Daniel and the other three scientists arrived at Atlantis two days later. When they viewed the foyer for the first time they stood staring at the foreign building. Harry, Sam, and Hermione led them to the administration wing just off to the left of the staircase leading to the control room.

Hermione and Sam showed them the city wide transport system and how to use it. They also warned them that they were invited anywhere they wish but must be escorted to engineering sections because of the potential hazards that were present.

Dr. Gurney was bothered the most by this but Hermione's bluntness quelled his objects quickly. "Dr. Gurney I don't care that you go but I do care when your curiosity blows up half of the city and you along with it. What message does it send to Earth if I bring you back in pieces?"

Sam hit upon Dr. Gurney's Physicist side "You must realize that this entire ship and many of its' components represent a technological leap of millions of years compared to the earth's advancement. Would you give a gun to a chimpanzee in a room full of kids?"

Sam smiled deeply when Dr. Gurney asked in jest "Who would be the kids and who represents the chimpanzee? As far as I can see people of Earth can be a little of both."

Sam pointed at him "Exactly but they are never the adults in either."

Dr. Baker asked a heated question of all three "You are just kids in Earth time so why do you get to determine who gets access to what?"

Harry answered her directly "Because we are kids that know how to use these devices is the short answer. We brought this ship here from three galaxies away." Harry made her blush before he continued "The long answer is I absorbed the knowledge of millions of Alterran years and I retained their wisdom. When the three of us share our essence we also share our knowledge and from that they gained the same wisdom. The other personnel here were born and raised Alterran.

The rest of the trip went rather well and when the Doctors left they had nothing but glowing comments.

It took a few months for the people of earth to settle in and for Harry to begin a systematic screening of humans to determine those candidates that had the Alterran gene. It was found when these candidates were given tours of Atlantis that stepping into an Alterran environment activated their gene. A one night stay and the next day the candidate began to operate Alterran technology.

What surprised everyone is that the Earth Magicals fared no better than muggles when scanned. Both groups had 2 or 3 people per ten thousand that could become candidates. Because the muggle population was in the billions and magicals were a much smaller subset of that, then Atlantis was bound to have more muggle than magicals in it.

Another reason for this was that although many magicals were impressed with Atlantis and New Eden they were not eager to uproot their life. Of the magicals asked only 30% were willing. Of the Muggles asked almost 90% were willing.

By the end of the first year over 10,000 people had arrived on New Eden an Atlantis was bursting at the seams. Harry had started the constructor bots on a building boom and had designs for two permanent settlements ready to build. The surrounding areas became agriculture centers to feed the many people that would come here.

Within three years earth had over a 1.2 million candidates with the recessive gene identified. Of those over 900,000 settled on this new World and a new opportunity. Soon families followed and as the first decade ended New Eden's population had grown to over ten million Alterran's.

The first years were busy ones but as Hermione announced at breakfast one morning that she was pregnant. Harry was smiling for the next week. Sam announced that she was pregnant the next month. Hermione and Sam had five children between them and Harry decided to build a compound just outside of Atlantis to call home.

Unknown to the new Alterran's who populated this world is that Alterran's life spans were four to five hundred years long. Harry would know eleven generations of his family and would have a family in the thousands.


Harry held Hermione and Sam closely as the sunset on another day at his home. He kissed each of their cheeks "I never dreamed in that small closet on Privet drive that I would ever have all this. I have both of you to thank for a great life."

Hermione winked at Sam and then whispered to him "Mr. Potter I have something to share with you two. You know how we absorbed that vast amount of knowledge when we were much younger?" Sam and Harry looked at her with many questions.

Hermione smirked "No Alterran has ever done that since and when I researched this I found out why. Many of our ancestors were able to ascend because when a body absorbs the equivalent knowledge and begins to use more than 80% of their brain there is another option open to them. It is called ascension."

Harry grinned "Are you asking me if I am ready for the next great adventure. I would never go anywhere without you two."

Sam leaned over and kissed his lips softly "You know our Mione would never stand for that and she has a solution. We will do it together." Sam smiled "So I am sorry Mr. Potter but both your balls and chains you will never get rid of."

Harry chuckled out loud "I was going to say happily that I could live with that but I think the better term is I can die with that."

Hermione laughed "The proper term is I can leave the physical plane behind, death is such an outdated concept."

Harry and Sam said together "Mione!"

Hermione stood up and chuckled "Sorry, you know how I get sometimes. Come on I have a perfect place all picked out for us."

The End