By now you should know the drill. Adult only. 1500 words. Language, racism, threesome mentioned.




Dracula Moon

Kagome slammed out of the house and ran to to rumbling Harley waiting for her at the curb. She snagged the helmet as she threw a leg over the saddle and poked the driver, wanting him to get going before this turned into an even bigger mess. She was just fastening the helmet when Steve tripped out of the house, demanding she come back and talk. She flipped him the bird as she and her ride speed off into the night.

Thirty-five miles down the road, they pulled into a twenty-four hour breakfast joint and went in to fuel up. Calling for an order of bacon and hashbrowns before they even sat down at a booth, she bent over and flipped her hair, ruffling it to counteract the helmet crush. Throwing the thick raven-black mess over her shoulders again, she slid into the booth.

"I can't believe I was idiot enough to hook up with someone like Captain Fucking America. What the hell was I thinking? The man is a Neanderthal!"

"What about the sex? Super soldier serum supported sex is surely..." Shippou trailed off his alliteration in disbelief. "I know that look. You poor deprived soul! What was it, missionary? Every third Wednesday? Ten minutes between supper and laundry, with a pencil stub?"

"Why did I ever get you porn Clue? I so appreciate you announcing my months of inadequately endowed boy scout sex to the world." She buried her face in her hands before pushing her hair back behind her ears impatiently, temper still going strong.

"But really, do you remember how Americans were after the War? He's still stuck in that mindset! He even makes comments about 'you Japs' and how wonderful the marvelous Howard Stark was for ending it. Tony himself told Steve to lay off, that it made him uncomfortable that people were still getting sick and dying young because of a weapon his dad made over sixty years ago." She exhaled noisily. "Of course, that's when he's not trying to prove the Shinto pantheon doesn't exist. Tonight I finally realized he doesn't believe I'm the avatar for Inari."

"What about the immortal part? He's seen you recover from a mortal wound in hours-"

Her phone signaled another text... and reading it made her mad enough to want to toss the phone in the garbage, so she shoved it towards Shippou, letting him see what she'd been dealing with. "'Just let go, come back home?' The fuck's wrong with the bastard, putting it all on you?" he growled. "Why have you stuck with this guy for so long?"

She heaved a sigh and slumped down onto the table. "Because there just aren't a lot of nice, old-fashioned guys anymore." She saw a plump woman eying her hostilely, and she smiled nastily, happy to take her mood out on someone else. Just loud enough for the woman to hear, she motioned that way with her head and snarked, "Where are the bones on that one?"

Oh boy. Dark Kagome's out for blood. Shippou snatched a piece of bacon from the plate the waitress was unloading. "What if the cure is worse than the disease?"

She snorted. "Please. We all know that's true. Need to lose weight? Let's staple your stomach shut! But she was giving me the stink eye."

The waitress grinned. "She was... but just ignore her, she glares at all the women who come in with handsome men. Anything else for you guys?"

"Serve me up some pretty, pretty people and we'll watch her implode?" Sarcasm dripped like venom.

The waitress laughed. "If we had any pretty faces around here, I'd be ordering them myself. My name's Norah, just holler if you need me!"

Shippou smiled mischievously before changing his expression to a seductive, bedroom-eyed look. "Or instead of lots of pretties, maybe you just need one you can believe." He took her hand and kissed his way to her wrist before the phone began chirping constantly.

She grabbed the damn cell, thinking to turn it off for the night, but made the mistake of looking at the picture message first. Pissed, she called him back. "Steve! Stop. Shut up. I'm through. Stop feeling sorry for me... I hate that look on your face. No. It's none of your business. We're over. Fuck a monkey sideways! Fine. You want to know where I'm at? I'm falling from grace."

She cut off the call and hit silence. "Let's go, Shippou. I'm in the mood for a bender. Think you can score some sake from Dai-kun?"

"Human stuff can't touch you any more?"

"Nope," she popped the second syllable. "It's youkai brew or nothing."

Two hours later, they were in a cheap motel, listening to a lineup of old rock ballads and working through a third bottle. Shippou was entertaining himself changing into people he knew, and before he realized it, popped into Inuyasha's form. Kagome's eyes watered as she fumbled her way into his lap, reaching for the ears even knowing it was just illusion. When Shippou changed to himself, apologizing, she lifted her head and kissed him deeply.

"No worries," she whispered after she'd drawn back. "I knew it was you. But, yeah, I miss him too. I still have trouble believing I outlived him... and knowing I'll outlive you all because of that cursed jewel."

He looked down for a moment, then looked into her eyes. "I'm just as good, if not better, with bunshin than you are with shikigami. I know tonight's not the best..."

She tugged off her shirt and dropped it to the floor, her bra following it. "I know about your fantasy." Threading her hands through his hair, she kissed him again, deep and wet. "And tonight's a good night, an excellent night for dreams to come true."

He pulled out an acorn, wrapped with a small bit of white hair collected from the shrine when time had finally circled back to her beginning. Forcing his youki into it, they both watched as it changed into a semblance of the hanyou they both missed.

The three stumbled to the bed, the night dissolving into the pleasant fog of sake and lust. Whispers and hands and skin sliding against skin. Lyrical moans and grunts, the slapping of damp skin, and cries of harder, harder, harder with the occasional keh. And when she shattered onto the plateau, orgasms rolling right after another, the long missed cry of Inuuuyashaaaaaa! delighted the fox before she passed out.

When she awoke, Shippou was holding her close to him, tucking her into shelter of his larger frame with his tails covering them both. He kissed her crown, mumbling an apology before handing her phone to her. "It keeps buzzing. Want me to deal with him?"

She shook her head. It was her fault for getting involved with someone who could never understand that darkness existed even in the purest heart. The only thing that mattered was how you dealt with it... something he didn't know how to do. Stark would understand before Steve ever did.

"Steve, it's over. No. I'm sorry, but if you'd look at our so called relationship, there's nothing left to repair. Gods, you're going to make me hurt you, aren't you." She shifted, tucking herself into Shippou's embrace. "Listen, then. I'm naked in a hotel room, making out with my one true love-" She snorted. "There's more than one way to love a ghost, Steve. As a priestess, I've got more options than most. Inari doesn't mind me falling from grace."

She growled, and shouted, "Fuck it, I can't live on a pedestal. I spent the past couple of hours in the arms of a friend and a bunshin of my husband making this hotel room disappear. And I was happier than I've been in months... I've decided I like falling from grace."

She gave up on volume, and dropped her voice, "Gods of the heavens! Stop feeling sorry for me! I hate that... I know he's dead. You don't understand the concept of mates and eternity... Steve, I told you... Love comes down any way it wants to. It doesn't ask for your permission, just demands you open up your arms or it will break you in two."

Shippou stole the phone from her. "You're never going to understand her, and I'm tired of seeing her try to explain it. I'm taking her away from you guys- you shiteating cocksucker! You think your little hero group can track me? Find a fox that wants to be hidden? I'm a fucking six-tailed kitsune, good luck with that. Read up on what my kind does to assholes like you while you're at it."

She watched, amused, as the phone smacked against the wall. "Where are we going?"

"If you leave the phone, anywhere you want. Choose a direction, north, south, east, west; hell, I'll even try for the moon. Just smile for me again, and I'll be smooth all over the world."




A relationship between Captain America and a Japanese woman is a much bigger stretch than most people believe. I knew a lot of WWII vets growing up. None of them were politically correct, and Jap was the least of the derogatory phrases they used. And no, they didn't consider it derogatory and would laugh at you for trying to explain it wasn't PC.

Shikigami- the little girls that helped Kikyou in Inuyasha, or Maru and Moro in xxxHolic.

Bunshin- Clones made like shikigami. Naraku's wooden puppets with a strand of his hair, for instance. Are exactly like the person they're made from (have actual bodies), only stop working when they're destroyed or the owner takes back their power.

If you haven't guessed, I use some of the song lyrics as dialog or scene settings, except for the last line. The last line of the song is always the last line of my story. It got very interesting this time.