Who's Dead?
I hear a knock on the door.
"Who could it be?" I wonder as I walk over to open it. I look through the peephole. I see Nate and my heart stops. Why would he be here unless...
I fling open the door and ask him the question that's on my mind, "Who's dead?"
NO, no, no not one of them. We were never susposed to get close to one another! Now they are like my children! One of my children is probably dead! Who could it be? It can't be Parker, she somehow manages to seem so innocent even though she is a theif.. and has had a rough time in the system, and has killed at least one person... She is like the little girl I never had!
It surely couldn't be Hardison, he normally stays in the van. Then again, he did try grifting last job and got kidnapped by the Russian Mob... NO! Not my babies! Hardison just has this sarcastic nature that could get him killed, but he is our comic relief. We would all be so serious and with next to no laughs with no Hardison!
Then again, Elliot is the most likely option. He is our hitter. To him it is his job to protect us all. He would jump in front of a bullet for any of us! NO it can't be... Elliot just seems so strong!
I have never loved or hated Nate as much as when he said "No,no nothing like that."
I love him more now because he just told me that it's nothing like that, and I hate him because he scared me so badly! I thought I had lost one of them! NO, no, no Sophie I think, I'm not susposed to get attached! Why is it so hard?! Well at least their all alive.