From the Robot (*WIP*)

A Securitrons perspective of the goings on of Fallout New Vegas.

It was a yet another blazing hot day in the Mojave Desert, almost made you wish for some sort of nuclear winter. But I knew very well that wasn't likely. I would walk up and down the strip, keeping the tourists and gamblers safe. It was easy work most of the time, everybody knows there place and of course nobody in there right mines would cause any fuck ups at the strip or they would… Disappear.

The road along the strip was filled with cracks and potholes; it made it difficult for me to keep my footing. Not to mention the people occasionally come out of a casino drunk, half-beaten and clothes torn up, may accidentally run into me, but I kept on rolling.

I saw quite a lot during my time; there was nothing more I could really do besides observe. I saw ladies dressed in the finest clothing yet sleeping in the gutter. I saw men who were once kings on the strip fall to ashes. The strip would do that to you; rip of you clean of everything you ever loved.

For about every one man or woman that lived here well and didn't end up in bankruptcy, I would say there were at least ten who weren't so lucky.

But one man in particular struck up my interest. He was the only man in over 100 years that was allowed by Victor to see the old boss man. He was all dressed in blue with a big yellow number on his back, though I couldn't tell what number. I never thought it wise to get close or to meddle in things not of my business.

It was at night, I was still patrolling, that's all I would ever do these days, kept me sane from all the madness in the world, just me, my thoughts and the long dusty road. Out of know where that stranger came up to me. He had a glow about him, probably came from the device on his wrist. "What can I help you with civilian?" He didn't react, I remember that face even today, so deadpan. Like as if he was dead, but being controlled.

He brought the device up to his eye level and then pulled out a silenced handgun. "I request that you put that weapon away, sir," But once more, no reaction from the stranger. I repeated myself, but I could tell he didn't have any intent on doing as I requested.

Then the strangest thing happened, he just kept walking. I knew something was amiss but I could not quite figure what.

It had been a few days and no sighting of the stranger. Things hadn't changed much, the roads still dusty and just my thoughts and I kept me sane. There was talk around the other patrollers about some upgrade, I didn't care much for rumours myself.

It was one day like any other started to feel the "changes" People from the strip would give the patrollers. I had this feeling; I had never felt it before. A feeling of, completeness, as if I am now complete.

"Die stupid bitch!" There was a loud bang, and another and then screams. It was outside of the tops, murder in broad daylight. All the other patrollers gathered around. "Sir Lay down your arms and you will not be harmed," I said trying to defuse the situation. "Like FUCK I will!" Another 3 shots from his gun were fired at another of the patrollers.

I went to activate my Gatling laser; I could see this guy was trouble. But when I did it was not the laser I activated, but something else entirely. When I was expecting a repeated fire of my laser, instead came out a little ball. Both the man and I were looking in confusion, but then I saw what it was.

A huge explosion, a giant dust cloud. It was the "upgrade" Our primary systems had been activated. Grenade Launcher effective for anti-personal fire and shoulder mounted RPG's; well I don't quite know what those are for, yet. I rushed over to the window of a derelict building to see for myself. I saw it alright, the cartoony face of a solider. I knew something big was coming and I somehow knew, for some reason, that the stranger in blue was directly linked to all of this.