Like to please you, Take 2

Warning: AU and femslash. Don't like, don't read.
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Author`s Note I:
Take 2. Don`t know why this one was deleted. Couln`t have been because of the explicit stuff as I`ve already written more explicit stuff than this.

Author`s Note II:
I imagine this happening after Alexis had left for college and Rick and Kate weren't an issue. There is no correlation between this story and the other ones I published earlier.

Chapter 1

Beckett could see in her eyes how frustrated Alexis was.
She didn't know where to look in her embarrassment for getting caught red-handed.
And Alexis really looked like she was worked up like hell.

Until a few minutes ago they both had been sitting around the table in Alexis` dorm room. As she now had been at Columbia for a few months, she sometimes invited Martha and Beckett to have some girl-talk and simply a good time. They just had finished their dinner, they were small-talking and Beckett had noticed the strange look on the girl`s face. She looked like she was not quite with the discussions but she looked more as if she was totally entranced with her day dreams as her face indicated.

As Beckett had been looking more closely at the redhead right of her, she noticed that the girl`s left hand had been down between her legs and had been constantly moving back and forth. And when her hips had just slightly been thrusting upwards, Beckett had been sure that the girl was trying to get off unnoticed.

And as instantly as Martha had been getting up, Alexis fled out of the room with a hasty hug and a "Bye, Grams" on her absent-mindedly lips. She nodded. "Kate."

Beckett had a filthy grin on her face as she knew what it was like when she had been this age. She guessed that Alexis had learned more about her own sexuality in the dorm rooms of Columbia. And she knew that being around other adolescents led to a constant level of lewdness. And this knowledge kind of triggered something in Beckett. She noticed a slight rise in her anticipation.

Do you think she already had made this special experience of same-gender sex? If not, I would be pleased to show her. Maybe she likes it. I`ve loved it back then. And she is a cute girl growing into a beautiful young woman who had been too serious for too long, so now she should just loosen herself up a bit.
So, Kate, what`s going on with you? Why can`t you stop thinking about Alexis in a sexual way? You`re hot for little Castle and you`ve known it for quite some time now. Ok, I have to admit that I like her very much, she`s one hot, gorgeous girl and she seems to be open minded enough for some experimental playing. Maybe she already had made her first experience in bed with girls?! But maybe she`s only hot for a certain boy. So, wouldn't it be better to find out?

After thinking some time about this, Beckett apologized. She didn't listen to Martha and just wanted to be for herself for a few moments. So she hugged Martha and said good-bye to her, too. She promised her to check for Alexis and intended to do so immediately.

This was why she had entered the redhead`s bedroom without a second knocking. After she had knocked the first time she didn't hear anything, so she`d just entered without thinking first.

Beckett had found her sitting at her computer table and rubbing herself wildly with a hand in her pants that told Beckett that she was, indeed, masturbating, just as she assumed a few minutes ago. Her jeans were pulled down a bit, so Beckett could see that she stroked herself between her jeans and above her panties.

The girl had closed her eyes. There was recognizable lewdness in her breaths that showed that she was already excited. Alexis hadn't noticed her, and Beckett had stood rooted there because she absolutely liked what she saw, and that was Alexis who had been growing impatient with herself for not being able to come instantly to a satisfying result and then had groaned out of frustration because she couldn't get off fast enough, Beckett had to swallow and licked her lips then. She wanted to make herself noticed but couldn't get out a word.

Geez, how could she look so hot and so innocent at the same time?

Hearing her frustrated puff made Beckett giddy and somewhat horny. But she still watched Alexis` rubbing fingers at her crotch and listened a few moments longer to her excited exhales. And as the girl was almost sobbing disapprovingly at her own impatience for not coming as promptly as possible to a climax that would satisfy her sexual needs immediately, Beckett whispered hoarsely:

"Alexis, what are you doing?"

She instantly had heard the sexual arousal in her own voice.

Alexis had been so caught in her action that she didn't realize that someone was present and could see what she was doing.

So she just panted with a disapproving and frustrated tone: "I need it. I. Want. To. Get. Off. Now!"

"Then I suggest you give yourself some more time, try to relax and do it properly and masturbate without any rush. That should be working better and would probably result in a more hilarious outcome, I might add."

Hearing the clear voice of Beckett, had Alexis taken totally by surprise and her head had snapped around to where the voice had been coming from. She had seen Beckett standing there, watching her with a slight blush on her cheeks but with a filthy grin on her face that had told Alexis that Beckett indeed knew beforehand what she was up to.

Oh no! Oh no, she of all people, not her! To be exact, Beckett is the one and only reason I`m in this state of feverish lust. I`m aching for her touch ever since she once hugged me to congratulate me for my graduation, the new dorm room and for having some excellent results on the first tests. I don`t know what`s up with me. Each girl here on campus I compare to her. That can`t be normal! What is the matter with me?

She saw Beckett licking her lips what made Alexis growl with total frustration: "Oh, no!"

Oh no, I need a hole in the ground to swallow me right now. Why has it to be her to come in here? Why couldn't she just leave? I have erotic day dreams, day dreams of her. Of her and me, together! This is awkward, having her now standing right in front of me!

Beckett could see in her eyes how frustrated Alexis was. And Alexis really looked like she was worked up like hell.

She buried her face in her hands and turned away from Beckett in her embarrassment over having been caught red-handed. And out of anxiety and because she was feeling a bit ashamed, Alexis had begun to hiccup nervously.

She didn't quite get it the first time she heard Beckett asking:

"You think I could help you with that?"

Not before her brain noticed the full meaning of what Beckett implicated with her question the girl`s head snapped around to Kate in a split second and she had looked in total disbelief in Beckett`s eyes but she just noticed nothing but a slightly suggestive grin on her face.

Did she ...? Did she really ...? No, she couldn't! But she did! Did she really just say what I think I heard?

Her still existing embarrassment had her at the verge of tears of shame and she still needed to hiccup. She blinked as if she wanted to make sure that she heard right.

"You think I could be of help with that?" She heard Beckett asking again.

Oh, yeah, I heard her right! Does she really need to do this, to make me crave for it, to set ablaze my desire for her?

Beckett grinned, licked her lips, touched her bottom lip seductively with her pinky finger, bit down on it and said:

"I`m sure I can do this if you let me show you how to succeed in this ... "

She let the meaning of it wide open what she might have suggested right there. The older woman sensed that Alexis` embarrassment was slowly vanishing as the girl got the full implication and what it meant. The redhead looked at her with a mixture between embarrassment, shyness but also anticipation.

Oh, yes, she indeed does! What am I doing here? Wasn't it humiliating enough to get caught red-handed? Do I really need to embarrass myself even more? Why can`t I move? Girl, you are hot for Beckett, and you know it. You are hot for her for quite some time now. Why is it that she can make me feel this way? I once was so proud of myself that I was a person who acts sensible, grown up and absolutely not driven by instinct. Now I seem to act only on sexual instinct. I had never thought of me that way, never thought I could be that lecherous. And she knows it, damn it! And she likes it! She likes seeing me so uncontrolled.

As Beckett looked constantly into the girl`s eyes without a blink, she saw curiosity instead and some kind of excitement all above the nervous hiccups. It seemed as if the girl wasn't shocked to the bone by her implication. And it also appeared that Alexis, indeed, was open minded enough for not being afraid to try something new even when it meant to break out of typical behavior patterns.

Heaven on earth! This is crazy! But I can`t help, I get wet only by thinking of it! I really can`t help, I want her! Her offer makes me hot for her and I can even feel my underwear getting damp with heat.

And as Beckett found the youngster was putting on the slightest smile in her direction, still a little shy but without a doubt a lascivious smile, she was sure that she had won round one.

At least, she`s curious for it! She seems to have no reservations whatsoever. Mission accomplished!

Beckett did a silent fist-bump in her mind as she pulled Alexis in a fierce hug and kissed her open mouthed.

Immediately the hiccups stopped. Beckett kissed the redhead with an unreserved passion as she grew horny from the fact what she was about to do with the girl.

She kissed her with probing lips and a prodding tongue trying to get Alexis to open her mouth.

I am right there where I wanted to be. Damn, I am kissing Alexis Castle just as I had wished for. This is a perfect day already! She tastes oh so lovely!

Suddenly she stopped, looked in Alexis` eyes just to confirm that everything was fine. She only saw surprise in the beautiful water-blue eyes of little Castle and also something like coyness and nervousness but definitely nothing that could indicate that she wouldn't be okay with it.

Beckett lifted her right hand and touched Alexis` lips with her middle finger and stroked the full extended bottom lip in all its length. And without pulling away her finger she groped the girl and kissed her again. Not before she felt that Alexis had parted her lips she let it slide from her lip to her jaw and down her throat as at the same time she poked her tongue in the younger girl`s mouth to deepen the kiss.

She heard Alexis moaning as a reaction on this passionate French kiss she got there, maybe the very first time of her life.

That is strange! This doesn't feel the least the same as when I kissed Ashley. This is different. This is, oh so much better!
This feels really good. This feels even right. This is excellent. Oh my God, this feels wonderful!

With all the emotions pouring from this first tongue kiss with another girl she didn`t get confused. On the contrary, Alexis was feeling something like pleasure.

Oh my God, this is some kiss! That feels hot ..., yeah, definitely hot! I like it! What do I say ..., I love it!
Yes, indeed, Kate`s tongue makes me feel wonderful. And it starts some strange feelings in my stomach.

Beckett was proud as she felt that Alexis lost her reserve.

Her tongue sent something prickly down her spine and she felt the urge to do as Beckett was showing her. So she let her sexual arousal take over and passionately kissed her back with all she had to give.

Wow, this is so much better! All my senses are tingling and just because the girl kisses me back!

Getting more excited every second this kiss lasted, Alexis pressed herself more into Beckett and groped her at her jeans clad buttocks. She was stopped by a snickering Kate and was told in a hoarsely tone:

"Take your clothes off!"

Like in trance they both undressed hastily. Beckett took over action again by pulling Alexis with her as she climbed on the bed. She leaned on the headboard, spread her legs and motioned Alexis to sit in between her thighs and, as the redhead had done so without words but obeying so eagerly that Beckett almost laughed again, she pressed her fiercely to her chest.

She then didn't waver any longer, gripped Alexis` right hand and pulled it down between the girl`s legs.

"Touch yourself!"

To be continued ...

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