This one is rated teen. 1000 words. Thirty years after the Manhattan Invasion, the worlds are at peace. The cost for peace was a simple marital alliance. But as they say, revenge is a dish best served cold. Loki/Kagome, mention of Thor/Kagome and Inuyasha/Kagome. Character death, poverty, mild insanity.





Pensacola, Florida

June 6, 2043

Kagome stood on the sandy beach, looking out into the crowded harbor. The stench of heat and ocean refuse burned her nose, and she damned the Director for sending her here. Sand filling her pumps with each step, she walked up to a ramshackle trailer who's best days were long past. The way he lived tore at her. Though I wouldn't call it living...

The door opened, and Loki stood there, staring out into the bay before tossing a bag to the side of the door. She took another step forward, and he squinted at her backlit form. "If you've come to take the car away, I don't have it anymore."

"Hey Loki, it's me." Seeing the unwashed, unkept former god like this was a misery, though for his pride she wouldn't show it. She wished she dared to get closer to him, to lay her hand on that stubbled cheek, but this was business.

"The miko," he sneered. "Come to check up on the menace? Then come in. I'm not about to stand in the glare for you." He turned, disappearing into the darkness inside.

A radio program was blaring out a hellfire and brimstone sermon, exhorting sinners to change their ways before they were cast into the depths of hell. Her eyes flicked over to the television, where a preacher spoke of the abiding love God had for everyone. Confused about his preoccupation, she almost missed him moving a stack of filmpaper and vid-discs from the chair she guessed she was supposed to sit in. She shivered in revulsion as cockroaches ran.

"Wondering, Ka-go-me?" He barked out a rough, not-entirely-sane laugh. "Discs and transcripts from every religious program I could get my hands on. 'Study to show thyself approved' you know. Its all here if I can just find it, just grasp whatever concept I keep missing."

"What are you looking for, Loki? What could po-"

His eyes lit in unholy glee. "I'm getting right with God! Becoming worthy of his forgiveness! That's what they all promise, you know?" His eyes became calculating, "I think it must be different for the ants. When God is Father and Father is the God you bow to and scrape to, trying live up to his expectations and live for the scraps of words from his mouth that mean you are his pride, then it is so much harder because God loves everybody, but God always turns his face away from his shamed child."

Kagome looked into the face of madness and bled for him and the boy he used to be. She fingered the picture in her pocket, drawing it out and laying it on the table. Her teenage self held the hands of two adorable boys; one gold as the sun, the other dark as night. An irritated hanyou could be seen perched in the tree above them as well, if you knew where to look.

Age and much handling had creased the paper and turned it yellow, but she clearly remembered the day a god had stopped their shard hunting group and left his sons in their care while he searched for a crow demon. She thought watching a kitsune was tough. The two little godlings had run the whole group ragged for the few hours they stayed.

He looked at the picture and slammed a stack of papers on top of it, the wild light dying from his eyes. "If you're here about that, it won't happen again. I needed money."

"You sold your blood, Loki." She was exhausted, though she'd done nothing and said little more. "If it had gotten into a human..."

"I said it won't happen again. Damn you, woman. I- I couldn't stand the feeling its in someone else's veins. Does that make you happy? Just please tell me you found it all so I can stop having nightmares about it."

She nodded. "We did. I'm sorry I had to bother you. Mother told don't was-"

He shuddered. "Don't call her that, Kagome! Not in front of me." The wild light was back in his eyes. "By the deepest levels of Valhalla, how have you stood being married to that blond idiot for so long?! You were one of the few I cherished. Your intellect and personality are so far beyond that bloodthirsty cretin I cannot think how anyone thought your joining was a good idea."

She wilted under the force of his desperate words. "It was the only way to bring the Makai into the TriWorld Alliance, Loki. I had two worlds looking to me to avert a war, I couldn't be selfish."

"Don't bullshit me. You were his sister-in-law centuries ago. No matter how much affection he felt for you, that didn't give him the right to arrange your marriage."

"Damn you, Loki!" Her eyes shimmered with rage and tears. "You are the stupidest smartest idiot I know! Sesshoumaru didn't make it a condition of the alliance for me, he did it to spite me!"

Loki reeled back. "What?" he managed to rasp out.

She grabbed her bag and pushed past him to the door. "It doesn't matter anymore. I'm married, have been for two interminable decades, and there's nothing here for me to find."

She rushed out the door, across the beach as quickly as she could, carefully wiping her eyes. S.H.I.E.L.D. agent or not, she was still the nominal Queen of Asgard; appearance mattered.

In her car, she took out the one other photo she had; Loki holding her tenderly in a carnival booth. The picture Sesshoumaru had found that enabled him to leave her miserable; carrying out the vendetta born when Inuyasha died to save her and their son.

Taking a deep breath, she forced herself to abandon lingering feelings. They'd have to stay with him, in that dreary trailer in the sand. She tore up the photo and drove away... not realizing she still clutched the pieces, creased and yellow, in her hands.




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