Title: You Only Had to Ask

Pairing: Merlin x Arthur (Merthur)

Summary: Arthur has always wanted to get to know Merlin better, so when his step-sister Morgana introduces him to a website that lets you ask questions anonymously, surely that's the perfect way? Merthur high-school AU!

Rated: T (just in case!)

Hey guys!

So, the idea came for this fic when I saw a conversation between two people on Ask .fm. I don't know if you know what that is, so I'll explain. . . It's basically a website where you can ask someone a question, pretty much anything you want, but it's anonymous. So I saw this conversation, and I got the idea for this fic.

And just so you know, the fact that Arthur signs his questions with 'A', is no relation to Pretty Little Liars. I do love that show, though, and the books!

Anyway, enjoy!



Merlin Emrys walked across the field of Camelot High School carefully, carrying a ton of books that the librarian had given him to read. Sat at a bench, giggling and pointing as the boys played football, he saw his two best friends, Gwen Smith and Morgana Pendragon. He quickened his pace, as he walked towards them, making sure the books stayed in their perfectly arranged pile.

The librarian often gave him books to read over the weekend, and he almost always returned them read from cover to cover. Merlin had always liked reading, and even wrote his own stories sometimes, though he preferred drawing. All of his teachers favoured him, and he always tried his hardest in their lessons, but spoke very rarely. Though that was due to a certain group of boys in his year, that were always referred to as "The Knights of the Round Table". They were of course, Arthur Prat-dragon and his "friends".

Merlin despised all but one of them, the exception being Gwaine. Gwaine and Merlin had been friends for years, and though Merlin could never understand how he could stand Arthur, their friendship never went away. But all the other "knights" did was taunt Merlin and push him around all the time. Especially if he did better than them in classes. That's why he mostly tried to keep his good scores a secret.

Of course, everyone knew that Arthur and his friends pushed Merlin around all the time, but nothing was ever done about it. Nothing really could be done about it, as Arthur's dad, Uther Pendragon was the headmaster. And no matter how much Morgana tried to convince Merlin that Arthur was a "good guy", he would never believe her. Arthur had taunted and teased Merlin ever since they first met, and Merlin could barely even stand to be in the same room as him anymore.

Shaking his head, Merlin looked over to the field, where he could see aforementioned prat playing football with his friends. Arthur laughed as he ran after the ball, passing it to Gwaine with expert ease. Merlin often wished he could be as careful and graceful as Arthur, as he was known particularly for his clumsiness. It was one of his many faults that Arthur and his friends never failed to point out to him. And as if on cue, Merlin shifted the books into one of his hands, shouting over to Morgana and Gwen. They didn't hear him, however, so he tried again. They still didn't hear him. He raised his hand to wave, but doing so made the books shift slightly, catching Merlin off balance. It didn't help that he was also walking through a particularly slippery patch of mud at the time.

Just as he thought he had gained control, a perfectly-aimed football (three guesses who kicked it), his him squarely on the back of his head, sending Merlin, and his books sprawled in the mud.

He could hear the laughter surrounding him, but ignored it, as he picked up his books, trying to wipe the mud off them to the best of his ability. He heard Morgana and Gwen gasp, and lifted his head to see them running over to help him. They gathered his books, and Gwen raised a gentle hand to wipe some mud from his forehead.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Merlin," Arthur the prat laughed, walking over, flicking hair from his eyes. He kicked up the football with a swift flick of his ankle, and sent it flying back to his friends. Instead of returning to his game, however, he stayed to watch Merlin's pathetic attempts at gathering his mud-covered books. "But it's hardly my fault. Your magnificent ears were blocking my shot."

"Shut up, Arthur!" Morgana spat, and continued to help Merlin. She hated it when her step-brother was so cruel. She was one of the only people that knew what he was really like, and it annoyed her to no end when he tried to act big in front of his friends. And when he said things like that to Merlin, she wanted so badly to just reach out and slap him, though he always told her how sorry he was afterwards, when it was just the two of them.

"Now, now, Morgana, I'm sure the idiot can speak for himself, can't you Merlin?" Arthur replied, turning to look at Merlin now, who was trying his hardest not to say anything. He looked intently at the ground, taking his books from Gwen and Morgana, and calmly standing, still looking at the ground. "Well, Merlin?"

Merlin just nodded, and Morgana shot Arthur a look so cold, that if looks could kill . . .

"Oh good, I was beginning to think you were deaf as well as dumb!" and with that, Arthur turned on his heel, and began to stroll confidently back to his football game. But he was halfway there, before he turned back, and pointed to his cheek, adding; "You've got something, just . . . just there, you might want to get that!"

Arthur ran back to his game, laughing all the way, whilst Morgana and Gwen just sighed. They looked at Merlin sympathetically, as his face was covered with mud, and so were his new books that he would now probably have to pay for. They couldn't help but feel sorry for their friend when Arthur was so cruel to him. He didn't deserve it at all. Merlin was one of the kindest, and sweetest people in the school, who would never intentionally hurt anyone. Arthur only picked on him so that he'd look good in front of his friends.

"Come on, Merlin," Gwen muttered, stroking his arm soothingly, and leading her friend away from the hysterical laughter of Arthur Pendragon. "Let's get you cleaned up."

Later that night, Arthur logged into a site that he had found recently, called AskMe. It was a site where you could ask people questions anonymously, and they would never even have to know that it was you. You could even have anonymous chats with them, if the other person agreed to it. Arthur had joined the site for one purpose, and one purpose only; Merlin. He knew that Merlin was a member, as Morgana had told him. She'd thought it would be a good idea for him to actually get to know Merlin, and maybe then he wouldn't be so cruel.

She didn't know how he truly felt about Merlin, though. Of course she didn't, because nobody did. The truth was that Arthur was fascinated by Merlin. His enthusiasm, his honesty, his humour. He didn't know what it was, but he often found himself watching the dark-haired boy in some of their lessons. He'd always wanted to get to know Merlin better, or find some way to talk to him, in private. Because every time he tried to talk to him in school, he only ended up insulting him. He had a constant worry of what his friends would think of him if they knew how he truly felt about Merlin, so he just settled for taunting him. Although he knew it was wrong, it was an excuse to talk to Merlin, and that was all he wanted.

But now, he had the opportunity he'd been waiting for. He could finally get to know Merlin, and he would never even have to know it was him. He could ask him everything he'd ever wanted to know, but there was only one problem; where should he start?

Merlin Emrys, 16.


Um . . . hi! I never really know what to say on these things, but, ask me a question, I guess! If you want to, I mean, you don't have to, but . . . I'm really bad at this. So, yeah . . . ask me a question, and I promise to be as honest as possible. If you want to stay anonymous, that's perfectly fine by me, I'm just looking for some good conversation and some distraction from homework, I guess.

Arthur's fingers shook, as he quickly typed his question into the keyboard, and pressed enter before he could regret it. He then closed his laptop, and pushed it far away. All he had to do now, was wait for a reply. In the end, he'd chosen one of the suggested questions to ask. He knew it was stupid, but he hadn't known how to start.

His heart stopped when he heard his computer 'ping' only a minute later. He opened the lid of the laptop, and opened the page back up.

What is the one thing you have tried to change, but couldn't? - A

I think an easier question would be what haven't I tried to change! Everything. My clumsiness, my ears, I've tried to change pretty much everything about myself, really. Mostly due to these boys at my school that constantly pick on me. I tried to change for them, and make them like me, I tried to fit in, but in the end I realized that they weren't worth it. What about you? - Merlin

Well? What did you think? It's only the first chapter, so . . . yeah. Let me know what you thought! But this is only a snippet of what's to come!