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Black lace or red silk?

My three year anniversary with Jacob was in a few days. Since he had to go visit his grandma in California for her 90th birthday, we wouldn't be able to celebrate together. It was my last year in college at the University of Washington and money was tight, so I wanted to get him something cheap and creative. My idea? I'd live out a fantasy of his- me showing up in nothing but a trench coat ready and willing to fuck.

Red silk.

I grabbed the demi-cup blood red bra and thong from my large white dresser and slipped it on. Looking in the mirror above the dresser, I fluffed my thick, wavy chocolate brown hair and added an extra coat of mascara to make my brown doe-eyes stand out even more. After retrieving my tan knee length trench coat from my closet and slipping on my black pumps, I looked at myself in the full length mirror next to the door.

Happy anniversary, babe. I smiled to myself. He's going to fucking flip out.

Leaving my room, I was accosted by Adele crooning loudly over our TV speakers and the smell of roasted garlic and tomatoes.

"Bellllllaaaaa! Where are you going? Do you want dinner?"

One of my best friends and roommate, Alice, was stirring something in the pan while holding an extra-large glass of white wine. Despite her petite frame, girlfriend could drink anyone under the table and not end up a slobbering mess.

"Ah! No thanks, sorry. I'm going over to Jacob's to surprise him as an early anniversary gift. Where's Rosie?"

Rosie, my other best friend and roommate, was Alice's partner in crime for drinking. They had gotten a lot closer since Alice's boyfriend was a cousin to Rosie's boyfriend. It was all very complicated to me. Alice narrowed her emerald green eyes and smirked a little. She had helped me brainstorm ideas for anniversary gifts and particularly liked this idea because she was a giant horndog.

"Ohhhh yeah girl. Get it! Well, Rosie is out with Emmett. I don't expect her to be back until later, if then. I wish Jasper wasn't helping his brother move this weekend. I'm stuck here all alone while everyone gets to go out and get some."

I couldn't help but smile. We were all pretty lucky to have found such great guys during college. For three girls to be blissfully happy and in love despite the constant temptation of frat parties, easy hook ups and alcohol infused mistakes was pretty remarkable. I always stuck to the rule that if you find someone who makes you happy, you hold onto them and not push them away. I shook my head out of my love fueled thoughts.

"Alice, come on. He'll be back on Sunday. Just dirty text him or something to bide your time. I need to get going though. Jacob said he'd be studying tonight and I want to get to him before he passes out."

She mumbled "goodbye" while gulping her wine down. She always found new ways to impress me. I tried to hurry down the stairs of our apartment building and get to the car as quickly as possible. Even though winter was technically over and I was completely used to the weather, the bitter chill still cut through me. I had lived in Washington my entire life. I know people say that young kids should get out and explore the world; I just couldn't bring myself to do it. My dad, Charlie, still lived in the house on 7th street in my hometown of Forks. I had lived there my entire life. Well okay, that was roughly a lie. I lived there in the summers after my parents got divorced and my mom, Renee, sought a warmer climate in Arizona. Since she was off with her new husband, Phil, I decided to move closer to my father by going to UDub. I reached my black Honda Civic, a high school graduation present from my dad and mom, which was parked down the street, in record time. The car was one of the few things my parents agreed on together civilly and that made the gift all the more special.

After the fifteen minute drive to Jacob's, I pulled up in front of the old two story house he shared with his friends Paul, Quill and Sam. Their home was pretty much an unofficial frat house. There were parties every weekend filled with booze, freshman girls and drunken fights. All the boys were from the reservation near Forks and stuck together from the beginning of college. The close location of our childhood homes was actually one of the things that initially drew me to Jacob. I was terrified when I left Forks for the big city, but he was like a slice of home. On our first date we spent three hours talking about our home towns and the differences between there and UDub. He made me feel incredibly comfortable and he was so easy to talk to. He was also fucking hot with his short, black hair, deep set dark chocolate brown eyes and raging tan muscles that he acquired from long hours spent at the gym. His body really was amazing. Sometimes after he'd passed out after sex I'd stare at him and wonder how his large frame didn't crush my small body. I wouldn't stare at him longingly or romantically during those minutes. His incredibly loud snoring killed any sort of magical moment. I would quite literally wonder how I didn't end up smothered by him.

Parking in front of the house, I noticed that none of the lights were on.

That's odd. Where the hell is everyone? Oh right, it's Thirsty Thursday.

Jacob had said he was going to stay in because he had a huge Psychology test tomorrow. The guys at the house never missed a chance to drink and go crazy. Since our days of being college students were rapidly diminishing, they had started their weekends on Thursdays instead of Fridays.

I knew they kept the back door open just in case one of them got too drunk to find their keys in their pockets, so I decided to slip inside there. The kitchen in the back was lit, but the rest of the house was dark. I could hear "Sex on Fire" playing upstairs.

How appropriate Jake. In 10 minutes our sex will be on fire.

My heels clicked against the old wooden stairs and I could see a dim light shining from underneath Jacob's door. The music was much louder up here, almost too loud.

I swear, how anyone can study with music blaring is beyond me.

Right outside his door I tightened the belt loop on the trench coat.

I really should have taken a glass of wine before. Or had a shot. Yeah a shot would have been good.

This whole thing seemed like such a good idea when I thought of it a few days ago. This would be completely unexpected from me. I mean, I'm not a prude, but I don't really do anything like this. Jacob always tried to coax something kinky out of me, but it didn't feel right. I felt ridiculous trying to be sexy when I really just felt like a fool. The black lace and red silk lingerie had been bought on a whim. I wanted to try something different for him. I mean, I really loved him and wanted to make him happy.

"Okay, here goes nothing," I whispered to myself.

Turning the knob, I pushed open the door as it creaked loudly. But that sound was drowned out by the music. And the fucking moans.

My heart stopped and my jaw fell open. My eyes were drawn to the tan, muscular ass repeatedly flexing. I knew that finely toned ass. I had admired it many times. That was Jacob's.

"Oh fucking hell that's good," Jacob moaned over the music.

He was slamming into her from behind. All I could see from the girl on all fours was that she was pale and had long blonde hair that he kept yanking back with every thrust. And she was screaming like a porn star. Jacob slapped her ass hard and she let out a long, deep moan.

My brown eyes blinked a few times, trying to take everything in. My heart started beating again as fury replaced the blood in my veins and pumped throughout my entire body. My shaking fingers pulled themselves into fists.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?" I shrilled.

"Fuck, fuck Bella. Fuck. Shit. This isn't…fuck."

Jacob kept mumbling as he withdrew from blonde slut and pulled on his boxers. His brown eyes were wide and alert.

"Jacob Black. What the FUCK is going on? Who is this?"

The blond bitch pulled the sheet over her sweaty body and smirked.

"I'm Nessie."

My hands kept clenching and unclenching.

Don't hit her Bella. Don't hit her.

"Bells…I….look…I'm sorry. Damnit, I'm so fucking sorry."

His hands were reaching out for me as he walked closer to where I stood in the doorway. Jacob looked terrified and lost. At this point, I could have cared less.

"Don't. Don't fucking call me that Jacob. Don't touch me. Don't talk to me. We're done. We're fucking through, do you hear me? You made the worst mistake of your life."

I was barely hanging on to my sanity. My whole body shook with rage and the tears pooling in my eyes were threatening to fall down my reddened cheeks.

Don't cry Bella. Don't let him see you cry.

"Bells, please. Just…let's talk about this. We can talk about this. Nessie, you need to leave."

"No, don't bother Nessie. I'm not staying. Have a great life you fucking jackass."

And with that I turned and ran down the steps, out the back door and to my car. As I started the ignition, the first tear fell.