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Warning: I will not be following the movie plot to a tee an example is that Charles never died in my version.

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John didn't even know what to think when he saw Magneto's footage of the girl. She was capable of creating fire and ice. Two opposing forces inside one teenage girl. He agreed to do the interrogation knowing just how dangerous a fiery personality can be. She looked nervous but answered all of his questions with and ease the reminded John of Bobby's ever present calm. She claimed to be from the future about twenty years or so and as soon as she pulled out a shark zippo lighter and started fiddling with it he knew. He hoped he was wrong after all how could she be so like him and yet so completely like Bobby at the same time.

"What do you think?" Magneto has probably come to a similar conclusion and just wants to see how John will react.

"I think there is only one sure way to know if she's telling the truth." They would need to look inside her head but since the brotherhood was currently lacking a telepath there was only one place they could turn to.

"I agree, you'll take the girl to Charles yourself. Don't let her out of your sight." Magneto knew exactly what he was asking John to do and that's what scared John the most. Magneto was always planning something, every move he made was calculated.

"When do we leave?" It was no use arguing with Magneto John new that.

"Immediately." John nodded and headed to his room to pack up a few things for the trip. It was a three hour drive and Xavier would probably insist they stay a few days at least.

He pulled out the lock box he kept at the back of his closet and sat down on his bed. It had a key pad lock and without hesitation he typed in the six letter code. ICEMAN. He was only after one thing in the box, his old lighter, but couldn't resist brushing his fingers over the other items in the box. The only picture he had of his parents, pictures of Bobby and letters he had written to him but never had the courage to send them. Bobby was always the brave one. John wanted to be like that stand up for himself and what's important but he always ran instead.

The girl was waiting at John's car when he got to the small garage Magneto had put in for the brotherhood members he most trusted. It didn't take long for John to make that list. They got into his mustang, the car had been expensive but living with the brotherhood he didn't have anything else to spend his money on.

"Do you know where we are going?" John decided he might as well try and talk to the girl.

"Yes." Was all he got in reply.

"Have you been there before?" John asked hoping to get more out of her this time.

"Yes." Was all he got in reply agin. But this time she pulled out the old zippo again and started flipping it open and closed just like he used to.

"Where did you get that?" John asked palming his own zippo in his pocket.

"You gave it to me." In a way he had been expecting that. After all it was his lighter, who else could have given it to her.

"When?" The girl hesitated to answer this time. She seemed conflicted almost as if she was debating telling him.

"At a funeral." John definitely hadn't been expecting that answer and he kind of wished she hadn't told him. Who's funeral was it? It had to of been someone they both new and someone important enough for John to give up one of his most prized possessions. Then he realized he didn't know her name.

"What's your name?" John couldn't believe he hadn't thought to ask that earlier. But then again the being from the future bomb had kind of distracted him.

"Ally." She smiled and looked up at before turing her attention to the window.

The rest of the car ride was silent. There were so many questions John wanted to ask but at the same time he was afraid to ask them. What if he didn't like the answers she had.

When pulled up to the institute the gates were already open. Xavier was waiting for him. His suspicions were confirmed when he saw Scott standing outside watching him pull up. Scott didn't say anything when they got out of the car just turned and walked inside leading them to the Professor's office.

Xavier was sitting at his desk and nodded to Scott, who reluctantly left the room closing his door on the way out. Ally sat down in one of the leather chairs opposite Xavier but John stood his ground, feeling more uncomfortable by the minute.

"What can I do for you John?" Xavier asked in his soothing tone. The one he used when one of the students were at risk of loosing control of their powers.

"Don't act like I'm still in of your precious students." John was insulted by the tone, by Xavier acting like nothing had happened.

"You are always welcome here John. You know that." Xavier smiled and it set John's teeth on edge because he did know that. Xavier would always forgive him if he ever wanted to return to the institute just like he had for Gambit.

"This is Ally." John said. It came out harsher than he had intended it to.

"Hello Ally it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Charles Xavier." Xavier turned to Ally flashing his gracious host grin to her.

"I know." Ally said and smiled at him as if she had known him her entire life. Which, for all John knew, she had.

"She appeared in the brotherhood's head quarters claiming to be from the future. Magneto wants you to check her out see if she's telling the truth." John was quick and to the point. The sooner he could leave this place the better.

"I don't like reading anyone's mind without their consent John and I won't interrogate prisoners for Magneto." Of course Xavier had to make it hard for him. He was so used to the brotherhoods non-ethical ways that he had completely forgotten about Xavier's rules.

"I'm not a prisoner, not really and don't worry you have my consent. If you can understand who I am, then maybe you can help me get home." Ally smiled in a way that looked sad. It even made John feel sorry for her but he could tell it was fake. This was a girl who was used to getting what she wanted.

"Your definitely and interesting young lady." With that Xavier moved a hand to his temple and focussed his eyes on Ally. A moment later he snapped out of it, eyes wide and utterly speechless.

"Can you show them." Ally asked Xavier with a pleading expression. Show them what? What did Xavier see in her past that was so shocking.

"Are you sure you want me too." The question seemed to snap Xavier back to reality.

"Yes." Ally replied sounding more sure than when she had answered John's questions.

"Alright." Xavier moved to the door. Opening it and calling Scott to come back.

"Scott please go get Bobby and bring him to cerebro." Scott left and Xavier turned towards John and Ally. "Follow me." As he followed Xavier out of the office his hand unconsciously went to his coat pocket and his hand rested on the folded up envelope there.

The thought of seeing Bobby again sent shivers through John. He hadn't seen him since the last time the brotherhood and the x-men fought and that was a little over a year ago. The brotherhood and x-men had crossed paths since then but never all of them at once and John and Bobby hadn't had to face each other since. Would he look the same? Is he still with Rogue? Is he happy? All of these questions and more passed through John's mind as he walked down the silent hallways and he couldn't shake the feeling that Xavier's not without consent rule didn't apply to him.

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