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Inner Moka was furious, and screaming bloody murder. She had been peacefully slumbering, enjoying the overall warm feelings of outer Moka, like a blanket guarding over her content sleep, when that.. that.. k..kiss — she could barely spit it out in her angry thoughts — had woken her up in a hurry. She had woken up in a groggy state, dumbfounded by the wave of powerful emotions that assaulted her being, followed by several sensations she was unfamiliar with. She had felt confused as she tried to get her bearings on what was going on. The dream-like images that explained what she felt had followed much later. Well, it had felt like much later. It likely happened less than a second afterwards, but to the confused vampire it had been entirely too long. She began yelling to outer Moka, but she wouldn't listen. It was as if she couldn't hear her. This only helped to enrage an already pissed off, proud vampire.

She started to shake the Rosario to get someone to notice, but to no avail. They were now hugging, oblivious to the world, and her outer self was happily drinking his blood, not caring or noticing anything else. Time passed slowly for the trapped vampire, who at least was happy they had stopped.. doing that. She pointedly refused to acknowledge it again. Less furious is perhaps more accurate than happy, but as she tried to calm down to come up with a plan to get noticed, she missed something being whispered, but she did feel a sudden shift in outer Moka's emotions. She screamed at her again, and this time she sensed her looking inwardly, with a guilty and scared expression on her face:

"About damn time you listen to me!", growled inner Moka.

"I'm so sorry! I couldn't hear you! Sorry sorry sorry!", came the scared reply.

"What the hell is wrong with both of you? Who the hell does that boy think he is? How dare he! I'm going to kill him!", spat inner Moka out.

"P..please calm down OK? Please? I'm sorry I didn't hear you sooner... I was too..." - her outer self drifted off in mid sentence.


Afterwards, Outer Moka spent a good deal of time trying to pacify her inner self, with only moderate success, all the while holding on to Tsukune who was thankfully oblivious to the discussion taking place inside her Rosario. Inner Moka demanded she be left out, and Outer Moka was trying to figure out what to do. If she didn't let her out, she would just get raving mad and then for sure would kill Tsukune when she did manage to get out, but if she got out now, she might kill him anyway. Still, she finally relented, but in a desperate voice made her plea, "Fine, but please, listen to him first OK?" Inner Moka nodded silently. Before turning away from her inner debate, outer Moka added quietly, "..I love him..", hoping that it would be enough to protect him, but she got no reply.

"Tsukune..." she says quietly. Her body tenses up, indeed her entire demeanour changes, so he immediately looks up. Did she regain her senses? Is she angry he kissed her? Was she only caught in the moment earlier? One after another, possibilities flood his mind, one worse than the other as he feels fear begin to overtake him. - "..Ura", she begins, her nickname for her inner self, and enough for him to stop his rampaging thoughts. The reality seems worse than his own fears, and the end of her sentence confirms it: "..wants to talk to you. Now." She speaks quietly, with a desolate undertone, as if resigned to a grim fate. His grim fate he begins to realize in growing horror. He clearly had forgotten one very big silver-haired problem..

He knows that delaying will make things worse, so he nods to her shakily, and she carefully takes his hand in hers. She gives it a warm squeeze of encouragement, before leading it to her Rosario and pulling it off with a sigh. The area is instantly flooded with Youki, though inner Moka tries to suppress it at the same time as she tries to suppress her anger, in an effort to acquiesce her outer self's request to listen first, but only barely manages either task. Her glare is murderous and the killing intent is clear in the air. "Good thing she taught me to sense that", he thinks with a sudden burst of gallows humour.

"How dare you touch me so familiar-like", she hisses out, "How dare you.. kiss.. me!", she spits out the last words one at a time. He looks terrified at first, and afterwards, hurt. This surprises her, and what surprises her even more is that the look of hurt in his eyes takes the edge off her anger, which she had been nurturing quite successfully until now. "Who the hell do you think you are, do you think I would become one of your little 'harem' girls, swooning over you? That maybe I would rub myself against you like Kurumu, to try to beg for your affections?" she hisses out, again in growing anger. She was pleased with herself for finding a way to get her anger to start boiling again with that mental image. "I would rather kill you than allow the outer me to demean both of us like that, even if she'd hate me for it!" she finally says after another angry pause.

He can tell she is serious. The last sentence, although angrier than before, had been delivered with a near calm. The calm of a raging storm just under the surface. He takes a deep breath. All he can do is tell her the truth and apologize for hurting her feelings, he realizes. "I.. don't want that. At all. I love Moka-san. I don't want any 'harem', I never did..", is his reply before turning to look at her directly. She looks a bit surprised. He would take mild surprise over murderous anger any day! He is about to continue when she interrupts with a sarcastic undertone, "So you finally made your choice, is that it?" He nods, and she continues her interrogation, "Why now? Did you just suddenly develop this love?" He blushes before replying, "I couldn't keep ignoring my heart. It kept screaming at me. I just didn't know how to listen to it before. But I've loved Moka-san for a long time, I realize this now."


This is not going as well as inner Moka wants it to go. She is still upset of course, but she isn't raging mad. Her outer self constantly butting in finding ways to assuage her and put whatever 'the boy' says in a better light was not making it easier to kick him. She sighs inwardly, this could be a loosing battle, and she needs to find a resolution quickly. She never could stand it when her outer self was so miserable. 'But I can't allow...' the thought is interrupted as an idea begins to take shape in her mind. Inner Moka smiles ever so slightly, unconsciously showing her fangs. She takes a deep breath for effect before replying, "You're an idiot, you know?" It is with some satisfaction that she sees the shock in his face. With a smirk, she continues, "Even if I allowed this, even if I allowed you to kiss her, that is as far as I would ever go, and then only for her sake. This is my body too after all."

Her voice softens to an enticing purr, "You could instead choose one of the other girls. Surely as a teenage boy you realize that with the succubus, you would have a very passionate, intimate relationship. She would make a good, fun girlfriend you know. Or you could choose the Yuki-Onna, you would have a nice happy family, a quiet life somewhere. Probably not very different from your own parents. They would even follow you to the human world if you so chose." Her purr now gained a mocking undertone, "..and instead you choose to try to stand by my side; do you not realize your life will always be in danger? Vampires have many enemies. Between the people who would challenge your position, to the people who would challenge me, a peaceful, or even a long life is.. unlikely. You are not strong enough." She finishes triumphantly. "And you would give up all of that, and risk this much, only so you could kiss 'her'?"

Outer Moka was devastated, her inner counterpart had made a very good argument in her mind. He would have to be an idiot to choose her. Leave it to her inner self to be so level headed and do what must be done, while all she could do was be selfish, she thought. Tsukune would likely have a better life, quite likely a longer life too she added morosely, if he chose one of the other girls. She could go back to being lonely, she tried to convince herself. He would be her friend still, if inner Moka allowed it, so she wouldn't be completely alone, but the thoughts did little to sooth the growing ache in her chest. Still, there was no way he would choose her, 'Ura' had made sure of it, and she wouldn't blame him.

Instead she would try to be happy for him. She didn't realize one could cry inside a Rosario, nor did she realize when the tears started to flow. 'It is for the best after all' she tries to comfort herself. 'I have to be strong like Ura, and think of him. How many times has he been hurt protecting me?' She has been trying to prepare herself for what must come, but she is snapped out of her inner reverie by the sound of her heart breaking when she hears his reply, "I guess I hadn't thought about it that way. I guess you're right." Of course, she had expected this, it was only natural that he.. but she can't finish the thought, and sobs instead.

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