Sabrina Grimm was dead. Henry is torn between getting what's left of his family of of Ferryport Landing or finding her killer and avengening her. He didn't know that Daphne, Puck, and Red knew who killed her, and why. She had died for them. She sacraficed herself for THEM! They were all heartbroken and they felt gulity. All the other Grimm's (including Henry) were heartbroken and angry. They wanted, no they needed to find her killer. They would never forgive themselves if they didn't. Puck never smiled or played pranks anymore. Daphne had lost that childish wonder that she always had about her. Red became even more reserved and only Daphne could ever get her to say anything. They were all broken. They were all wondering one thing, "Why?" Puck wondered why it was her and not him, and why her death hurt him so much. Daphne wondered why it had to happen in the firstplace. Why couldn't the fairytale's be sweet and good like they were in the books? Red wondered why Sabrina Grimm would give herself up for her. The girl who hid her kidnapped parents from her? She could still be alive if she had just pushed Red in front of her instead of diving infront of all of them. If only Nottingham wasn't such a good shot. He threw 4 daggers. One for each of them. Sabrina took them all. She was a true hero. Even Puck thinks so. He believes she is a better hero than he was (because yes he will finally admit that he is trying to be a hero) and he secretly thinks that is a better hero than he will ever be. But she is gone now and the Master is still out their. After Sabrina died, Puck himself killed Nottingham. Still she wouldn't be dead if it wasn't for Mirror so he must pay! First he hurt her and made it hard for her to trust her own judgement by betraying them, but then his minion kills her, tryed to kill them all. He will pay.