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A single tiny flake fluttered through an open window, the wind carrying it and dissipating it there after; the window in Jack's room was slightly ajar, and the cold yet breathable air slowly danced in.

Soft blue blown eyes crept open, and Jack softly shifted in his bed sheets, the silk falling against his skin like melted water. He slowly arched his back as he sat up, his white snow kissed hair fluffed against his head, and he shortly stifled a yawn. His hand eclipsed his mouth, and Jack closed his eyes as the sluggish triad sloshed through his body.

How did I get here? Jack thought as he glanced around his bedroom in the North Pole.

The memories from last night flashed within Jack's mind, and the boy softly shut his eyes whilst he looked down. What exactly happened that night? Why would Bunny of all people help Jack the way he did? Why...just why did Jack's pain go away for that brief moment when Bunny was near?

What was happening to him?

Jack groaned and threw his hands into his face afterwards. He gasped, a loud wind bursting forth from his lungs as he bolted backwards.

His hoodie was gone, and there for the entire world to see was his cuts. Red pungent gashes lay dug into Jack's skin, the off color red striking a strong opposite to the almost white skin.

They were all over Jack's arms, leading from his wrists completely up his arm and down past his white faded t-shirt.

Well...they must have seen them by now... Jack thought. Well this is it, back to a life of loneliness...

Jack knew that since the Guardians knew about his self-harm, he would no longer be welcome here. Hell, he wasn't even a Guardian! Pitch Black was made a Guardian, not Jack. He was simply just a lost spirit looking for a home, a home that would never exist.

Sighing, he looked at the chair next to his bed, and there lay his staff, and now fully cleaned blue hoodie. The blue flowed from the fabric and off into the surroundings as the soft hushed light blanketed the cloth. Jack simply smiled with empathy.

They just did it because they were feeling sorry for me. He told himself.

However when Jack lifted up the hoodie and placed it back on, the fabric felt like dozens of clouds kissed his skin. It smoothed against his skin, and even as the frost patterns coated themselves once more across his jacket, the soft plush feeling never left.

Must be enchanted by North...

Grabbing his staff, Jack took a few steps over to the window before looking back. He sighed again.

"Guess this is it. For what it was...thanks for making me feel like I had a home. Even if it just was for a little bit..."

His expression softened into sorrow, and one by one he said his goodbyes, starting with each one of the Guardians names. Alas once he finished, he reached for the window and slowly pushed it open, however the window simply didn't budge.

Confusion swept over him and he pushed a little harder, until eventually he was pushing with all his strength. Annoyed, Jack pulled up his staff and began to direct a stagnant force of ice directly into the glass.

A loud clashing noise entered his ears as a blunt object barley missed the window and landed into the wall.

"Where do you think you're going snowflake?"

Jack inwardly paled. Of course, out of all the Guardians to find him, it HAD to be Bunny. The certain Easter bunny he happened to have a huge crush on...

"B-bunny! I was u-uh..."

"Sit down frosty." Bunnymund said as he uncrossed his arms from the archway. He softly shut the door behind him and walked over to the wall, his boomeranging pulling out with a clunk.

Bunny sat down on the chair opposite Jack's bed, and Jack resorted to standing as far to the window as possible.

"Jack, come on, sit down."

"Bunny I-"

"Please Jack?"

Frost froze, his expression widening a bit. Bunny sounded sympathetic, so fragile, almost as if he was pleading with Jack; he sat. Jack settled down on the corner of his bed, and retorted to shuffling within his hoodie as Aster stared bullets into his head.

"I...I don't know what to say Aster..." Jack said quietly.

"How about why Jack? Why did you do it...?"

"Why...why? 300 years of...and you ask why?"

Aster shifted in his seat. "But Jack you-"

"Save it Bunny...I know no one will ever come to even like's why I'm simply a myth. Maybe one day...I'll become a myth to you too."

Aster abruptly rose from his seat and knelt down in front of Jack, his hands resting on both of Jack's shoulders.

"You listen here Jack Frost. You are one of the most. Fun loving, wonderful people I have ever met. And as much as you like to get on my nerves, well, you make me happy. You're one of the greatest people I've ever known Jack."

Jack took in the words like an impacted train, his eyes stopping as they fell upon Aster's gaze. His body stopped, stunned, and his heart kicked into overdrive.

"I...I belong?" Jack whispered to himself.

"You'll always belong with us mate." Aster finished with a smile.

Jack's heart fluttered, and his body nearly collapsed with happiness. He had a home, he had a family, he had...he had bunny.

Should he tell him?

No! He already accepted you, don't ruin it!

But he might feel the same way.

Bunny's a guy; he doesn't like you like that!

"B-bunny...I...I I um..."

Aster quirked an eyebrow. "Yes Jack?"

Jack blushed a little and glanced down. Damn his emotions! His right hand lightly grasped his elbow as he gently rubbed his arm up and down, nervousness arising within him.

"I...well...I li-"

Purple photons of electric lightning tangled through a mirror on the other side of the hall and burst through Jack's door, impaling Bunnymund right in the heart.

The last thing Jack saw was the shocked flash of green in Aster's eyes before his body was flown out the window.

"ASTER!" Jack screamed nearly at the top his lungs. He lunged outwards, calling for wind, anything to save him, but he was too late.

Aster's body landed twisted on the ground, an ear shattering crack echoing throughout the pole. Jack crashed directly next to Aster's left, his staff being flung to the ground in the process, and he quickly dropped to his knees. His face wielded up in crystallized tears as Aster's wheezing lungs tried to take in as much air as they could.

"J-J...Jack." Bunnymund said, his eyes glazing over.

"B-bunny! I-let me get help. You'll be okay, you'll be okay!" Jack nearly pleaded as he finished his sentence.


"Yes bunny...?" Jack said, water rising within the creases of his eyes.

Bunny struggled to find the words, and time seemed to stand still and his own emerald eyes locked with blue.

"I love you..."

Jack's eyes burst open, the white blue iris's mourning now in shock and confusion.

"I love you too Bunny..." Jack said as his shaking right hand came up to softly stroke Aster's cheek.

Aster's eyes gently grew up into a smile, and Aster's lips drew upwards.

It was only until Bunnymund's eyes gently fell that the Guardians rushed outside, Jack holding Bunny's lifeless body in his hands.

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