Forever with you

I don't own the shows or the names .The credit goes to Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard and Marti Noxon.

Summary: Trouble hits Sunnydale and will Angel able to get Buffy to trust him when he says he loves her and Sera. Sera start to change.

Chapter one

It was a nice warm day at Sunnydale when Buffy and the Scooby gang were out at the park when Xander was throwing the football and it got real dark out.

Buffy: Xander what is wrong with you? You look like you just saw something.

Xander: Buffy I am not sure but I think something is coming to our town and it don't look like it is going to be a good one this time we need to go find Giles.

Buffy: I am thinking that myself. Let's get Sire ready and head to Giles house.

Xander: Buffy sire is acting funny she won't come to me for some reason.

Buffy: Sire comes to mommy right now please.

Xander and Buffy both watched as Sire walking but they couldn't see why she wouldn't come to them.

Buffy: Go call Willow now something has my daughter under something and she won't snap out of it.

Xander dialed Willow

Willow: Hi Xander what is wrong?

Xander: You need to get to the park now because we can't get Sire to come to us it's like there is a spell on her and Buffy is getting scared and sire is walking away and we don't know what is going on.

Willow: I am on my way tell Buffy to keep following Sire so we know where she is going.

Xander: Okay I will tell her.

Xander: Buffy I called Willow she is on the way right now and she said you need to keep following Sire to see where she is goes. But I think you need to call Angel because I don't think Sire is all human and he may be able to sense her.

Buffy: I didn't think about that I am on it.

In Los Angeles

Wesley: Angel what is wrong you seem off right now?

Angel: I don't know but I sense there is something wrong with Buffy and my baby girl.

Wesley: Maybe you should call Buffy and see if there is something going on. Because when you get that feeling like that there is something wrong.

Angel: Maybe you are right I will call Buffy.

Angel hear the office phone ringing

Gunn: Hello you this is Angel investigations how can I help you?

Buffy: Hi Gunn is Angel in I need to talk to him like now please.

Gunn: Hi Buffy yes he is in hold on I will get him for you? Is everything alright my Sera?

Buffy: Gunn please I really need to talk to Angel. And everything is not alright with your Sera right now.

Gunn Yelled for Angel.

Angel: What is wrong? Why are you yelling for.?

Gunn: Buffy is on the phone and she seems very upset and I think something is wrong with our Sera.

Angel: What is wrong?

Buffy : You need to get back here to Sunnydale like soon as possible because I think someone has put a spell on Sera because she won't answer any of us and Angel she is changing I think she has vampire in here and I can't sense her and she is walking so fast I can't even catch up with her. So please come to us?

Angel: I am on my way babe I'll be there soon. Just keep following her is you can I will find you when I get there. And Buffy I love you!

Buffy: I love you too Angel.