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I know it's been a while since I updated this. Blame lack of motivation, internet troubles, school, etc. for that. This is an idea I've been wanting to do for a while now. I tried to do something different than I normally do, but I didn't want it to come out seeming so much like a summary of the games. I wanted to do a retrospective on Chris/Jill and what they've done together and to do something a bit different with the cheesy 'flowers for Valentine's Day' idea.

Also, I got this inspiration for this story from Unspoken by girlinblue17. Go check out all of her stories; she's fantastic!


Lying close to you feeling your heart beating
And I'm wondering what you're dreaming,
Wondering if it's me you're seeing
Then I kiss your eyes and thank God we're together
And I just wanna stay with you
In this moment forever, forever and ever
~Don't Want To Miss A Thing, Aerosmith


Chris Redfield was not a man of romance; he always believed it was better to speak feelings honestly rather than in a slur of poetics. But regardless, he found it hard for him in practice. Acts of romance, such as a knight saving the young princess, seemed useless to him; on the other hand, he was better at showing his love through actions when words failed him. Although he didn't see it as truly romantic, Jill believed so, commending the effort above all.

But with Jill, Chris always made a point to show his feelings, verbally and physically alike. It started out when they were merely partners, giving each other grateful smiles and whispered thanks. As it quickly blossomed into a steadfast friendship, they started traditions of movie nights with popcorn fights, teasing each other about whatever they felt like, but they also came to each other to vent their feelings. Before the two knew it, friendship turned into more, developing until it became inescapable. Working up the courage, Chris asked Jill out on a date, which she too willingly agreed to.

Barely together for a month, Chris spent the night at Jill's, coincidentally on the eve of Valentine's Day, 1997. When Jill woke up, the only thing covering her was a thin sheet, the bed was cold beside her. In near panic, she believed he had left but quickly noticed, perched on the nightstand next to her bed, a single red rose and a white envelope. The envelope simply held a piece of lined paper, the words 'Happy Jill Day, Valentine' scrawled out messily in smudged, blue ink. She grinned, pulling his shirt from the night before over her head when she smelled french toast cooking in her kitchen. Sneaking up behind him, she wrapped her arms around his waist. Unbeknownst to her, the groundwork for a permanent tradition had now been laid.

The next year, months before the Mansion Incident and the outbreak, the two decided to go public with their relationship. On Valentine's Day that year, only Jill was required to go into work, but he left a dozen roses and her favorite dark chocolates on her desk.

However, in late July their lives dramatically changed. After the betrayal of Albert Wesker, a divide formed between them. It only worsened when Chris left for Europe and Jill was left in the middle of the outbreak, and by the time they were reunited, Wesker and Umbrella were still at large. 1998 was a year they were glad to put behind them.

Although their relationship was strained, Chris invited Jill out for dinner, making sure to keep the tradition with a vase of vivid roses, to assure her that Umbrella would not get in-between them. Each year, despite what happened around them, he showed his spontaneity by sneaking a rose on her car seat in 2000 or inside of her locker when training in 2001. In 2002, when Umbrella was surely falling apart at the seams, Chris walked her home on a snowy evening, giving her both a white rose and a kiss. For them, things could not have been better.

By Valentine's Day, 2003, they were preparing to raid Umbrella's Russian headquarters and successfully dismantle the company. He snuck into the gun storage unit and located her weapon, placing the rose next to it with a good luck note. The mission was successful, and Umbrella's dissolution was swift.

By the same time the next year, the BSAA was formed, with Chris and Jill as partners with him once more, and Jill decided to finally move in with him. Over dinner once more on February 14th, Chris gifted her with sapphire earrings and a bouquet of red and pink roses. Tradition aside, they both needed a night to commemorate their accomplishments and to spend alone, together.

In 2005, they finished a case in Asia, arresting a man who was smuggling T-Virus samples into Pakistan. When arriving for debriefing, Jill discovered his completed report underneath a single white rose. While discussing the mission with their superiors, the two held hands under the table

Months later during the summer, Chris and Jill exposed and shut down the FBC and solved a conspiracy involving a terrorist group. With the BSAA reformed and stronger than ever, things were looking up.

On Valentine's Day, 2006, the partners took some time off for a short vacation. As expected, Chris left several roses around the hotel room for her. Although he admitted it to only his sister, Chris had thought about asking for Jill's hand in marriage after they found both Spencer and Wesker, but by the end of summer he had already bought the ring. However, in September, Jill lost her life, throwing herself out of a window, her arms encircling Wesker, in order to save Chris's life. After months of searching, both were declared dead.

And so, in February 2007, Chris placed roses on her grave, even though it was the first year since they met that she was not there. For the next few years, Chris threw himself in his work, redoubling his efforts as if to work for the both of them. To say that he missed her terribly would be an understatement.

Coincidentally on Valentine's Day 2009, Chris received intel that Jill was still alive. Hurriedly, he was granted the mission and rushed in to find her. To his surprise, she was alive and well, allied with a still breathing Wesker. Even though mind controlled, she fought free of the shackles he laid on her. While Chris successfully removed the device from within her chest, she pushed him to go after and defeat Wesker.

With Wesker gone, they finally were able to focus on each other, albeit Jill struggled with what she had done against her will. Later that year, Chris proposed to her, and she gave him an excited 'yes'.

They married in the early months of 2010, and subsequently ran off for their honeymoon, a beachfront home in Hawaii. The two could hardly keep their hands off each other as they reached the door. Jill let out a gasp, as the room was filled with lit candles and rose petals scattered. Jill grinned at the gesture, grabbing his hand and pulling him to the bed. Joyously, the two consummated their marriage on a bed of roses.

It was February 14th.


Hope you enjoyed! Happy Valentine's Day!