Pain. All he felt was pain. How could this have happened he wondered. He watched, tears steaming down his face as they lowered her coffin into the ground, where she would stay forever.

"If only I had been there!" he mutters angrily at himself. "Then maybe she would still be alive." his voice breaks at the end of the sentence as he collapses in tears. People try to help him but he just tells them to go away. The only one who could help him is gone.
He stays there long after everyone is gone. He just sits there looking at the gravestone: Polly Plummer

He blames himself. She had been on the way to visit him when the storm hit. By the time they found her there was nothing they could do. She was gone.
He finally stands up. He puts a leaf from the tree that grew from the apple that healed his mother and puts it on her grave. As he walks away he doesn't look back.
He vowed that he would never marry if it couldn't be her. He never did. Most people don't understand why he didn't. He was young, educated, rich, and handsome. He could have had almost any girl, but the only one he wants is the only one he can't have.
"Goodbye Polly" he whispers before walking out of the graveyard for good.