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Scott Dwyer pulled open the door impatiently. Stepping into the small reception, he looked around and was annoyed when he didn't find what he was looking for.

Storming up to the desk, he towered over the young woman before him. Her expression never changed as he demanded to know where his ex-wife was.

"Katherine Murphy."

"Katherine's not here."

He was ready to blow his top when a man stepped out of the narrow hall, folder in hand. "Chelsea, I need you to get in touch with Hanson's office and fax over the file."

"Right away doctor."

As the young woman rose to do the doctor's bidding, the man then turned to him. "Can I help you?"

"Yes," he replied irritably, annoyed that he should still be waiting. "I'm looking for Katherine Murphy."

"Ah, you must be Scott."

He never had a chance to respond as the man then turned and yelled behind him. "Kids, your dad is here."

He was ill-prepared for when his kids appeared moments later.

"By golly, the anticipation of your arrival has indeed led to its fruition." He had no idea what his daughter said, but the doctor clearly got it as he stepped forward and placed his hands on Maggie's shoulders. "How about we try an American accent this time sweetheart."

"You here that y'all?" she promptly drawled, before hugging the doctor and coming toward him.

Scott was bemused as his son continued to hold back, almost enveloped in the doctor's white coat.

The doctor's manner was easy as Michael was reluctantly urged forward. "Time to go kiddo."

"I gotta do a Devlin," came the soft reply.

"You've already done three Devlins," came the wry response. "Off you go."

"Bye." Scott wasn't without a flash of jealousy as his son fiercely hugged the doctor before coming seriously toward him.

"Hello Father."

As they left, he caught the doctor's last words: "See you tonight."

Over the next three hours, Scott discovered why the man had such a claim on his children: the doctor was Katherine's new boyfriend.