Never really thought I would ever write PWP. But then I met Paige. And she gives me ideas and no options against them. So. Here, have some second rate porn; this is practice.

naked sunday

Sasuke pulled away, his lower lip numb from the pain of the cut on the right corner; Sakura's harsh kisses weren't helping, but it wasn't like he minded. He looked down at her, watching her breathe from her mouth, swollen lips parted, short hair messy and dry blood splattered across her body.

His eyes paused on the bindings around her chest and frowned.

They were hardly white, anymore; soiled with blood and dirt and mud.

He leaned forwards, willing just enough chakra to his fingertips to form tiny arcs of electricity. He fisted the materials as they burnt apart, killing the chances of fire with his palm and the burning against his skin almost soothing.

Sasuke opened his palm, letting the bindings fall open and exposing Sakura's chest. He lowered his head, biting at her collarbone, dragging his teeth down to her chest. He bit at the soft flesh, sucking and nibbling and licking and leaving trails of bite marks as he lowered himself down to her stomach.

Sakura's hands were entangled in his hair, pulling and pushing and yanking and leading him to where she wanted him to go. He bit at her hip, smirking as she bucked before moving to lick his way down the slope of her leg. Sasuke lifted his head enough to look at Sakura's face before biting at the inside of her thighs.

Her grip on his hair tightened and Sasuke shot up just as she rolled them over so she straddled his hips, hands wandering his bare chest and feathering over shallow cuts from their earlier training session, tracing the sharp lines that made up his body. She kissed him, dragging her lips down his body.

"Fuck no," he hissed, bringing her back up and throwing her off his body. He shook his head, sliding up on the bed and blindly looking through the drawer of his nightstand. "No more fucking foreplay."

"Impatient," Sakura cooed, standing up from the bed and sliding her panties off, touched herself just to tease him.

Sasuke turned towards her, a packet in his hand and paused as he eyed her. He swallowed, gaze moving from her face to her hand. Groaning, he brought the packet to his lips and ripped it open with his teeth, eyes never leaving her body as he slid the condom on.

Her soft pants fueled him as he leaned over, snatching at her wrist and pulling her back down.

She was straddling him in a matter of seconds, her hands gripping the bed sheets as she sank down. He watched as she squeezed her eyes shut, biting her lower lip as she began to rock herself. His hands were on her hips, teeth gritting and a low, guttural grunt escaping him as her movements became more hurried.

Sasuke bucked his hips, moving her until she was on her knees. He kissed his way up her spine, tongue tracing her bones as he pulled her hips up and dragged her closer. He smirked as he entered her and it grew into a full out grin as he fucked her fast and hard. His grip on her hips was bruising and brutal, and her cries drove him until he slammed into her just as his relief came with a low, guttural groan.

She sunk down on the bed, hiding her face in the sheets. The mattress bounced slightly as he dropped down next to her, breath uneven. He watched as Sakura shifted so she could look at him, half her face still hiding, and a crooked grin on her lips. He grabbed a strand of her stringy damp hair and curled it around his finger, closing his eyes.