could hear was the pounding of blood in my ears and the faint screams of the others. I sank to my knees, and I faintly remembered seeing a black blade protruding through my chest. The world around me went black, and I hit the ground.

My eyes flew open and I jumped to my feet. No one was there, though I was in the same spot. The first thing I saw was the moon, bright silvery-white and full. I remembered the blade, and I looked down. Nothing was there except for a whole in my shirt and a scar above my heart. Was I dead?

"Yes, yes you are." The voice startled me, and I looked up to see a woman floating in the moonbeams. Artemis looked older than how she normally looks, taking the form of a woman in her early twenties instead. "Yes Percy, you are dead," she confirmed, knowing what I was thinking. Sorrow filled her eyes.

"Then why am I here?" I asked. "Shouldn't I be on my way to the Underworld?"

"Normally, yes," Artemis answered, "but I have an offer for you. You may or may not know that I am also Protector of the Young."

I nodded, remembering Thalia mentioning it before. But what did that have to do with me?

"I have been gathering a band of heroes to protect and serve the children," Artemis answered my unspoken question again. My thoughts were not safe. "They are immortal, like my Hunters, and they have vowed to protect the children of the world with their lives. There are many beings around, but this job is mainly done by the Guardians, a group I have personally assembled. I want you, Perseus Jackson, to become one of them."

I was taken back. Not only was she offering this to me, a guy, but I had no idea how to respond. "Me?" I asked stupidly. "Why?"

"Because of your heart, Percy; you risked your life for Annabeth, and I honor that. Plus, your whole life you protected the weak. I believe that you will be great at protecting the young children, not yet polluted by the troubles of mankind," Artemis explained.

Another figure emerged from the shadows. "You know," Hades added, "he has the chance to go to Elysium."

Artemis bit her lip. "It's your choice."

I had no idea what to do. I didn't want to become a god because I would lose my purpose, and be stuck wandering the Earth for forever, but something about what Artemis said clung to me. I would have a purpose; to protect the innocent. Plus, I could watch over my friends and family, along with other defenseless mortals that I already struggled to protect.

After a long pause, I answered. "I thank you for your offer, Lord Hades, but I will accept Artemis' instead."

He narrowed his eyes, and then laughed softly. "You were always an over-achiever nephew," he said to me, then turned to Artemis, "And you always take the good ones." Hades merged back into the shadows.

Artemis looked ready to burst with pride. "Thank you, but first we must get your father's approval. I have never chosen a half-blood before."

This surprised me. "Then how do you come to them, if they're mortals?"

"Well, I try not to freak them out, so I just appear as the moon to them. Unfortunately, this lead to them creating several nicknames…" she explained, muttering the last part.

Poseidon appeared beside her. He looked at me, his gaze filled with sorrow. "Is this what you want?" he asked. I nodded. A small smile appeared on his lips. "That's my boy…" he whispered. "You will be a water spirit, known to the children as Tide." He awkwardly hugged me. "I'll always be there for you," he whispered.

Artemis nodded. "Perseus Jackson, you will hereby be known as Tide, a spirit of water existing primarily to serve the children of the world."

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