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Amy was feeling good about how much work she had gotten done. She and Sheldon had mostly worked things out, so it was looking like a good day. The drive to work was pleasant and relatively light on traffic.

Amy was smiling when she walked into the lab. A few of colleagues noticed her good mood and went out of their way to talk to her. It wasn't like Amy was a pariah at work, but she mostly kept to herself. Still, it was another long day in the lab. By the end of the day, she had another big stack of scans and test results to look through and write a report on. Amy missed seeing Sheldon, but at least he understood how important her work was.

Amy grabbed some take out on her way home. It was one way that Sheldon was a bad influence on her because she used to cook a lot more before she started spending so much time over at 2311 Los Robles. At least her elevator worked. It would have been hard to carry up a bag of food and all of her files to her apartment.

Amy was surprised when her was unlocked. She was pretty sure that she had locked up when she left that morning, but she thought that maybe she just hadn't been paying enough attention before leaving. Then she opened her door and set things down on the table right by her door. That was when she noticed it: her entire apartment had been ransacked. The things that weren't missing were broken or thrown about on the floor.

Amy just backed back out of her apartment. She had no idea if whoever had done all of that damage was still in there. It didn't seem likely, but she had no interest in running into a crazed burglar in her apartment. Instead, Amy ran back to the elevator. Once she was safely inside she called the police. Then there was someone else who she needed to call.

Sheldon was trying to focus on his white board but he couldn't. The noise was driving him crazy. "Leonard, do you really need to do all of that click click clicking?"

"I'm typing, Sheldon. I can't really do it any more quietly. Why don't you go into your room if it's bothering you so much?"

"You know the lighting isn't right in my room. Just be quiet. I'm so close to a breakthrough that will get me my Nobel Prize. There is actually nothing more important to me than this right now, so I will tape you to your chair if you can't manage to be quiet."

Leonard gave up and decided to go back to his room for a little while. He closed the door and decided to ignore his roommate for the night.

Sheldon was satisfied for about five more minutes. Then his phone started ringing. He was tempted to not answer it, but one does not just ignore their phone. He picked it up without looking at the caller ID.

"Whoever this is, you should know that you are costing me my Nobel Prize," Sheldon said. Then he thought he heard crying on the other end of the line.

"Sheldon? Someone broke into my apartment. I called the police, and they said they are on their way. I'm scared. Can you come here?" Amy asked from the other end of the line. It took Sheldon a moment to recognize her voice through her crying.

"Of course. Let me get Leonard to drive me over there. I'll be there in a few minutes," Sheldon told her. "Are you okay?" Sheldon asked as he walked back to Leonard's room.

"Physically I am fine. I just don't want to be alone right now," Amy told him.

"Do you want me to stay on the phone until I get there?"

"No. I'll be fine."

"I'll see you soon. I love you, and stay safe," Sheldon told her. He was beyond worried about her. They had had someone break into their home, so he knew exactly how scary it was. Plus, he loved her and he was terrified that something bad might happen. It was clarifying some thoughts he had had for a while. Sheldon hung up his cell phone and walked back to Leonard's room.

Knock Knock Knock, "Leonard."

Knock Knock Knock, "Leonard."

Knock Knock Knock, "Leonard."

"There's no one in here. Your annoying roommate is off somewhere else and letting the genius Dr. Sheldon Cooper get his work done," Leonard called through the door.

"Leonard, I need you to drive me to Amy's."

"I told you. Leonard isn't here," Leonard called back.

"It's an emergency," Sheldon told him.

Leonard opened the door. "Is it a real emergency or is it one of those things that only you call an emergency. I'm not driving you to a spur of the moment sale at the train store."

"Amy's apartment was broken into. I need to go be with her."

"Oh my God. Okay. Let me just grab my jacket," Leonard said.

Leonard drove faster than he normally would. He and Sheldon jumped out of the car as soon as he was parked. They ran inside and found Amy still crying in the lobby of her building. They had beaten the police in getting there. Amy didn't even think, she just threw herself into Sheldon's arms. He pulled her close and was so glad that she was safe.

Leonard stepped up to their side as they pulled back apart a little bit. He put his hand on Amy's shoulder.

"Are you okay?" he asked her.

"Yes. The person or persons who broke in were probably long gone before I even got home. I'm still waiting for the police to go up there, but it looked pretty trashed. I have no idea how I'll feel safe enough to sleep here ever again," Amy told them. Sheldon still had his arms around Amy. He didn't particularly feel like ever letting her go again.

"When you can, you are going to grab some of your things and stay with us for a couple of days," Leonard told her. She nodded and felt a little better to know she would not be alone for the night.

"No," Sheldon said.

"Sheldon. This is your girlfriend and she's had a traumatic experience. You can over look your Relationship Agreement for this," Leonard said sternly. Amy just looked shocked that Sheldon would make her find somewhere else to stay.

"No. You misunderstand. I've come to a decision on the way over here. Amy, if you would be agreeable to it, I want you to move into our apartment for good. I don't want you to ever sleep away from me again. I want you to be safe in my arms and away from here," Sheldon said looking into her eyes. She started crying again, but nodded. He had been so strict about her not moving in, but he had been thinking about it more and more often. Part of the reason that he had been so against her thinking she lived there was because he didn't fully understand what he wanted yet.

"Leonard, I know we didn't discuss this, but it's important to me," Sheldon said.

Leonard had seen it going this way for a while. He thought about it. He liked Amy and he liked Sheldon. Even if he didn't understand their relationship, there was no reason why he couldn't accept this new arrangement. Maybe it would even inspire Penny to let him move in with her if things started getting too weird at home.

"No problem, but I don't think we can move everything over tonight," Leonard said.

The police showed up a couple of minutes later. Sheldon wouldn't let go of Amy's hand while she went up with the police to show them her apartment. There had been other break-ins in the area with no real leads. It didn't seem like the police were going to do much and told her that she should be glad that she was insured.

After they left, Sheldon helped Amy pack a bag to take back to their apartment. Everyone was pretty exhausted, but Sheldon remembered to grab Amy's work stuff before they left. Leonard offered to drive Amy to work the next morning so that they could all drive back together, but Amy declined. She would be fine as long as Sheldon was by her side, and he didn't leave her once.

The next weekend everyone gathered together to help Amy move and clean up the mess that the burglars made. There were a lot of broken pieces on the floor, but Penny and Bernadette scoured through everything to find what was salvageable. Howard, Leonard, and Raj moved boxes while Sheldon directed them. Amy spent most of the time trying to pack what she could. Some of her stuff was obviously going to Sheldon's while the rest of it was going to sit in her mother's garage.

It was hard to see her apartment in such shambles, but her friends were there for her. They were all really supportive. Not just about helping her move, but about her moving in with Sheldon. Howard mentioned that he thought it was weird that they were moving in together before they had sex, but Bernadette hit him hard enough that no one else had to say anything.

It took a few hours, but soon enough everyone was sitting in Amy's new home. She was leaning into Sheldon's chest, half-asleep while he had his arms around her. Everyone still thought it was a little strange to see them so affectionate even after all of the time they had been together. They were getting used to it. Leonard and Penny, in particular, thought it wouldn't be long until the Shamy got married.

Amy and Sheldon were both tired. Amy spent most of her day packing all of her belongings while Sheldon unpacked and organized everything. As soon as everyone else left, including Leonard and Penny, Sheldon helped Amy up and pulled her by the hand to take her to his room. They were just going to sleep like they always did, but this night was still special. It was Amy's first night officially living with Sheldon. It was a long time coming, but it was worth the wait.

"Love is about all of the changes you make and not just three small words." – Frank Turner "The Way I Tend to Be"