and as mbs proclaimed in feb2013 IF YOU FAIL US WHEN WE NEED YOU MOST HOMOSEXUAL BEN THE ANONS WILL STRIKE YOU AS YOU FALL and as the nerds and others loged into steam to find it has become a more agresive form of orgin tormented by dlc login codes and drm the nerds backlashed striking a homosexual ben straight in his bucket of kernals finest and as a homosexual ben lied down in his defeat and sweat he realized the monster he has created as the nerds flocked to the next good thing THE OUYA the nerds chanted with other most praise "ALL HAIL ANDROID GAMING, ALL HAIL 2 BUTTON CONTROL" in the end 2018 ea purchased the tattered remains of steam a homosexual benjamin spent the rest of his days in the steppe of what he had created understanding his direct path of entopy to his current situation, between getting raped by ea, and ouya, he spent his final weeks scrawling on the walls these words the man at ea will tell you your games dont belong to you, the man at capcom will tell you, you owe them money for costume packs and dlc, and the man at the pirate bay will tell you games belong to everyone. i however... chose steam... and in the end it was cake.