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Miri stood across from Daryl with her arms crossed lightly as Daryl finished speaking to her. "What?"

Daryl stayed quiet as he waited for her complete response.

"That's why you've been jumpy in your sleep?" Miri asked. Daryl nodded. "So you've been worrying over my safety ever since Woodbury, and you kept it this long."

Daryl nodded as he watched her open her mouth and close it couple times, not knowing what to say.

She sighed and pulled the upper part of her hair back so it wasn't in her face anymore.

"Why did you keep it this long?" Miri asked Daryl as she furrowed her brows. "How could I not notice before? I'm a terrible wife."

"No. You ain't a terrible wife." Daryl cut her off. "You're the best damn momma I've seen with how you take care of Ladybug, little Ass-kicker, and Carl, and the best wife around. The fact you're fine as hell helps." Daryl joked softly, wanting to see her smile.

Miri lightly slapped the opening of the leather vest with a soft laugh. "I'm being serious, Daryl." She looked up at Daryl. "I trust you. You know when to shoot, and you always make sure what you are shooting at is either game, a walker, or something else." She reassured him, seeing the fear in his eyes now. "And thank you."

Daryl frowned. "For what?"

Miri pressed her lips together as her eyes got a bit teary. She cleared her throat to stop the small cry. "Everything. From the beginning."

Rick suddenly came running toward them. "Come with me, both of you."

"Whoa, what's wrong?" Miri asked her brother when she saw the look on his face. "What happened?"

"Just come." Rick told them.

Miri and Daryl followed Rick outside, where they saw two burned bodies on the ground, Tyreese and Carol.

Miri covered her mouth at the sight of the still smoking bodies. "Oh, my God."

"You found them like this?" Rick asked Tyreese.

Tyreese nodded as he looked at the bodies. "I came to see Karen... and I saw the blood on the floor. Then I smelled them. Somebody dragged them out here and set them on fire." He raised his voice. "They killed them and set them on fire!" he spun to Rick and Daryl quickly moved behind Tyreese just in case the man would do something crazy. "You're a cop. You find out who did this and you bring 'em to me. You understand? You bring 'em to me!"

"We'll find out who—" Daryl put his hand on Tyreese's shoulder, to calm the man but Tyreese slapped Daryl's hand off of him as he kept his eyes on Rick.

"I need to say it again?" Tyreese stared at Rick with dark eyes.

Rick knew those eyes. Anger and madness rolled into one. He shook his head. "No. No. I know what you're feeling. I've been there. You saw me there. It's dangerous."

Tyreese kept his tone loud. "Karen didn't deserve this."

"No." Rick shook his head.

"David didn't deserve it." Tyreese pointed to David's body. "Nobody does."

"All right, man, let's—" Daryl touched Tyreese's shoulder one more time but Tyreese suddenly turned around and pinned Daryl to the other side of the wall.

"Man, I ain't going nowhere till I find out who did this!"

Miri and Rick snapped into action, knives ready as they started to run toward them to help Daryl until Daryl held out a hand to stop them.

Miri looked to Daryl, scared at what the men would do to him in this state.

"We're on the same side, man." Daryl told Tyreese calmly.

Rick slowly stepped forward. "Hey, look, I know what you're going through."

"We've all lost someone." Miri added. "We know what you're going through right now, but you've got to calm down." She went to touch him when he snapped.

"You need to step the hell back!" Tyreese yelled and swung back, making Rick jump back and Miri duck to not get hit by his fist.

Carol moved to Miri as Miri looked up at Tyreese.

"She wouldn't want you being like this." Rick said before Tyreese swung hard at him, knocking him to the ground.

"Stop! Stop!" Carol yelled.

"Stop!" Miri yelled as well. She stared at Tyreese as he stood over Rick, scared.

Tyreese punched Rick again, drawing more blood.

Daryl grabbed Tyreese from behind and pulled him back. "That's enough." He grunted, angry at seeing Tyreese nearly hitting his wife and hitting his brother-in-law. "That's enough."

Rick slowly stood up with the help of Miri. He wiped his mouth of blood before punching Tyreese in the face, the momentum of the punch ripped Tyreese from Daryl's grip and onto his hands and knees.

Rick marched over to Tyreese and kicked him in the ribs, making him grunt in pain. Rick moved to stand over Tyreese and started punching him over and over in the face.

"Rick." Daryl called to Rick. Rick didn't listen as he continued punching. Daryl moved toward Rick and grabbed him, pulling him off Tyreese. "Stop."

"Let go of me!" Rick yelled, not sounding like himself.

Daryl held Rick tighter. "No. No."

"Let go of me!" Rick yelled again.


Rick pushed Daryl away and moved toward him when Miri stepped in front of Daryl.

Miri stared up at him, pleading with him to stop.

Rick moved back and looked at his bleeding shaking hand.

Tyreese moved to his side, crying as his heart broke.

Miri was downstairs by the steps talking to Maggie when she suddenly heard coughing from upstairs. She looked up with a confused look on her face.

There wasn't anyone up there except—

She ran up the stairs toward the cell where the coughing was coming from.

She stopped in front cell and her heart broke as she saw who was inside.

"Maggie, get your dad and Daryl." Miri told Maggie, who nodded and quickly ran to get the men that were asked for.

Miri moved into the cell. "It's okay." She said softly as the coughing continued. She gave a smile, to not show the panic inside of her.

Footsteps came toward the cell and Miri turned to see Daryl and Hershel.

"Momma, why did you call daddy and Grandpa Hershel?" Ali asked after the coughing, her voice still raspy.

Miri pressed her lips to stop them shaking as Daryl tightened his fist the same moment his heart dropped. "Just a checkup, baby."

Hershel looked at Miri and Daryl and saw the look in their eyes. Their baby was sick, and people were dying from it.

"It's spread." Hershel started the council meeting an hour after sending little Ali to where all the other sick people were. "Everyone who survived the attack in cell block D. Sasha, Caleb, and now others." He looked over to Miri and Daryl, who looked heart broken.

Daryl rubbed his face, not wanting to cry in front of the council. "Oh, Jesus."

"So what do we do?" Carol asked.

"First things first. Cell block A is isolation." Hershel started to list off. "We keep the sick people there like we tried with Karen and David."

"What the hell we gonna do about that?" Daryl asked, wondering who could've done it.

"Ask Rick to look into it." Miri offered the idea. "Try to make a timeline- who's where when."

"But what are we gonna do to stop this?" Carol asked after.

"There is no stopping it." Hershel pressed his lips. "You get it, you have to go through it."

"But it just kills you?" Michonne asked from the book shelves.

Hershel turned to her. "The illness doesn't. The symptoms do. We need antibiotics."

"We've been through every pharmacy nearby. And then some." Daryl spoke up.

Hershel remembered a place. "That veterinary college at West Peachtree Tech, that's one place people may not have thought to raid for medication. The drugs for animals there are the same we need."

Daryl calculated it. "That's 50 miles. Too big a risk before. Ain't now. I'm gonna take a group out." He stood up from his chair. "Best not waste any more time."

"I'll go too." Miri looked at him and saw the uncertain look in his eyes.

Michonne stepped forward. "I'm in."

Hershel looked to Michonne. "You haven't been exposed. Daryl has. You get in a car with him..."

Michonne snorted. "He's already given me fleas." She joked, getting small smiles.

Hershel stood up. "I can lead the way. I know where everything's kept."

Daryl paused, his hold on his crossbow's strap tightened as he remembered Alice's coughing. "When we're out there, it's always the same. Sooner or later we run."

Hershel nodded. "I can draw you a map." Daryl nodded and turned to leave but Hershel continued. "There are other precautions I feel we should take."

"Like what?" Carol asked.

"There's no telling how long it'll be before Daryl and his group return. Wouldn't it make sense for us to separate the most vulnerable? We can use the administration building. Separate office, separate room."

Miri bit her lip. "Who is the most vulnerable?"

"The very young." Hershel threw her a look as she placed a hand over her heart.

"What about the old?" Glenn asked.

Miri was packing a bag when she felt faint again. She stopped as she felt a cough get caught in her throat.

'Shit.' She cursed. She knew what this meant. She gasped before she started to cough with her mouth closed. It felt like every time she coughed, she was scraping away the inside of her throat.

Once she stopped, she knew she couldn't go on that trip. She left the bag and walked to the doors.

Daryl checked the oil. "Son of a bitch is about a quart low."

"You still keep it in the bottom of tower three?" Michonne guessed.

Daryl nodded. "Yeah."

"I'll go get one."

Daryl called out to stop her. "Hey. I'm glad you're here."

Michonne raised an eyebrow. "Where else would I be?"

"Running off."

Michonne paused. "You know I'm not running off." Daryl nodded. "So it's just gonna be me, Miri and you like in the old days? The three musketeers?"

Daryl snorted softly. "Yeah, and Bob. Still, feels like we could use another person."

"Who else isn't sick?"

"We don't ask Rick. He wants to stay here with Carl and Little Ass-Kicker." He paused. "And Ladybug… Keep them safe. Plus there's plenty of stuff he could do here."

"So who else we got?" Michonne wondered.

Daryl remembered who else. He went looking around when he found Tyreese at the door of Cell block A. "Oh, there you are. Took me damn near forever to find you. Whatcha doing?"

"Somebody needs to stand watch."

"Man, I want to find them, too. Put a bolt in them for what they did." Daryl promised. Tyreese looked back at the door. "These people are cut off. Ain't no way anyone's getting in and out without a whole bunch of people seeing 'em."

"Sasha's in there. I ain't going nowhere." Tyreese told Daryl.

"Standing guard ain't gonna do no good unless we come back with them meds."

Tyreese looked back to the doors.

Daryl nodded, annoyed. "All right. We're gassing up by the front gate in case you change your mind. I'm gonna get Miri—" he paused as he saw his wife on the other side of the glass in Cell Block A. He quickly moved to the glass and pressed his fingers to it. "What are you doing in there?" his voice shook, fearing it might be because she was sick.

Miri looked up at her with teary tired eyes. "I have it, love." Her voice was raspy. "Ali is sleeping now."

"Why didn't you come tell me?" Daryl tensed his jaw, wishing he could touch his wife. At this point of fear, he didn't care for the sickness. His wife and little girl were sick and dying.

"I was going to, but someone heard me coughing and dragged me in here." Miri covered her mouth as she coughed. "For the best, I guess. Wouldn't want you to get sick."

"I will get that medicine quick. You and Ladybug stay strong, stay away from other sick folks, alright?" Daryl ordered her softly, taking in her skin that was paling slightly as she got sicker.

Miri nodded weakly as she leaned against the glass some more.

Tyreese looked away from the scene, his heart breaking even more.

Miri's breathing started to speed up as she felt her body heat up. "I love you." She gasped out as she placed her hand on the glass where Daryl's hand was.

Daryl felt himself choke up at seeing her so weak, and Alice was inside there too with the sick. "I love ya too. I'm gonna get the medicine and be back by early tomorrow at the latest, okay?"

"Just don't get hurt." Miri pressed a kiss to the glass and laughed weakly at the blush on Daryl's cheeks as he looked at the corner of his eyes to Tyreese, who wasn't paying attention to them as he was in his own thoughts. "Come back safe to us."

Daryl nodded and turned out the cell block, his shoulders tense as he was even more determined to get the medicine now. He walked back to the car and tried to finish checking over the car to take his mind off of Miri and Ali. He slammed the hood down when Bob came toward him with some gas.

"Everything look all right?" Bob asked.

"Yeah." Daryl mumbled as he cleaned his hands. "Zack kept this thing running pretty good."

"This is Zack's car?" Bob looked at the car, guilt in his heart.

"Yeah, fastest one we got." Daryl noticed the look on Bob's face. "You all right?"

"You really want me coming along?"

Daryl reached into his pocket and took out a list Hershel wrote for him. "What's that word?" he pointed to the first word.

"Zanamivir." Bob read perfectly.

"Yup, we need you." Daryl folded the list and put it in his pocket. He looked up when he saw Tyreese coming his way. "What's up?"

"I want to take your wife's place." Tyreese looked down at Daryl. "Will you take me?"

Daryl nodded. "Hell, yeah."

Tyreese nodded. "Good. Just got to get my gear." He left to go get ready.

"All right. Be quick." Daryl reminded Tyreese as Bob looked at Daryl confused.

"What does he mean 'take her place'?" Bob asked.

Daryl shuffled on his feet. "Miri got sick. Was taken to Cell Block A with our little girl."

Bob's jaw slightly dropped. He didn't know what to say. "I'm sorry." That was the best he could say.

"Not your fault for you to be sorry about." Daryl threw his crossbow over his back. "But we gotta hurry the fuck up."

Bob agreed as he nodded.

Once Tyreese returned, they went off.

Miri sat in her cell with her back pressed against the cold wall that cooled her feverish skin.

Her breathing was raspy as she stared ahead. Her lips started to shake as she started to silently cry.

She was losing her strength, she could feel it feel her the longer she breathe and heard all the coughing around her with the occasional walker groan from a person that died from the sickness they all had.

Miri gasped before coughing deeply, hurting her throat and chest. She held her throat with pain.

She hoped Daryl would come back soon with enough medicine before she and/or Alice died. She knew she shouldn't be thinking so negatively, she did tell Daryl she would stay strong, but how could she around here?

Glenn was here, as was Sasha and Alice.

She looked out to her cell as another groan from a walker echoed the cell block, then closed her eyes.

Another dead.

Daryl drove the car down the leaf covered road, biting on his thumbnail as Michonne sat in the passenger seat that was supposed to be Miri's, and Bob and Tyreese were sitting in the back.

"Hey, I know you weren't running off." Daryl broke the silence, needing to talk to at least take his mind off things. "The thing is, that trail went cold. You know that, right? If it was any different, I'd be right out there with you."

Michonne looked over to Daryl, who she had formed a bond to and the same with Miri. She always teased him when they were talking alone about traces or hunting areas and he'd see a glimpse of his wife, leaving him watching after her like a love-sick fool.

Miranda Grimes, well Dixon now, was a lot like her brother. Always coming up to you with genuine smiles and questions on how you were doing or feeling that day, a great listener, and calming to be around.

Michonne nicknamed her Barbie one time during a trip and made Daryl snort as Miri laughed, not at all insulted as she expected her to be. As she watched the blonde from a far as she talked to others, she could see what she and Rick shared, and the real emotion she shared with Daryl and their little girl.

Michonne would call them friends, but she didn't have to. The look in their eyes told her they considered her a friend as well.

"Would you hand me one of them CDs right there?" Daryl speaks, breaking Michonne's train of thought as she saw him pointing to the glove compartment after fiddling with the radio.

Michonne finds the CD glove case and starts to look through it as Daryl scans through the radio when everyone paused as a voice weakly came through.

"… Find sanctuary."

"Was that a voice?" Bob asked from the back.

"Shh." Daryl shushes him as he goes back to fiddling with the radio to try and get the signal back.

"Determined to survive... keep alive." The voice kept getting cut off.

Daryl and Michonne looked at each other, trying to see if the other was hearing the same thing.

Bob yells and Daryl looks up to see him about to hit a walker in the middle of the road.

Daryl is tense as he turns the wheel sharply to not hit the walker, but clips her slightly and clipping the others behind her. He turns the corner and stops the car suddenly.


There was a giant horde of walkers on the road to the vet school, to the medicine that could save the sick people's lives…

The walkers closest started to throw themselves at the car.

Daryl cursed before turning to look back. "Grab something!" he tells everyone as he drives in reverse, running over some walkers.

They stop and Michonne looks around. "Go to the left." She points.

Daryl puts the car in drive and presses the gas but they don't move. "We're jammed up. Make a run for the gaps right there." he thinks of a plan quickly. "You two, you make a run for the woods and you don't stop for nothing, you hear me?" he tells Bob and Tyreese.

Bob nods frantically as Tyreese sits there, emotionlessly.

"Now!" Daryl pops the small sun roof of the car open as Michonne opens the door to her side. Daryl stands in the sun roof space and shoots a walker that was too close to Michonne before she took out her sword.

Michonne cuts the heads off of 3 walkers as Daryl jumps out of the sun roof and throws his knife at a walker that was about to climb the car toward him. He scooted down the hood of the car and jumped to his right before the walkers could grab him.

Daryl then uses the same knife he used to throw to stab a walker in the head close to him, and hit a walker in the face with his crossbow.

Bob was shaking as he ran out the car, dodging the hand of a walker trapped under the wheel.

Daryl dodges a walker by ducking under its arm and stabbing the walker behind it.

Bob started shooting walkers in the head from his spot y the car, since Tyreese hadn't moved to get out the car.

Tyreese just looked around at the walkers snapping their teeth at the window, trying to get him.

"Ty!" Bob calls out, making Tyreese look over to him slowly, then looking away. "TY!"

Tyreese grinds his teeth before jumping out of Bob's door and hitting a walker hard with his machete. He sees the walkers starting to swarm him. "Move!" he tells Bob as Michonne and Daryl are a bit ahead killing their walkers. "Come on! Come on and get me!" he swung his machete at the walkers heads that were closer to him.

Bob turned around to run when he came face to face with a walker.

Daryl came to the rescue and shot the walker in the head with a bolt. They looked back at Tyreese to see him still fighting the walkers.

"Go! Go!" Tyreese yelled to them as he continued taking his anger out on the walkers.

"Come on." Daryl told Bob and Michonne. They needed that medicine.

"Come on and get me!" they heard Tyreese call out as they ran into the woods with walkers behind them.

They ran, dodging trees until a walker crossed their paths.

Michonne sliced the top of its head off, Daryl shot a walker, and Bob hit a walker in the head with the butt of his pistol until it fell.

"Go!" Daryl called out for them to continue running as more walkers were coming. "Come on."

They run until Daryl doesn't see any walkers around. "Hold up." He spots the group as he notches a bolt.

The leaves in front of them move and they wait for the walkers.

2 walkers come shuffling out of the leaves and Daryl takes aim at one of them until the one in the back falls to show Tyreese covered in blood and out of breath.

Tyreese falls to his knees as he breathes deeply, catching the attention of the walker, who turned and growled at the sight of Tyreese.

Daryl quickly shoots it and runs over to help Tyreese up. "Come on."

More walkers came out of the brushes as they ran away.

They needed to hurry…

Miri gasped as she coughed.

Hershel pressed a cup in her hands. "Here."

"Did…" she pauses as she tries to work up more strength. "Did Ali drink yet?"

Hershel nodded. She wouldn't drink until the little girl did. "She drank the whole cup." Miri's face scrunched up at the taste. "And did that exact face too." He joked softly, getting a small weak smile from Miri.

Miri scrunched up her nose as she drank the rest of the tea Hershel gave her. "Do you think they made it?" she whispered.

Hershel paused. "I know they did. Daryl is persistent, you know this. When his people are in danger, he does what he can to help."

Miri gave a small smile at the thought of Daryl. "I love that man, even if he is a little rough around the edges at times and stubborn as hell. But he is Daryl, and he's mine."

Hershel smiled softly as she closed her eyes. "You rest now, you hear? Or you know how Daryl's gonna be when he finds out you haven't been resting."

Miri nodded weakly and laid down on the ground, letting the coldness try to cool her skin.

Hershel prayed for a moment as he watched her.

He prayed for everyone.

Oh no!

Miri and Alice are sick!

Will both of them survive? Will one of them pass away?

Read and find out!