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The rest of the night went off without incident, but by morning Tsukune was going over the events of the previous night. It had been a crazy day, and the reality of what had happened was beginning to sink in. Inner Moka had offered him the chance to become her lover. Furthermore, she had mentioned she had been attracted to him, and her hands, the touch of her hands had been.. electrifying. He missed her.

Of course, the downside had been the other part of the offer, the price to pay so to speak, which he had found very upsetting.

The woman he's crazy about having said such things to him had a profound effect: elation that she likes him and considers him attractive, sadness that she had made the offer in the first place, and just to throw more chaos into his confused emotions, he suspected it could all have been a test, specially considering her reaction when he had challenged her. So was he then supposed to feel sad that maybe she didn't find him attractive after all, but happy because the upsetting offer hadn't been genuine? So confusing.

Still, regardless of his troubling doubts which were laced with bouts of excitement, he was in good spirits. Pushing the doubts aside, inner Moka had shown genuine concern for him. Her tender touch of his neck and back had been sublime. She had also embraced him for the first time, and the time they had spent in that embrace.. all that was precious and more important to him than anything else.


Tsukune finds himself heading to school with a content look on his face. He runs into Moka who greets him warmly, but they only hug briefly, expecting their friends to show up at any moment, or to be observing them from a distance.

"How is your neck Tsukune?", asks Moka with concern.

"Ah, it's much better Moka-san, it still hurts a little. I'm just happy I managed to throw myself back and turn with the kick to take out most of it's power, or else I could have been seriously hurt. I guess I still have a long way to go..", he replies, a bit embarrassed.

To his surprise the one that looks really embarrassed is Moka. She gazes down to the ground and offers quietly, "I'm so sorry you got hurt. But after I talked to Ura-chan last night,"

'Whined, more like it..', interjects Ura.

Omote breathes in and ignores her inner self before she finishes, "..she told me she would not have kicked you like that if you had not anticipated the attack and had already begun countering. She was actually proud of how you fought."

Outer Moka still feels ashamed that it was her foot that had injured him, and doesn't know how he'll react to her apology. She finally takes a peek to see Tsukune's reaction, and she's surprised to see him beaming at her.

"Thank you Moka-san, please tell inner Moka-san that means a lot to me.", he says with happiness.

They walk to school in content silence, not even realizing they're holding hands while sharing a slight blush, wondering when their friends would catch up.


Moka and Tsukune begin to worry, wondering where their friends were, when they see them walk into the classroom. They move with measured steps, as if they were carrying a glass of water they didn't want to spill. They give Tsukune a very warm smile and greeting, but barely even acknowledge Moka before turning to look the other way.

Once he had a chance to get a closer look, Tsukune noticed the bruises on their exposed skin, and he finally realized that they must be in pain, which would explain why they were walking so slowly and only caught up to them just now. 'What on earth happened? Did they get attacked? But why didn't they say anything? Wait, it couldn't have been last night, they didn't get hit directly by any of it..', he argues with himself. He was about to voice his question when it suddenly dawns on him. This was the result of getting barely hit by those attacks from inner Moka.

He swallows hard. Only now does he fully understand how dangerous Ura's attacks had been, if a couple of pure Ayashi got hurt like that just from the aftershock and a little shove.

During lunch, the girls mention a headache from studying too much, and excuse themselves to go to the infirmary for pain medicine. This works out well for Tsukune, who has errands of his own, and was looking for an excuse to leave. He had namely been hesitant to leave his injured friends behind. After Moka assures him she will be fine by herself, since the cafeteria was very safe, he finally takes off.

They all return at roughly the same time, towards the end of the lunch period. Tsukune thinks he can make out a bandage under Kurumu's blouse, but the girls don't say anything. They are moving much more naturally now, and seem intent on not mentioning anything further, so Tsukune remains quiet, thinking things were improving on their own.

He fails to realize that the girls never even look at Moka once the entire time, and how Moka lowers her own head and becomes quiet once she notices.


After school, the four girls see Tsukune approach them. He smiles at them all, and after exchanging greetings, he turns towards Omote and asks, "Moka-san, I need to discuss some things with inner Moka-san, do you mind?"

All the girls look at him a bit puzzled, including Moka, but she nods her assent. He excuses himself and heads with Moka deeper into the forest, leaving the rest of the girls uncertain, but also quite unwilling to follow them; the lesson about interfering with inner Moka was still fresh on more than their memories.

For his part Tsukune was having a hard time not jumping for joy and instead just keeping his emotions well hidden. After he had gone a good bit away from the school and reached a clearing of sorts, he turns to Moka suddenly and pulls her tightly into his embrace, catching her by surprise. He delights in finally having her in his arms again. Perhaps it hadn't been that long, but it had felt like forever.

Recovering from her surprise, she wraps her own arms around him and just gazes at him, basking in his closeness. Moving her head to lean it on his shoulder, she sniffles, "I really missed you.", full of pent-up emotion.

He holds her close, one hand wrapped around her waist, the other running through her hair. "I missed you too.", he replies in a soft caring voice. With one arm behind her back he holds her, while he uses the other hand to gently pet her, running it through her lovely pink hair.

With his closeness, and his touch, outer Moka's sniffles easily melt away to her usual happy self, and she pulls a little away to turn her head and reward him with a bright smile. She sees his own smile grow and hugs him closer, going back to rest her head on his shoulder. She doesn't realize it, but she begins to hum a little.

'If that was just a clever ruse to get away from them, that is fine. But you are running out of time, the others aren't stupid, they should be able to tell my Youki isn't released, even from this distance.', cautions inner Moka in a neutral voice.

After asking Tsukune, it turned out he really did need to speak to inner Moka. After another minute of just holding each other, Omote gives him a quick but meaningful kiss on the lips, before taking his hand to her Rosary and pulling it off.

The area immediately floods with oppressive Youki as the inner vampire awakens. Stretching languidly, Ura turns to stare at Tsukune, who is always fascinated when she transforms, and perhaps a little scared.

"Hello, Moka-san, did you sleep well?", he offers a bit nervously, quite probably because of her staring.

"Hello again Tsukune.", offers inner Moka in a voice perhaps a hint softer than her usual. Not for the first time she realizes she enjoys when he's a little scared, enjoys having such a profound effect on him. As if to prove the point to herself, she gives him a small smile, and watches with satisfaction as his entire face lights up.

"I have a surprise for you!", he exclaims happily, as he approaches her, beaming.

"Oh?" She does not bother to hide her curiosity, but does temper her reply a bit.

Full of excitement, he grabs into his bag and pulls out a whip. "Look!", he exclaims triumphantly.

Inner Moka's eyes open wide in surprise as she stares at it, "Belmont! The old man let you have it?", she asks incredulously, even considering the possibility Tsukune might have 'borrowed' it without permission.

"He did! I went to see him, and he asked how my training was doing. I told him, and described our last battle, and he seemed pleased. I then used that chance to ask for the whip for additional training of my vampire senses, and he agreed.", Tsukune explains proudly.

"There is no way he just gave it to you like that. He is up to something.", answers Ura with a pensive face.

"Well, now that you mention it, he did say I would have to do something for him in the future.", he comments, furrowing his brow.

"And you just agreed to that, without knowing what?!", asks Ura in disbelief.

He blushes and nods replying in a small voice, "I just really wanted the whip so we could.. you know.."

She groans. She couldn't be really mad at him because she also was looking forward to spending time out of the training grounds awake, and with him. However, unlike Tsukune she could see that all of this was no coincidence, and it disturbed her that Tsukune was essentially a piece in the old man's chessboard. She didn't complete the thought, acknowledging herself as part of the board to avoid becoming furious.

Taking a deep breath, she instead says, keeping her voice even, "Tsukune, I am glad you have the whip. But you need to be careful. What you do also affects me, even more if we are ever in a relationship. You sometimes have to give to get what you want, but you always make sure you know what you're getting into, and try to negotiate from a position of power."

He looks crestfallen as he walks to sit nearby, gazing down. He had been so happy getting the whip he really hadn't given it any thought to what the chairman could want in return. He could have asked for his head in return and he might have not heard him.

Feeling a bit sorry that she had dampened his enthusiasm, she walks to sit next to him, and puts an arm around his shoulder, which makes him look up at her in surprise.

"What's done is done, I'll just have to teach you about this too sometime. And I did mean it when I said I was happy you have the whip. Just be careful from now on, OK?", she says, giving him a small smile and feeling satisfied when she sees it work wonders again.

He leans against her, feeling cheerful again, and just smiles, enjoying the feeling of her arm around him. Sitting like this, he realizes there are two things he really wants to ask her. Well, there is one big thing he really wants to ask her, and one small thing he's curious about. His nerve fails him and so he decides to ask, "Moka-san, there is something I wanted to ask you. Did you hear when I told everyone about my craving for blood?"

She raises an eyebrow and replies nonchalantly, "Yes, it is only natural. Your seal was weakened when some of the chains broke, and you have been taping into your vampire instincts. It was only a matter of time before this one would also manifest itself."

"No, that's not it, I mean, yes, thank you, I had assumed as much, but it is good to know. But what I wanted to ask is, why did Outer Moka-san become so embarrassed when I said that? I've been meaning to ask her, but we have had very little time to ourselves as of late..", he tries to explain.

'What?! Noooo! Just make something up!', begs outer Moka from inside the Rosario.

Inner Moka tries to hide her growing delight. This was a question she would enjoy answering.


The three girls remained sitting for a while, while Tsukune and Moka ran off into the forest. They didn't question why they needed so much distance to talk privately, because they really were not in the mood to question it. There were plenty of easily available reasons. He could be taking her away for their own comfort, because Ura's aura was oppressive. Or for their own safety, in case she was still upset about last night.

Eventually however, after they hadn't sensed so much as a candlelight's worth of an energy spike, they began to wonder.

"Maybe we should go check up on them, see if there is a problem?", ventured Kurumu, while starting to walk slowly in the general direction that Tsukune and Moka had taken.

Just at that moment, they feel the familiar jolt in Youki that emanates from inner Moka being released. Even this far away, it is impossible to miss.

"Great idea. Good luck with that.", replies Mizore with a calm voice, hiding her amusement at picturing how the succubus would be getting wing-free flying lessons if she did go.

Catching on, Yukari pats Kurumu on the back. "We'll miss your cookies!", she offers full of merry amusement.

Kurumu goes pale even as she immediately backtracks. "Damn you guys, as if I'm going to go get killed like that! I still can't believe Tsukune does that on purpose when his life isn't in danger, and even worse he goes with her every night knowing he has to fight her!", she finishes with a shiver.

The two other girls nod their silent assent.

"It really was quite unnerving seeing them like that last night.", agrees Mizore.

"Tsukune really looked and felt like a vampire about to attack, desu! They were exactly the same! Scary!", comments Yukari in an excited tone.

"What?! No! He's not a vampire! Tsukune is nothing like her! He's kind and caring and loving! He's nothing like that!", Kurumu retorts in an angry tirade, laced with apprehension, clearly upset with the idea he could resemble inner Moka in any way.

Yukari defends her position, trying to prove she's right, "Yes, he was very loving the way he growled at her and attacked. Did you see the same fight I did, or did your boobs get in the way!"

Mizore walks up to Kurumu and places a hand on her shoulders to placate the succubus. "He may have looked like a vampire, but deep down we know he's our Tsukune." She even resisted the temptation to call him 'her' Tsukune.

This seems to calm the succubus, just in time as a new explosion of Youki comes from Moka and Tsukune's direction. It really did feel like inner Moka's aura again, except weaker, but no less threatening.

All three friends look in that direction, and then at each other, wondering what had happened.

"Maybe they were attacked?", asks Yukari.

"I don't sense any other Youki", offers Mizore.

"Let's send Yukari to find out. She can go as a small offering of peace.", suggests Kurumu, before adding. "If we add a stylish bow and perhaps some seasoning, Ura-Moka might accept it, even if it is a bit small. But the flatness shouldn't affect the taste..", she finishes with a wide grin.

Yukari looks pissed as she catches on to the double meaning even before Kurumu explains it, and just sends a flying pan soaring at the succubus' head, knocking her down as she finishes her little joke.

"I am sure they are fine.", speaks Mizore more to herself, but it does help end the argument.


Inner Moka seems to be deep in thought. In a way, she was, for she had turned her gaze inwardly to relish on Omote's begging, savouring her chance to get even for all the previous teasing.

'I think I really should tell him', begins Ura neutrally.

'No, please, I'll die of embarrassment, I'll do anything!'

'Anything? You people say that way too easily..', replies inner Moka with an amused tone.

'What if I asked you to invite Tsukune after training back to our dorm room, prepare him a bath, and wash his back. He's usually very stiff after a fight, I doubt he can do more than soak himself in his shower when he's alone.', asks Ura with a growing smile.

Omote is now blushing from head to toe, even her ears are blushing, just from picturing Tsukune in her bathtub and her scrubbing his back. This was even worse than her previous embarrassment!

Ura is loving this, she is thoroughly enjoying seeing Omote's reactions. But she wants more. 'Do you promise to never tease me again?', she asks without so much as a grin.

'Yes! I promise! Now just don't tell him and go make something up!', exclaims Omote, starting to feel relieved that her ordeal was over.

Inner Moka turned her perception back to reality and faced Tsukune. "Tsukune. Omote does not wish me to answer that question right now, because the wind is blowing. It is a vampire thing.", says Ura with a shrug, while doing her best to imitate Omote's disinterested tone and manner when she had said a similar line not too long ago.

Sensing the growing apprehension coming from inside her Rosario, she grins evilly as she adds, "But I'm sure she would love to explain it to you herself as soon as I'm sealed!"

'Noooooo! Ah! I'm never coming out of here, I'm staying sealed forever!', wails outer Moka in despair.

Ura begins to laugh even as she forces a thought through the Rosary's wailing. 'I mentioned you would pay for that one, didn't I. And this will teach you to circumvent your promises by trying to be clever!', she admonishes with savage delight.

'If you put that Rosario back on, I'm instantly grabbing the whip! I am not coming out!', wails Omote.

'You could do that.. or you could promise to never do it again for real, and agree to help me train Tsukune instead of just complaining about it. There is an idea I had since I saw how well our fight worked last night, but it requires your help, and it is even a bit dangerous for you..', suggests Ura in a deceptively calm voice.

'In return, I'll fix this so he accepts it as something normal.', offers Ura in an earnest tone. This was too easy.

'You can do that?' asks Omote incredulously.

Ura remains silent, so Omote just adds, 'If you do that, I apologize for everything, and promise to never do it again, and do anything you want including helping you with Tsukune's training!'

'I'll hold you to that.', is the only thing that Ura replies, leaving Omote a bit more hopeful.


"Very well, it seems that she wants me to explain it after all", says Moka with a satisfied smirk while glancing at her Rosario.

"Tell me Tsukune, the other me only drinks your blood when she's hungry?", asks Moka in a neutral voice.

"Well, no, she also seems to drink it..", begins Tsukune.

"- when she's excited.", finishes inner Moka for him. She can literally see the gears begin to turn in his head, but too slowly for her taste, so she decides to help them along. With a barely perceptible smile, she adds, "The short easy answer, is that drinking blood can be an expression of desire."

Tsukune suddenly blushes and gawks at her, stammering incoherently.

Not surprisingly, she senses Omote being similarly eloquent.

Moka chuckles to herself, idly wondering when her other self's blush will finally manage to match her hair's colour. "Our blood is the most precious thing we vampires possess. Do you understand the implications?"

He only stares back, still too abashed to really say anything, and barely beginning to process any ramifications.

Making a point to sigh, inner Moka shakes her head before taking a deep breath. She begins to explain, "In a vampire relationship, one vampire may offer his or her blood to their mate, to prove their love, to 'entice' the other mate, or both."

"In a relationship in which both vampires are equally powerful, in general nobody will drink each other's blood unless they're deeply in love, in which case they'll become blood mates. It is possible for only one of them to offer their blood, if he or she's deeply in love with the other vampire and/or is trying to entice the other more reluctant partner, but in general their pride will prevent it."

"When one is a weaker vampire than the other, then the weaker vampire often offers his or her blood to the dominant one.", she finishes, pausing to see if he seems to be following along.

Tsukune looks at her, his blush still very much alive on his skin, but she can see him thinking, before he asks, "So is it pride then, that prevents a vampire from sharing their blood?"

Inner Moka smiles. "That's a good question, and no. It is also instinct. The weaker vampire will instinctively yield to the stronger one's desires, the stronger one will resist the weaker one. It is a very powerful instinct actually."

Moka suddenly gets an idea and she tries to hide an evil grin. After glancing at the Rosario, she asks, "Would you like me to show you?"

Tsukune nods automatically, since he is curious, but when he sees Moka begin to grin slowly, showing her fangs, he begins to squirm. He wonders if he had not just become the canary that walked into the proverbial cat's welcoming fangs.


Ura walks up to a nearby tree and after testing that it's solid, she nods her approval. "OK, this should work." Facing the tree, she firmly grabs on to it. Turning her head over her shoulders she sees Tsukune staring at her, blushing. Biting down her own blush, she instead asks him, "Do you like me Tsukune?"

He nearly chokes. The question, and the expression that was visible on her face for just a second, make him certain. He is indeed the canary. Nonetheless, once he actually remembers to reply, he answers earnestly, "I think you're the most beautiful girl I have ever seen."

She really likes his answer, but replies with a neutral tone, "Such an honest answer. But that is not what I asked, Tsukune." She turns to look directly at his confused face with an amused look. "I asked if you desire me..", she says in a seductive tone.

The effect is as immediate as it is predictable. Tsukune suddenly blushes furiously from head to toe. Inner Moka can't help but chuckle to herself, he was so similar to Omote at times, and just as entertaining to play with. To add a bit of fuel to the fire, she adds in a soft inviting voice, "I like you Tsukune. And last night when you unleashed your vampire blood like that.. I liked it a lot.."

Tsukune is trying to catch his breath, but her voice easily robs him of the attempt. 'So she does really like me? And she likes me even more if..', he pauses and fights hard to stop the blood pumping fiercely against his head from overwhelming him. To his confused mind it just feels like something is constricting his chest and making it very hard to breathe, and very hard to think straight for that matter.

Not being able to completely form a coherent plan or really a series of thoughts, he does latch unto one of the stronger ones, namely that she likes him even more in his vampire form. He releases his Youki and he nearly screams in delight when it is unleashed, finally being able to breathe. Regaining the ability to form coherent thoughts is a nice bonus too.

"Very good..", mentions Ura, who had been waiting to see if he released his energy of his own volition, or whether she would have to instruct him to do it. She turns to gaze at him and delights in his red eyes, his hair turning partially silver, and his more serene, more mature look.

She completely ignores the feeling of deep embarrassment and babbling coming from within her Rosario. Something about whether one could perhaps hang drapes in there to make it cozy or some such nonsense.

"Now Tsukune, just like you did last night, focus on your blood's instincts. Do you really desire me? Focus on that.. yes, like that, very good. I can feel your Youki begin to change. Come, lean your head on my shoulders.", instructs Ura.

His Youki was already beginning to spiral around him, but after that bit of instruction, it begins to swirl with force even as he closes the distance between them.

She finally lets her own desire run free and her Youki almost howls as it picks up speed swirling around her violently. She turns to stare at Tsukune as he's beginning to wrap his arms around her, but she stops him. Her look right now is predatory in nature, and while it scares him a bit, it also excites him. Holding firmly to his hands she moves them away from her body and unto her hips. Biting her lip, she slides them to rest on top of her skirt and hips before turning towards the tree end holding unto the branches as if her life depended on it.

As Tsukune's desire grows with his body pressed against his beloved Moka, her smell and the brief touching of her hips exciting his senses, his own Youki begins to flare ever more violently. As his thoughts wander to appreciate her perfect figure, her full breasts, her shapely legs, her skirt fluttering in her own Youki, barely hiding one of the main sources of his desire, he doesn't even notice he bares his fangs and growls.

She fights to stop the instinct to push him away from her, even as she bares her own fangs and growls in response. She feels too vulnerable in this position, she would feel far more comfortable straddling him. Her Youki was reacting to his, and was about to completely overwhelm his own when she tries to reign it in, with moderate success. At roughly the same time she squeezes the tree to suppress her impulses, shattering the strong branches under her hands.

Forcing her voice to sound calm, she urges him, "Try to drink my blood, Tsukune.", while her hands move to grab unto the trunk. After waiting a few moments, she lets her Youki loose and it screeches as it is freed once again.

Tsukune's desire is growing to the point where he's once again having trouble thinking straight. There was all of her. For him, readily available. He wanted to take her blood, to take her. Make her his. But suddenly he felt it, like a strong buffeting wind, a deep sense of apprehension. Moka's now free Youki completely overwhelmed his, and every instinct in his body began to tell him to back off, even as he heard a low growl coming from her. He still tries to bite to follow her instructions but suddenly gets surprised by a strong jolt.

At the same time, the tree Moka is holding is smashed into splinters between her hands, and she turns to see Tsukune staggering one step backwards in surprise. She is breathing heavily, staring at him with both desire and challenge in her eyes, and he can't help but lower his gaze.

Tsukune would have passed out from embarrassment a long time ago if that emotion had not been completely overwhelmed by other, more primal emotions. Even now, all he can think about is how much he loves her, no, how much he desires her. But even his addled mind now knows he can't just take her. There are warning bells all over his being. His instinct provides him with a solution. He begins to slowly undo his shirt, he's going to offer her the one thing that he has that's most precious.

She looks at him with a pleased and hungry expression. Too pleased, too hungry. Laboured breathing notwithstanding, she commands him in a firm voice, "Tsukune, stop!" It isn't without regret that she forces herself to rein in her desire, and while she refuses to acknowledge that she would have difficulty in controlling her own emotions, she can't deny it takes her time to do so.

Her voice makes him pause, and his mind tries to desperately understand what she said. As her own Youki begins to calm down, he begins to regain his senses. He sees Moka trying to catch her breath, he sees his shirt half open, the memories of what she had said begin to make sense, and suddenly all the repressed embarrassment makes a comeback with a vengeance, replacing all his questions such as 'Why?'. He quickly turns to look away from her even as his body trembles slightly. There are many other emotions pushing against him, vying for dominance, but for now he just wants the earth to swallow him whole.

Inner Moka walks up to him and slowly embraces him from behind, resting her head against him. "That felt stronger than I expected.", she ventures in a neutral voice, and watches him only nod. She can't tell how hard he's struggling to not show how he feels or to appear weak in front of her, but she can tell how he tenses his muscles to stop his own shivering.

She's not an expert in dealing with emotions, but she can tell he's troubled. She first tries to explain, "You did what I asked you to do, and learned first hand how your instincts react." Pausing a moment, she adds in a softer tone, "I'm glad to see you like me too."

Her words have a noticeable effect and he nods again, before replying, "Thank you Moka-san.", struggling to keep his voice even.

As she becomes aware of some murmuring from within the Rosario, she rolls her eyes at it before she replies with annoyance, "No Omote, you can't make a vase of flowers or curtains appear no matter how much you concentrate. You either sleep, look to the outside world, or if I'm visiting, you can become aware of our own bodies floating in a grey mist, that is it."

She senses Tsukune perk up and she decides to try to change tactics. "Omote is quite embarrassed and wants to stay to live in the Rosario forever.", she says, waiting for his concerned reaction which is quite immediate.

"She will need your help to understand that it is quite natural and that there is nothing wrong with how she feels because she drank your blood. You should now understand those feelings very intimately."

Tsukune swallows and nods, avoiding her direct gaze. "I will help her, Moka-san."

Turning to look inward, Ura says, 'OK, time to go.' When she just saw her other self stubbornly shake her head, she adds, 'Look, just give it a minute. If after that you want to come back in, you can. We have the whip after all, like you mentioned. But I'd rather you cooked our dinner.'


Tsukune moved to catch Outer Moka as she fell when Ura put her Rosario back on. He caught her bridal style in his arms and sat down with her, to wait until she recovered. He noticed when she woke up because she immediately shut her eyes firmly closed and buried her face into his chest, as her blush grew.

He began patting her head gently, playing with her hair with one hand. "I really would miss you if you stayed inside the Rosario, you know.", he offers tenderly, while continuing his caress.

"I have a secret to tell you, Moka-san.", he tries in a soft voice. That makes her perk up enough to turn away from his chest and gaze up with a questioning look, but not high enough that she could meet his gaze.

Moving to gently kiss the top of her head, Tsukune continues, "I do. I really like it when Moka-san drinks my blood."

Omote starts blushing again and half mutters something incomprehensible. She is about to bury her face in his chest again, when she feels his hand caress her cheek, gently stopping her from turning away.

"Please look at me?", he finally asks, before nudging her chin up until their gazes meet.

She wraps her arms around his neck, and he leans downward, before gently brushing his lips against hers. He tentatively probes the taste of her lips by nibbling with the tip of his own lips, first her upper and then her lower lip, until she finally returns the kiss.

The tentative kiss begins to grow into a slow, tantalizing dance of the lips. Their tongues touch each other, tentatively probing, gently caressing, slowly exploring, retreating and starting again, sharing each other's mouths even as a groan and a moan urge them to continue. The kiss lasts a while until they break for breath, both with a healthy blush, but continuing to gaze at each other lovingly.

Smiling at her, he asks her, "Do you want to drink a little?"

He's surprised when she shakes her head and blushes more. At his questioning glance she casts her gaze downward and explains what she only muttered before. "I don't drink your blood like Ura-chan does. You probably like it better when she does it.", she finally musters the nerve to say.

"You don't have to do anything like inner Moka-san. I meant when I said I love it when you drink my blood, because it is you drinking it.", Tsukune replies tenderly.

He easily exposes his neck with one hand, taking advantage of his open shirt, before guiding her to it. She shakes her head against his neck, stubbornly pressing her lips together. Grinning, he tickles her, and she opens her mouth laughing. After that, he just shifts his shoulder up and makes it meet her cute little fangs, piercing his own skin.

Outer Moka seems like she's about to pout but the smell and the taste on her lips are too much for the poor flustered vampire to resist, and so she begins to drink even as she blushes further. Omote stops for a moment to give the spot a gentle kiss before she resumes. When she senses a slight shiver from her kiss, she giggles and it helps ease her bashfulness.

When she stops and looks up to him, he's smiling at her warmly, caressing her face. His eyes, shinning with happiness get clouded for a moment, but then shine even brighter, "I'm so glad you accepted my blood. I love you, my precious Moka-san."

Something in that statement puzzles her a bit, but it's overshadowed as her heart aches with joy when she hears his declaration of love.

'If you two little doves are done fluttering around each other, the others will likely come any minute, now that my Youki isn't scaring them off.', warns Ura in a neutral, almost disinterested tone. If she wanted them to stop for other reasons, she certainly didn't give it away in her tone.

"We should go, the others will be..", begins Omote, as she starts to try to untangle herself from Tsukune.

"Stay right there. I've got this.", interrupts Tsukune with confidence as he stands up with her in his arms, continuing to carry her bridal style.

"You look tired, and look like you could use a nap before the training later on.", he adds in a softer tone.

She nods in agreement and nuzzles against him, closing her eyes before she says in a soft, warm voice. "I love you Tsukune."

He just kisses her forehead as he begins to walk to where they left their friends waiting.


The girls were getting a bit uneasy by now, wondering what had happened. The veritable storm of Youki had subsided, replaced by Ura's regular oppressive aura, and finally, nothing. They were hesitant to go take a look, but as minutes passed by, their anxiety began to win over their reluctance.

In silent agreement, the girls turned to look at each other, even as their faces showed their determination. They stood up and began to walk towards where Tsukune and Moka had headed, when in the distance they made out the two of them coming back to meet them.

They ran up to them, but their yelled greeting died in their throats when they saw Tsukune carrying Moka in his arms as he approached them. Taking in the picture of Moka nuzzled against Tsukune as he walked in serenely towards them, they forgot to even breathe. They were struggling between yelling a demand asking what was going on, concern that something in fact did happen, and the dark foreboding feeling that was constricting their chests and throats.

Tsukune saw the girls and called out a greeting, keeping his voice friendly. He was inwardly ready to stop any flying ice daggers or other attacks, but he thought he knew how to handle this.

Moka for her part kept her eyes closed and decided to trust Tsukune.

"I need to take Moka-san to her dorm, she's very tired.", begins Tsukune trying to sound perfectly calm.

Mizore decides to ask first in her neutral voice, "What happened?"

"Oh nothing, Moka-san was just teaching me about vampire instincts. But it tired out outer Moka-san."

"I'm not surprised, the intensity of that Youki, well, storm really, was very scary, desu!", exclaims Yukari.

"And you, how are you doing Tsukune? Between last night and today, you can't be alright, if Moka is like this.", asks Kurumu, finally getting over the sight of Moka in his arms.

"How are your injuries, Tsukune?", ask the three girls at almost the same time.

"Oh, I injured my neck last night, but it is better now.", he replies a bit abashed. He decides to not mention how it had gotten better.

"I can't believe you go through that every night. That's insane. You really should stop. Maybe we could talk to the chairman and..", blurts out Kurumu, unable to contain herself any longer.

"We feel you don't need to become stronger Tsukune, and we're just concerned about you..", complements Mizore.

"Between one Moka draining your blood, and the other spilling it all over the place, they're going to kill you!", they all exclaim at more or less the same time.

'Wow, they really have been thinking about this a while, haven't they.', thinks Tsukune to himself. He feels Moka tense up and hears a suppressed sniffle. He responds by tightening his grip on her momentarily, to get her attention.

He speaks with conviction, while taking turns looking straight ahead into the distance and turning his head down to look at Moka, "Thank you for your concern, but I'm fine. And that won't be necessary. I will one day be strong enough to help Moka-san in a fight, and that is my precious goal." He then turns to look at the girls and adds with a sad undertone, "But I'm sorry you girls got hurt last night."

Kurumu and Yukari reply way too quickly, "Hurt? No, no, not at all! Just some minor bruises when we tripped, but we're not hurt!", while Mizore rolls her eyes. 'All that rehearsing and that is how they..', she sighs, not bothering to finish the thought.

Giving Moka another warm squeeze, he adds, "I am very grateful to Moka-san for training me, and I would be very sad if she stopped."

Outer Moka tightens her hold on Tsukune, and even trembles a little bit when she hears his words. She also feels warmth coming from her otherwise silent Rosario. She just barely resists the urge to pull herself up to him and kiss him again. It really moved her to realize how much he was willing to do just to be with her. With them. And that he didn't even hold it against her, or her inner self, but was grateful for it was more than she hoped for.

The girls look sullen after that, in their own ways. Kurumu easily displays her anger and annoyance, Yukari looks pensive, and Mizore narrows her eyes ever so slightly. It is also not helping that all this time, as they're walking towards the dorms, Moka has remained nuzzled against Tsukune's chest, in his arms no less. Mizore and Kurumu are the most annoyed by this, but even Yukari is jealous.

Tsukune manages to catch the occasional death glares that they shoot at Moka, so he decides to mollify them. Besides, he misses spending time with his friends, and who knows what will happen once they are told about his choice. With this in mind, he offers again in a casual tone, "Girls, after we leave Moka-san to sleep, I don't have anything to do until the evening when I train. Would you like to spend the time together?"

That has a profound effect, and suddenly the girls even forget that they're upset with Moka and quickly smile and nod their ascent.

"Well, just help me put her to bed, and then we can hang out. We can just study and do our homework, or since tomorrow is Saturday, you girls can choose what we do, but no fighting please.", continues Tsukune in his casual tone. He begins to wonder if he's getting better at dealing with them when he sees them agree that quickly, and begin discussing quietly amongst themselves as to what they want to do.

Moka is a bit concerned by what she hears but she's still feeling warm in her chest from being carried by Tsukune, and from his kind words. She's feeling completely protected and loved, and her only regret is that one day they're bound to reach the dorms. Otherwise she would likely just stay like that forever.

Once they reach the dorms Tsukune walks towards her dorm with determination, eliciting more than one curios stare from the other students in the building, when they see him carrying the pink-haired beauty in his arms followed by the three other girls. He was going to ask Yukari to get Moka's dorm key from her pocket, but thinking better of it, he asks Mizore instead. Once inside the room, he walks up to the bed and gently sets Moka down.

Inner Moka considers protesting that Omote should not be so lazy, since she could have walked all the way just fine, and to just get up and change to not ruffle her uniform, but the feeling of warmth permeating her outer self when she gets tucked in by Tsukune is very comforting, so she decides to just stay silent and enjoy it, this time.

The girls didn't challenge even when they saw Tsukune tucking in Moka with so much care. While they did feel a pang of jealousy, they were instead focused on the time he was about to spend with them, sans Moka. That prospect had made cooperating instead of fighting each other a lot more palatable.

Once Tsukune closes and locks the door to Moka's dorm room, he slides the key underneath the door and turns to face the girls, who look at him expectantly. "Well, have you girls decided what we should do?"

They reply as one, "Yes. We want to visit your dorm room!"


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