Spectral: Well... It's been awhile... *Gets slapped by readers* I guess I deserved that... On with the sho-STORY!

Danny Muse: *Slaps Spectral* This is fun!

"MWA!" Danny yelled as he fell on his head.

"Oh! It's Danneh!" JJ exclaimed.

Danny looked at JJ as if she was crazy. "Do I know you?" He asked. Then he looked at Clockwork. "What's going on?"

Rachel jumped in to answer his question. "Well FF is in a crisis and it could destroy all the Main-Timelines and all of the Space-Time contin-"

Clockwork cut of her babbling. "Enough, Rachel." He looked at her sternly.

Rachel raised her hands and backed off.

"Let's just say Vladimir took something VERY crucial to the existence of your universe." Clockwork said.

"WHAT did the fruit-loop do?" Danny asked worriedly.

"Well... He started the end of the world." JJ replied calmly, although she was boiling with anger on the inside.

"Oh... JJ's using her ANGRY voice. I don't like her angry voice. Angry JJ is the same as Scary JJ, and I don't wanna be in the same room as Scary JJ." Rachel said, wide eyed.

Danny looked around, confused. "What should I do?"

Clockwork looked at all of them and replied in one of his oh-so-famous riddles.

The time has come,

When all must become one.

The clock is ticking,

Fate is spinning,

In this universal catastrophe.

One fatal choice has doomed us all,

And everyone will take a fall,

If what is stolen is not returned.

So take back what is time's

And make sure that the lesson is learned.

For next time, when I say this rhyme,

A happy ending is not secure.

Spectral: Ooo... Another cliffy! I'm so evil... Guess this is more than a Two-Shot!

Danny Muse: *Slaps Spectral again* Take that you thermos wielding vermin!