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"JJ!" A girl's voice said. "My stories... their out of control!"

"Rachel, Are you sure you just don't have a case of Writer's Block?" JJ said with a chuckle.

"No, this is serious! Come and see for yourself!" Rachel replied.

Rachel held up her hand and it glowed a neon green. An image of a Alternate Timeline of Amity Park showed up. Then it turned all fuzzy with different colors of the rainbow blurring together.

"Oh, man. That's bad. Very, Very bad!" JJ yelled frantically. "Wait, maybe I can fix it!"

JJ held up her hand and it glowed a dark purple. The image straightened out a bit, then went back to being fuzzy. Her forehead was already showing signs of strain with the beads of perspiration running down it.

"Maybe if we try it together?" Rachel suggested.

They both held up their hands and the glow that they made looked like an arrange of assorted Halloween colors. The green and purple mixed together and was projected at the picture. It turned back to normal for a second then went back to the blurred image it was before. Almost as if it was underwater.

The fuzzy timeline decided to rebel against the Authors and shot back a ray of crackling red electricity.

"AHHH!" Both of them yelled in unison, as the deadly sparks traveled throughout their bodies.

In vain, Rachel tried to close up the story she projected. It just went rebellious again and shocked her.

"ARRRGG!" She yelled in frustration and pain. "Q-Quick, JJ c-check your s-stories!" Rachel stuttered out, still having the after-affects of millions of watts of electricity being projected into her system.

"Let's hope it's just a glitch and that nobody else has that problem!" JJ yelled back.

She put her hand out in front again and it glowed her signature midnight purple. Her story popped up, appearing relatively normal.

"Phew." The two friends said together.

Just then, JJ's story lit up and turned fuzzy, the voices of her characters muffling and mixing together. It looked exactly the same as Rachel's story at this point.

"Oh no..." Rachel said, in dread.

JJ agreed and said back to her, "Yep. This is bad. Very, Very, VERY BAD!"

"Yeah, the last time this happened our Universe nearly crumbled destroying all the Main-Timelines and thoroughly disrupting the Space-Time Continuum." Rachel declared.

JJ raised an eyebrow. "And how would you know that?" She asked her.

"Clockwork babysits me, remember? Seriously, he gave me a LONG lecture about the history of FF and how if it gets destroyed all of time will go down with it. FF controls everything. Literally."

"Oh man, this may be worse than I thought." JJ said. "Guess we'll have to do some dimension jumping again. Off to Clocky's!"

"That's the plan-devising JJ I know! Come on, Let's make the Portal!" Rachel exclaimed excitedly.

Rachel's eyes glowed a bright green, the same as if she was in her ghost form and JJ's glowed a midnight purple. They vanished from sight, transporting directly to Clockwork's tower.

Danny had been having a great day. Admittedly, he was a bit paranoid about the seemingly Ghost-Free environment. He was even on time to class today! Now, Danny was currently walking home with his two best friends, Sam and Tucker.

"Man, today was awesome!" Tucker yelled.

"Yeah." Sam agreed. "Absolutely no ghosts!"

"I don't know... I feel like something REALLY big is going to happen." Danny replied.

"Oh, you're just paranoid. Nothing could go wrong!" Tucker insisted.

Just as he said that, a portal appeared right in front of Danny.

"Way to jinx it, Tuck." Danny said. And with that they were promptly sucked into the swirling green vortex.

"Clockwork?" Rachel asked into the empty air, her wings shaking.

"Clocky?" JJ also asked.

"Ah, Miss Angel and the beautiful Miss Monique." Clockwork replied to our urgent calls.

Rachel and JJ both blushed.

"We got a bigger problem on our hands, Stop Watch." Rachel said.

"Yeah, FF is out of control!" The stories are rebelling and-" JJ started.

"Say no more, I already know what has happened." He smirked. "I have also already called for help."

At that very moment, Danny tumbled out of Clockwork's time screen.

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