There are two worlds that exist in our reality. One is the world humans live in, the planet called…


A world filled with promise and dreams, as well as corruption and greed. The humans have lived on this planet far longer than we were born. This is the world that is considered "Real."

The second world is the world I was born in, the world where mysterious sentient beings dwell.

The Digital World.

The world is home to the Digital Monsters or "Digimon" for short. Beings that were created from the data and dreams of the human world. We existed side by side, never knowing of the other's existence, until that day…


Earth, Japan.

The time was 11:55 pm. Despite it being near midnight, the city streets still retained light. The streets were pretty much barren with little people awake at this time of night. The sky was pitch black as the moon and the stars were covered by the cloud cover. The wind however was beginning to pick up. Sudden gust were appearing here and there but this time it was rougher than the previous ones seen earlier in the day.

The billboards throughout the city were beginning to feel the effects of the large gust. The screens on the buildings began to flicker, as if warning of something. The clocks were also going crazy. At first the time was 11:56, then 5:06.





12:00 a.m.

A large column of light suddenly appeared out of the clouds. It clashed with the ground, creating a large shockwave which shook the entire earth. The collisions tear the earth apart. Billboards, signs and cars were going all over the place. Many of the people that were out were sent flying away, some into buildings, but others into the dark abyss of the sky.

Out of that light, three large bodies appeared. One held the appearance of a dragon, but something was off about it. That dragon was two heads surrounded by rings of strange letters.

Blood-red eyes shone through the black abyss, and stared right at the other being.

A large man-like being.

Its body was covered in red and blue armor. But the most obvious part about it was the large ring that sat on the beings back, two long yellow drapes fluttering in the wind. The tranquil, blue eyes were filled with confidence and anger.

On the other side, another man-like being with blue eyes glared at the two headed dragon. This one appeared to be a black knight. The knight's blue cape flapping wildly in the wind, even though the knight stood perfectly still. A large, red jewel was centered on the helmet, just above the eyes.

None of the three beings said anything. The two headed abyssal dragon opened what seemed to be its mouths as a large ball of light and dark began to form. In retaliation, the black knight created a portal of green energy, and the other one raised his hands in the air, the clouds swirling as thunder was heard and lighting began to travel along the clouds. The sphere forming in front of the dragon grew to an enormous size. The clouds twirled faster, the portal glowing a bright green, signaling its completion.

With one might roar the dragon released the sphere's energy. A column of dark lighting charged at the knight and warrior. The warrior threw down his hands; lightning emerging and the portal released thousands of green lasers. Each attack charged its way through the forest, trees and everything disintegrating.

All three attacks collided,

And everything was covered in white…

Revise: Digimon World


It has been 15 years since the events of August 13th but the effects are still felt as of today. Because of the event however, a wormhole was created and led to the discovery of a new world.

It was August 20th. Saturdays are normally not like this in Shibuya but due to the one week anniversary of the Event, schools were out, jobs were having holidays, and everyone was on the streets. Shopping malls, café's, fast food, restaurants and grocery shops; every parking lot you could see was packed. The event that led to the brand new world also led to the discovery of brand new creatures. They were a bigger hit than Justin Beiber, or Harry Potter.


A group of monsters consisted of Data and dreams. Their plane of existence was called the digital world, a haven for these digital monsters. Because of their appearance, games, TV shows and cards were all created, all because of these mysterious creatures. And because of the bridge that connected our world to theirs, humans could visit their world, as the Digimon could visit ours. Though problems did show up here and there, it was nothing drastic. The world of Digimon fascinated many. And there were those that wished to travel to it. To see the wonderful place with their own eyes.

One such person was skating her way down a stone path, trying to make it to a certain building where she too could go to the magnificent world she heard so much about. The girl had light brown hair that was tied into two ponytails by red ribbons, each on the side of her head which barely touched her shoulders. The girls blue eyes were filled with delight and excitement pierced through her trademark goggles as she continued rollerblading down the path, her black hoodie constantly flapping against her red t-shirt and blue jean shorts. On her back was a brown backpack, with an umbrella and sleeping bag sticking out. There was no way she was going to stop.

"I gotta make it! I gotta make it! I gotta make it! No one is stopping me!" She spoke in delight. As she said it, a pair of men carrying a large sofa blocked her path, though unwillingly. Seeing the road block, she quickly ducked, flying under the couch. "Sorry!" The girl moved as fast as she could until a flower-like fairy waved at her. She was standing in front of a florist and cafe shop.

"TAKARA!" The girl smiled as she called out the strange beings name.




Level: Ultimate

Attribute: Data

Type: Fairy

Families: Wind Guardians, Nature Spirits, Jungle Troopers

Techniques: Flower Cannon, Flower Wreath, Temptation, Vicious Vine

Lillymon is a great Digimon. She maybe a tomboy but her heart is the kindest you will ever see. Too bad she's really annoying when she shifts into crybaby mode. And don't make THIS one mad either. She has…a unique temper. Yeah let's go with that for now….


"Where are you going so fast? There's no competition today," Lillymon asked as the twin tailed girl stopped herself in front of the Digimon.

"It's not that! I'm finally able to go!" The girl cried out ecstatic. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a sheet. On it were several classes.







Lillymon's smile increased in size as she saw the apparent report card. In happiness, Lillymon embraced the girl she was so proud off.

"STRAIGHT A's! You brought them home! They're all complete!"

"The one week wait, the straight A's and first place in the novice division of the Karate Championship! I'm finally allowed to go to the Digital World!" Takara exclaimed as both girls jumped for joy. Suddenly Takara remembered what the time was.

"OH NO! I'm gonna miss the train!" Takara broke the hug and bowed to the pink Digimon.

"Sorry Lillymon but I'm late!"

"Wait!" Lillymon stopped the girl and ran inside. "Tina! Can I leave work early? Like now!?" A somewhat large African American woman with a white bandana covering her black hair was wearing a white apron and brown dress came out. She was whipping her hands with a towel.

"What's the rush Lillymon!?"

"I'm going back home for a bit!" The pink Digimon screamed. Tina raised her eyebrow until she caught Takara standing behind Lillymon. She was moving her legs wildly, making it obvious that she wanted to go now.

"Well whada you know."

"What did you say!?" Lillymon screamed.

"Floramon and I can handle the shop for one week. Take her around the place! And congrats Takara!" Tina declared. If the fairy could scream any louder, the entire district would be able to hear her. Both Digimon and Human left the shop in their dust. The girls traveled down the road as fast as they could. Lillymon looked at the digital watch on her wrist and saw the time read 5:55 pm.

"OH NO! The train leaves at 6:00! We're not gonna make it! And it'll be like an entire month before the next train comes!" Lillymon was freaking out. She finally gets to show Takara the Digital World and they might have to wait for the next train to come next week!

"Hey! It's me! Never say never Lillymon! Now follow me!" Takara jumped and slid on the rails, hoping to gain more momentum. The railing took her all the way down the huge fleet of stairs. Hitting the stone path, the two friends rushed their way through the forest.

"Why are we going this way!?" Lillymon cried out, only to see the end of the forest, and the Train station right in front of them.

"My own personal short cut!" Takara answered.

"AWESOME! We're gonna make it!" Lillymon was impressed with the girl's assertiveness. Who would have thought the forest that was part of the event would lead to the train station? As both girls entered the double doors, they rushed to obtain tickets.

"Hey! The train to Digital World, is it still here!?" Takara panted as Lillymon collapsed on the floor.

"Oh my wings were not made for this…" She complained.

"Uh, well yes, it is." Takara gasped in happiness and ordered two. Once she took the tickets, she slid over to Lillymon and handed the pink plant fairy her ticket, after getting Lillymon up.

The two walked towards the railway and saw, to Takara, the most unusual train ever. This train was a light blue, but there was a face on it, and an angler on its forehead.

"That's…our train?" Takara asked in curiosity.

"That's right!" Lillymon exclaimed.



Level: Champion

Attribute: Data

Type: Machine Digimon

Families: Metal Empire

Techniques: Cool Running, Emergency Break Spark

Trailmon are the only transportation to the Digital World. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. There not very good in battle though.


"Is that so?" Takara wondered. Shrugging she rolled towards the living train. The train saw the human girl coming and started to tremble.

"Uhm…could you not ride today? My horoscope said to avoid contact with people today! Es bringt Unglück (its bad luck!)!" The machine asked. Takara blinked.


"Oh don't worry what he says. Anglers are just weird like that," Lillymon replied as she grabbed the girl's hand and dragged her to the cabins. Once the girls entered the cabins, the train called Angler slowly began to move.

"Uh…all passengers, please make sure your doors are shut tight and…uh…what else was I to say?" The Trailmon spoke through the intercoms on its cabins. Both girls sat down with Takara looking outside. The train was going through a large tunnel. The darkness of it was lit by the glow of Angler's filament and the lights in the cabins. Suddenly, flashes of purple began to catch Takara's eyes. The flashes began to appear bigger and faster. Suddenly the entire tunnel was purple and dark. Not even the cabin lights were on. Takara quickly stood in shock

"What's happening!?"

"This is it Takara! We're in the wormhole to Digital World!" Lillymon explained as she stood up, happiness expressed in her face and eyes. Takara gasped lightly.


Takara opened her eyes to find herself in an unknown place. The area she was in was desolate. As she continued to observe, she saw nothing. No grass, no trees, no life at all.

"Where am I?" She spoke out loud. After looking around, something shining caught her eye. It was light. Light behind a door with a thin path leading to it. Not knowing what to do, she began walking towards the light. Slowly, she put one foot in front of the other. The path was a lot thinner than what she originally thought. If she took one false step, she would be plummeting into that never ending abyss.

She managed to find a way to the door, surprised by the fact she made it across. Smiling to herself, she turned to the door, only to gasp in surprise. The door was WAY larger than what she thought it would be. It was a large, black opal door. Chains were overlapping the door, making it seem impossible to break, thus making it impossible to open the door. Regardless, she tried to push the doors open. She pushed with all her might, but the door would not budge. Thinking that it was hopeless, Takara began to walk away.

"This is the Door of Evolution." A soft male voice whispered, a woman's voice echoing it, almost like whispering it.

"Uh wha?"

"Whoever should open this door, shall obtain a great new power…Do you have the courage to unlock the next stage of evolution?" The voices of the door spoke to Takara. Takara wasn't sure as to what he was talking about. Taking a step back, the path below her crumbled. Takara gasped, screaming as she fell into the darkness below.


Takara fell to the floor with a thud.

"Takara are you okay?" Lillymon asked, getting up. Takara rubbed the back of her head and groaned.

"Yeah…just a weird dream." She responded to the worried pink female. As she got up, she looked out the window, only to see the wormhole fusing with a sky, grass and buildings. She was beginning to see another world. Suddenly the scenery disappeared, and was replaced with a metal tunnel. The train jerked to a stop.

"Final stop: Digital World, Ja?" The Trailmon called Angler spoke through its internal intercom system as the two females stepped off from the platform. Takara glanced around the room. It looked like to be the same station she left in. Only a tug from Lillymon brought the girl back to her senses.

"Come on!" The pixie Digimon spoke excitedly. All Takara could do was be dragged along. The minute they stepped foot outside the station, the human girl's eyes and mouth opened in amazement in response to…a heat pipe town. Flames were spouting everywhere in chimneys. There was no color. Everything was iron and fire. Most of the buildings were done shaped, like an oven built for glass blowing, but there were several buildings that were tall and straight, but the pipes were still there. There was one building that stood out in the town. It was a circular stadium. While the exterior was made similar to most of the buildings, it was easy to see the inside, which looked similar to a roman coliseum. There was even a roof that would close, as two steel partitions were under the outer rim of the roof.

Not the place you were imagining now was it?

Lillymon was not happy. In fact, she was furious.

"What the heck!? We're not in Breezy Village!" The pixie shouted as she took out her ticket. As she read it over, she saw something that made her gasp. The tickets were for Flame Terminal, Fire Region. Not for Breezy Village, Wind region. Not cool.

"Wait! It's August 20th! The tickets should be for Breezy Village!" Lillymon ran up back into the station. As she opened the doors, she found that the Trailmon was nowhere in sight. If she had hair, she would be pulling it out. But she has to settle for banging her head against the iron polls. After her slam fest with her head, she swayed her way outside, only to see Takara still in the same position. Lillymon sighed.

"I'm sorry Takara but we-Takara?" Lillymon placed her hand on the girl's shoulder. Takara didn't move. Lillymon slid in front of her, only to see the exact opposite of what she thought.

Takara was not angry. Or sad. Or distressed. Nope. The girl was happy.


The human girl's eyes were huge, showing off her brown eyes as they sparkled with enticement. Her smile reached one ear to the other. It scared Lillymon.

"The Digital World. We're here…WE'RE FINALLY HERE!" The girl collapsed to her knees, her fists pumping in the air, as if praising an invisible being.



"Now that we're calm and cool, let's go exploring!" Takara placed her foot on a ledge, pointing her index finger out into the unknown world. They were now in a green field overlooking Flame Terminal. After Takara and Lillymon had their episodes, Lillymon decided to take the girl to the top of a nearby cliff to give the girl a perfect view of the city.

The village was small in comparison to a real city but it still felt like one. Digimon and Humans out and about, shopping, playing, just enjoying each other's company. It was a sight that was both nostalgic and refreshing. Takara smiled, thinking of the man that told her of the place she now stood in.

'I'm finally here…Takeshi…'


"Huh? The Digital World?" Takara asked, despite the fact that there was a crepe in her mouth. She was a little younger than in the present day. As she sat on a bench next to a young man looking to be in his late teens, with black hair, green eyes, and wearing a red, short sleeved jacket with a green t-shirt underneath the jacket, jean pants and white tennis shoes.

"Yep. The home world of the Digimon. It's a lot like our world, except it holds a lot of mysteries left to be solved and areas that are still unexplored," The man explained as two children playing with a Salamon and a Nyaromon ran by, seeming to act out a battle. "I've been there for some time, and I think you'll like it there."

"Is that so?"

"What? Did you think they all were born here and found on some random island?" The guy asked. When Takara didn't respond he knew that was what she thought.

"You're kidding me. Are you serious?" The guy asked sweat dropping at the girl's thought. Takara took a bit out of the crepe in her left hand. Swallowing the bit in her mouth, the twin tailed girl smiled.

"So, you'll promise to take me there one day?" Takara moved closer to the man. The man blushed a bit before patting Takara on the head.

"I promise you. I'll show you their world one day. But before I do, I need you to do something for me." Digging into his pocket, he pulled out a black and red device. It looked similar to a scanner, but more oriented and the back of the device has a marking on it. It was an upside down

"Y" with two lines next to the prongs of the letter. Taking the device in hand, Takara looked at it before turning her attention to the black haired man.

"It's something you'll need once you get there. Something that will help you make new friends, and lead you to someone who will protect you." He explained. A soft smile graced his peach colored face. The brunette smiled.

"Thank you, Takeshi…"


'But you never did keep your promise. You disappeared the next day. The only thing I have that can lead me to you was this…' Reaching into her left pocket, the girl pulled out the device Takeshi gave to her. It was still in perfect condition. As she gazed at the object in deep thought, the sounds of yelling and screaming caught her attention. Lillymon turned to the sounds of the voices, only to see three Digimon coming their way.

The first was an orange dinosaur, small for his size but still pretty big. He wore red straps on his wrists that went around his middle claws. The second was a red dinosaur, taller than the other two Digimon but had black triangles on its belly, the three triangles connecting at a point with the middle triangle. The last Digimon was a black bear, running as fast as its small legs could carry him. He wore a blue strap across his chest that ran diagonally. The same colored straps were also on both of his paws, and he wore a similar colored cap that has the word BEARS. All three were scared, running for their lives, until they spotted Takara and Lillymon. Running towards them, the three Digimon hid behind them.

"Please help us!" The bear cried out.

"Huh?" Just then, four Digimon made their appearance. All four were large, black dogs, a metal spiked collar around their necks. Their skinny bodies made Takara wonder if they were anorexic. They stopped in front of the two females and growled, proving they were not friendly. The two dinosaurs and bear each trembled in fear.

"So, Lillymon, any idea what's going on?"

"Well I can tell you this, they are not happy!" Lillymon replied.



Level: Champion

Attribute: Virus, Vaccine

Type: Beast Digimon

Families: Nightmare Soldiers, Nature Spirits

Techniques: Grau Lärm (Ger: Gray Noise), Schwartz Strahl (Ger: Black Beam)

Dobermon's are normally friendly, if they're vaccine types. The virus types however are known for being bullies. No matter which type they are, the Dobermon hold the title of "DigiCore Hunters."


"So why would three mutts be after two dinosaurs and a bear?" Takara whispered as she moved closer to the pink pixie Digimon, the two dinosaurs following suit. Takara never once took her eyes off of the black dog Digimon; her hands behind her, making sure the dinosaurs behind her were safe.

"Watch who you're calling a mutt," One of the dogs spoke, catching the group off guard. "If you think hiding behind a weak human and Digimon will save you three think aga-whu?!" The dog spoke before spotting the two females. At the remark of being weak, Lillymon was fuming. Red flames of fury erupted from the fairy, her wrath made true to everyone. The Digimon that used the girls as shields slowly began to walk away.

"This is gonna be good….muhuhuhuhu" Takara whispered as she softly laughed like a madman.

"Why don't we show you how we tend to do things downtown?" Lillymon asked as she fused her hands together, and a large flower enveloped them.

"FLOWER CANNON!" A medium ball blasted from the flower, hitting one of the Dobermon head on. The shockwave that was created from the ball caused the other three Dobermon to be blown away. As the three dogs were blown away by the ferocity of the attack, Takara grabbed the yellow dinosaur's claw.

"Let's run while we got the chance!" Takara exclaimed.

"I'll follow you once I'm done with these three!" Lillymon raged as she fired another blast at the digimon. The whines and cries of the Dobermon were enough to make Takara feel pity for them, just a tiny bit. The two tailed girl and digimon followed her down the hill.

"Hey! Get back here!" One of the black dogs cried out running in their direction, only to see a ticked pixie land in front of him.

"And where do you think you're going?"



Takara and the Digimon were panting heavily due to the long run. The red dinosaur and yellow one were sitting back to back while the bear was lying on the ground. Takara was leaning against a building, crouching down, head lowered. Taking a big gulp of air, the human turned to the three digimon.

"How are you three doing?"

"Pretty…good…" The yellow digimon answered the female.

"Thank you miss, for helping us get away," The bear smiled.

"You should be thanking Lillymon. She was the one who stayed behind to fight them." Takara answered as she turned back up to the cliff the group was at. The blasts have stopped long ago and now all that was left was to find the pink pixie.

"Yeah but where do we find her?" The red dinosaur asked. The brunette blinked before placing her hands behind her head.

"That's a good question…" The three digimon sighed heavily at the girls careless response. Takara turned to them and laughed.

"No worries we'll find her! But before that, I think we better introduce ourselves! I'm Takara Asakura, future World Karate Champion and 14 year old middle school student!"


"TAKARA!" The female replied angrily. The three digimon shook in fear of the girl's angry glare. With a small huff, the girl crossed her arms, staring at the three digimon. "So, care to tell me why you are here? I know you're a Bearmon, Guilmon and Agumon respectively."

"AH! Sorry about that!" The bear like digimon bowed, along with the red and yellow dinosaur.



Level: Rookie

Attribute: Vaccine

Type: Mammal Digimon

Families: Nature Spirits

Techniques: Karate Fist, Bear Roll

Your right, I'm Bearmon! I'm from Beast Village where Kumamon, the Legendary Warrior of Ice rules over. I came here to learn martial arts with other Digimon, but I got lost…




Level: Rookie

Attribute: Virus

Type: Reptile Digimon

Families: Nature Sipirits, Dragon's Roar

Techniques: Rock Breaker, Pyro Sphere, Kurogane Maru, Rock n' Roll Breaker

Guess it's my turn. I'm Guilmon! I'm best friends with Bearmon and where he goes, I go, so I left Dragon Island to go with Bearmon to Flame Terminal City. Like he said, we got lost…




Level: Rookie

Attribute: Vaccine

Type: Reptile

Families: Nature Spirits, Virus busters, Metal Empire

Techniques: Pepper Breath, Claw Attack, Spit Fire, Cross Fire, Battle Hawk, Triple Baby Flame

And I'm Agumon! I come from Dragon Island, same as Guilmon. We belong to the same clan, though I'm here to escort my friends and deliver a message to Lord Agunimon.


"Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait…You three are going to see Agunimon?" Takara pointed at the three digimon, each of them nodding their heads.

"The lord of Flame Terminal?"


"The Legendary Warrior of Flame?"

"That's right?"

"The Digimon whose soul is wrapped in flames?!"

"His soul is what?" Guilmon tilted his head.

"THAT Agunimon!?"

"I don't know of any other Agunimon," Agumon shrugged. Takara was dumbfounded.

"So why did you come here?" Agumon asked the surprised girl as she quickly regained her composure.

"I just wanted to see the Digital World! You know, just tour the place…and everything…" And find someone…

"Well if that's all you're doing why no come with us to Flame Terminal City?" Bearmon suggested.

"That's a good idea! We can show you around!" Agumon agreed while Guilmon nodded. Takara pondered this for a while.

"You three were lost earlier…" Takara broke the news to them, causing each of them to sweat a bit and blush from embarrassment of the truth. Seeing this Takara smiled. "But alright, I'll go." The three Digimon broke out into smiles and laughed happily. Bearmon grabbed Takara's right hand and began dragging her along to the city.

Now then, you're probably wondering about Lilymon right?


"THAT'S RIGHT RUN AWAY YOU DAMN HOUNDS!" The fairy Digimon screamed at the top of her lungs as the three Dobermon ran as fast as they could, AWAY from the pink pixie Digimon. They jumped form the cliff and ran down the fields to the city, leaving Lilymon huffing angrily. She crossed her arms and huffed, flying towards the same city. "First I have to run ten minutes to a thirty minute walk to the train station, then I learn we're stuck in Flame Terminal for no freakin reason when it should be Breezy Village, and then I'm called weak by those dogs!" Lilymon yelled.

"Ugh, where is Takara? I know I saw her going this way!" She turned her head left and right, looking down to try and find her friend. This brought an interesting question to the fairy's mind.

"Hang on…why were those Dobermon attacking them in the first place?"


"You're serious, aren't you?" Takara face palmed herself. The three Digimon and human were now inside Flame Terminal Station, walking through the town, passing various other Digimon. The twin tail was rather curious as to why the Dobermon attacked the three rookies, and she got her answer, albeit a stupid one. They were practicing their attacks and ended up hitting one of the three Dobermon and injuring him. They did apologize, but the Dobermon wouldn't let up till the rookies were throttled. Naturally they ran away and ended up bumping into Takara and Lilymon. "Aw man I'm starting to feel like the bad guy…." She mumbled as the rookies bowed their heads in shame.

"We're sorry…" Each replied.

"Well, nothing we can do about it now…Might as well take advantage of this. I'm heading over to the coliseum, wanna come with?"

"The coliseum?" Guilmon asked, to which Takara nodded.

"We were heading there anyway. Agunimon is there today for the tournament!" Bearmon explained.

"Tournament? Is that why we're here and not in Breezy Village?"

"Huh?" Takara pulled out her tickets to show to the three rookies.

"You see, Lilymon said that the Trailmon was supposed to take us to Breezy Village, something about it being august. So did this tournament cause a change in schedule?"

"That's weird. Regardless of the tournament, the Trailmon should have taken you to breezy village. Who was the Trailmon?" Agumon explained before asking the question.


"Angler is the Trailmon for Breezy village! He should have taken you there, not here. This stop isn't on his trail, only Worm's is."

"And yet my ticket says Flame Terminal Station, Trailmon: Angler."

"Did you ask Angler why he brought you here?"

"Uh no I think he left after I got off…." Takara muttered.

"You think?" Guilmon asked. Takara blushed a bright pink.

"I was too excited to be here to care…"

"Well, I'm glad that was mixed up; otherwise we wouldn't have been saved!" The yellow dinosaur yelled ecstatically. Bearmon and Guilmon agreed. "Oh Takara, do you wanna see Agunimon?" Takara's blush easily vanished.


"Yeah! Your friends with us he will allow it!" Bearmon raised his paw.

"He may look mean and lean and be a fighting machine, but Agunimon's really nice!" Guilmon explained. In truth Takara couldn't believe it. She heard rumors about the Legendary Warrior, and they were offering the chance to meet him….

"YES YES YES! I WANNA GO!" She exclaimed, catching the attention of several Digimon.

"Then follow us for the First Annual Digimon Tournament!" Agumon exclaimed. And thus the three Digimon and Human ran towards the coliseum, however, they failed to notice the presence behind them.


Despite its rather warm appearance, the Coliseum was rather cool inside. The temperature was moderate compared to the heat being produced outside due to the buildings. Various human and Digimon were inside the area, scattered around the food and souvenir stands. It was like a trip to a baseball game, no room to walk and everyone excited to see the game. Takara had Agumon hold onto her hand, Guilmon holding onto Agumon's tail and Bearmon holding onto Guilmon's tail. It was like a little train. Guilmon and Bearmon were looking around as Agumon continued to cling onto Takara's hand. Something caught Guilmon's eye as he let go of Agumon's tail. The group walked out of the bustling alley and into a nearby hallway that was, for some reason, empty. Takara took a huge breath and let it out.

"Seesh it's hard to breathe in there!" Agumon replied as the three agreed with them.

"NO kidding!" Agumon agreed.

"Well do we have-" Takara turned to see Agumon, but no Bearmon or Guilmon. Takara freaked and tried to go back into the overcrowded alley but couldn't get back in. "Aw man you GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! GUILMON! BEARMON WHERE ARE YOOOOOOUUUUUU!?"


"And I want that, and this, and two of each of the front row!" Guilmon and Bearmon were ordering items from a Deramon, not even noticing Takara and Agumon's missing presence.


"Alright, so where do we go?" Takara asked as she looked down the hallway. At the end was another hallway going left. "Down this way?" She asked. But before she could, Takara felt someone slam into her, knocking her into the wall. A young man was running down the hallway, she couldn't see his face but sandy brown robe, pants and black shoes were easily what she saw. She growled as the man disappeared down the other highway.

"YO I HAD THE RIGHT AWAY!" She screamed, but the boy did not return.

"Hey, what's this?" Takara turned to where Agumon was and saw a small coin on the floor. She picked it up and examined. On the back was the Digital World's logo, the world wrapped around two digicode rings. The front had a strange symbol. It was like an upside down pronged Y with two straight vertical lines on top of the prongs. Brown eyes widen in shock as she pulled out the device Takeshi gave to her and looked on the back, the same symbol being printed on it.

"Alright, this is…some sign right?" She questioned. However her inquiring was short lived.

"HEY! That's a competitor's badge!" Takara looked up to see an anthromorphic green lizard with two blades on his back, one looking to be a large sword axe, and another a rather large butcher knife. His head contained a headdress with a black and white feather, a pair of orange arm bands with purple diamonds covering the rims, purple capri like pants with the ends in tiny straps, a yellow sash with a purple design Takara never seen before, and purple leg bands with similar cut off straps as the pants.

"Dinoyumon!" Agumon declared.



Level: Champion

Attribute: Data

Type: Dragon Man

Families: Nature Spirits, Dragon's Roar

Techniques: Lizard Dance, Akinakes

Dinuhyumon is the champion form of a friend of ours back home! Dinohyumon has the character of an aggressive soldier of the dragon family, and lives in tribes. The large sword "Akinakes" is swung by his indomitable muscles.


"You are a competitor correct? Then why are you out here?" He immediately grabbed Takara by her arm and dragged her and Agumon along. "The final match is about to start!"

"HUH!? What final match!?" Takara freaked. He dragged her down the hallway that the boy ran off to.

"The final tournament match up. The final two competitors are to battle in the stadium! And you're late!" The Digimon and Human blanked.

"WAIT WAIT WAIT we're not a-" Agumon yelled and screamed as the Digimon dragged her to the front entrance of the coliseum bracket room.

"Good luck out there!" Dinohyumon pushed the girl and Agumon into the room. In mere seconds the doors closed. Takara immediately stood up and pounded in the doors.

"We're not the finalists! We didn't even enter this tournament!" Her pounding was pointless as lights leading out of the brackets began to glow. They formed a tunnel. Takara gritted her teeth together and walked towards it.

"Wait we're actually gonna do this?!"

"We'll just tell them that this is all a mistake and leave. Simple as that!" Takara placed her hands on her hips.

"But the rules say that no one leaves until a victor is declared!" Agumon yelled, waving his arms in the air.

"Well they're gonna because WE are NOT part of this contest!" Takara announced as they began to walk down the tunnel. Sunlight pierced through the end of it and both Digimon and Human covered their eyes from the sheer brilliance.

The sounds of applause and cheers made both of their/s eyes open to reveal they were now in the stadium, the spectator seats PACK with Digimon and Humans. Takara and Agumon gapped at the amount of people.

"I haven't seen this many people in my three week life!" Agumon yelled.

"I haven't seen this many Digimon in my three years of knowing about them!" Takara yelled. She continued to look around until her eyes settled on a particular character. Her eyes widen and her jaw dropped. Inside the main box seats were two human like Digimon in armor. Agumon followed her eyesight and gapped as well.

The left was a human Digimon in silver armor, if anything the armor reminded Takara of Garurumon. And to the right was another human like Digimon in red armor that reminded the girl of flames.

"T-t-t-t-the Legendary Warriors of Light and Flame, Lobomon and Agunimon!"



Level: Champion-Hybrid

Attribute: Variable

Type: Warrior

Families: Nature Spirits, Nightmare Soldiers, Virus Busters

Techniques: Howling Laser, Lobo Kendo

Lobomon is the Legendary Warrior of Light, the inheritor of AncientGarurumon's legacy and power. He has a taciturn personality, even though he is actually a tenderhearted warrior. The "Saint Amethyst" worn on his body is packed full of sacred light.




Level: Champion-Hybrid

Attribute: Variable, Vaccine

Type: Wizard

Families: Nature Spirits, Nightmare Soldiers, Dragon's Roar

Techniques: Pyro Tornado, Pyro Darts, Pyro Punch

Agunimon is the Legendary Warrior of Flame, the inheritor of AncientGreymon's legacy and power. Because his "Digi-Core" contains sacred flame called "Spiritual Fire", he can freely manipulate flame. He uses Oriental martial arts.


"I-I don't believe this…" Takara whispered in awe. In truth she looked up to the Ten Legendary Warriors. Each was strong and kind, working together to protect and safeguard the peace of the Digital World, and that of Earth. Agunimon stood up and walked towards the podium.

"Let the final match begin!" Takara gapped. She was so enamored of the Digimon's overwhelming presence she forgot about the tournament!

"About time!" A voice boomed at the other side of the stage. Standing there was a young, jet black, short haired male wearing a black school uniform. Takara didn't recognize the uniform but guessed the man was in his late teens, possibly eighteen. His steel gray eyes bore into her chocolate brown orbs. He shook his head, looking rather disappointed. "I have to say I'm rather displeased. If you're my opponent then this will be a short bout. Cerberumon!"

A black dog like Digimon in black armor appeared from the shadows of the barracks. Fake heads looked to be biting into his shoulders, large claws coming out of the top of its paws and regular claws made the Digimon look menacing. Agumon trembled and hid behind Takara.

"Uh, what Digimon is that?!"



Level: Ultimate

Attribute: Virus, Vaccine

Type: Beast Digimon

Families: Nightmare Soldiers, Nature Spirits, Dark Area

Techniques: Emerald Flame, Portals of Darkness, Styx Killer

Cerberumon is the ultimate form of the Dobermon we saw earlier. They are called the "Watchdogs of Hell" and if their purity is low, there claws could easily tear through the strongest alloy in the digital world, Chrome Digizoid.


"An ultimate level Digimon? Uhm…should we scream uncle?" Takara asked. The Cerberumon continued to stare at her, seeming to aanalyze her. The dog digimon's eyes widen.

"GAAAH! IT'S YOU!" The Watchdog screamed. This confused Takara and Agumon.

"Me?! What did I do?!"

"You're that pesky human that was with that crazy Lilymon!"

"EEEHHHH!? Are you one of those Dobermon!?" Takara pointed. The Cerberumon smirked and it dug its claws into the ground. Green flames were forming inside of its mouth if the light green sparks coming form the closed mouth was of any concern. Takara began sweating.

"Hey hey hey can we talk about it?!" She begged, but it was too late.

"Emerald Flame!" The Cerberumon called out as the flames shot from the Digimon's mouth.

"GUESS NOT!" Takara grabbed Agumon and ran away from the flames. They managed to miss the flames, leaving a pitch black scorch mark where they were earlier. Both human and Digimon trembled at the thought if they were still there and what could have happened to them. Cheers and jeers rang throughout the stadium. Takara bit her bottom lip and turned to Agumon. The poor dinosaur was trembling like mad, scared of the Cerberumon's ferocity. She doubted anyone would listen to them now. The crowd was going wild, and even if she did say anything no one would be able to listen.

"I hate to say it…but we gotta fight…"

"No! I don't want to!"


"I'm scared!" He trembled. Tears were forming around his eyes and he held onto the female's hand with all his strength. "I came here because I wanted to be strong, I'm weak and I'm scared of dying! I don't wanna die, and I don't wanna get hurt! Pain hurts and I don't like it! I hate fighting because that's all everyone does! They hurt others for their own amusement! It's wrong! That's why I hate fighting!" Seeing Agumon's weeping and scared form made the girl regret trying to push him into it. What kind of things did this small Digimon see in its three weeks of living? She could probably comprehend. She knew better than anyone what it meant to be afraid of pain. Amidst the green flames, the girl softly placed her hand on the Digimon's head, petting him like a mother would her scared child. Agumon opened his green eyes to gaze into Takara's brown ones. What he saw was compassion and safety.

"I understand. I won't force you to fight." Takara pried her hands away from the Digimon. The green flames died and the girl turned towards the smirking Digimon. Her eyes glared at the opponent. Removing the goggles form her head, she placed them over her eyes and took a specific stance, something that made the crowd wonder what she was doing.

"Agumon." Said Digimon turned to her, wondering what she was doing. "I'll show you. Fighting doesn't always mean that both sides are doing it for personal gain. For instance, I'll fight to PROTECT you!" Agumon gasped at the woman's words. What was this human thinking?! She was INSANE!

"You really think a flimsy human can take me on!?" The Cerberumon charged at the girl.

/Oh man this sure ranks high from one to STUPID!/ The female thought as she dodged Cerberumon's claws. Cerberumon saw the defenseless Agumon and pounced. Agumon screamed in response.

"Scream all you want, this is payback for burning my TAIL-GRAAA!" Cerberumon was inches away. But instead of colliding into Agumon's body, he received a leg to the face. Takara had kicked him, sending him tumbling a few feet away.

"YEOW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW!" The girl cried out as most of the audience was in shock. A HUMAN kicked CERBERUMON in the FACE! This brought Agunimon and Lobomon out of their conversation and glanced down onto the field. What they saw was a girl hopping around, and Cerberumon shaking his head. Cerberumon's human partner gapped at the sight.

"What did we just miss?!" Lobomon asked in shock.

"I have no clue!"

"THAT'S CHEATING! Only Digimon are allowed to fight! Referee! Disqualify her!" The black haired male cried out to a confused Flamedramon.

"The reason I am fighting is because Agumon doesn't want to! Besides we're not even part of this tournament to begin with!" Takara had finally stopped the throbbing in her leg and stood on both feet. Her words confused the tamer on the other side even more.

"But you have a competitor's badge!"

"You mean this thing?" She pulled out the coin she found earlier form her right pocket. "Some dude bumped into me and I found this on the floor!"

"YOU FOUND IT!?" The entire audience exploded. Agunimo nand Lobomon especially.



"Odds of finding those coins?"

"Million to one…unless…" Lobomon turned to his companion, and Agunimon must have thought the same thing. A swift nod and Agunimon stood up.

"Stop the fighting NOW!" Those in the arena looked up at the Digimon Warrior. In mere seconds, Agunimon leapt from his position at the podium and landed inside the arena. Both Takara and Agumon gulped. Agunimon was walking towards them. Soon he stopped in front of them and stared at them. Both Takara and Agumon felt frozen in the Legendary Warrior of Flame's gaze. In a few short seconds Agunimon nodded and turned towards the Cerberumon and Tamer.

"This tournament is over! Cerberumon and Shinji Ikutski win by default!"

"WHAT?!" Cerberumon yelled, as did most of the audience.

"Got a problem with that?" The venom in the warrior's voice was incredibly noticeable as the tamer backed away, but the Digimon did not.

"You bet I do! I ain't leaving till I see that timid Digimon DEAD! Emerald Flame!" Cerberumon cried out as he unleashed his signature green flames, though this ne much more powerful. On reflex Takara covered Agumon's body with her own, but instead of the flames hitting her, Agunimon got in between them. The wizard Digimon slammed his fists together as fire appeared form the vents on his gauntlets.

"Pyro Punch!" Flames shot from his fists and dispelled the green flames with ease.

"I said that is enough! You won so get lost!" Agunimon commanded.

"Try and make me Agunimon!" Cerberumon commanded. The audience was becoming fearful of the Digimon's ferocity and began to leave their seats, even the human with Cerberumon bailed. As Cerberumon pounced, Agumon and Takara were both lifted into the arms of the warrior. Agunimon leapt and landed on one of the stands. "Get out of here now!" He jumped back into the area. Lobomon was ready to join him until he heard something. The sound was like an alarm clock or phone. He reached into his pouch and brought out a blue device with a gold wheel surrounding a screen, a black grip on the left, and two white buttons. The screen was black until digicode appeared on it.

"Hey Lobomon, can you hear me?!" A young man's voice could be heard from the device, but it was filtered by the noise of the audience running away and static.


"Listen! There's a tainted Digimon inside the Coliseum! I don't know where it is but it's close to the arena! You got to evacuate, the data shows that it was tainted by a Dark Lord!"

"I know…we already found it…" Lobomon declared as Agunimon stared down the Cerberumon. His eyes squinted. Through his eyes he could see a dark orange aura surrounding the Digimon.

"Well, better wrap this up!" Agunimon declared. He channeled his energy into his hands, holding his left one up, his index and middle finger straight. Fire spit out from the vents as he turned at an incredible speed.

"Pyro Tornado!" Flames of crimson enveloped the warrior, forming a blazing whirlwind. Takara and Agumon watched in awe as Agunimon landed a roundhouse kick on the stomach of the Cerberumon, the watchdog Digimon's body slammed into the ground.

"You're done!"

"I maybe, but my brother's aren't!" Cerberumon declared. Agunimon gasped as he looked back up into the stadium. Takara and Agumon were cornered by two more Cerberumon!

"Portals of Darkness!" Both Cerberumon declared as both of their shoulder plates eyes glowed purple, releasing a purple beam that summoned green portals that opened to a purplish black field. One opened under Agumon and would have fallen in if Takara hadn't grabbed his claws. She struggled to pull Agumon up but couldn't do it. It didn't matter as one of the Cerberumon opened another portal, both dropping into the dark abyss.

"NO!" Agunimon cried. Lobomon rushed to try and get them but was too late, one of the Cerberumon jumped in and the portals closed. Lobomon slammed his fist into the ground and glared at the second Cerberumon that showed up, the same colored aura surrounding it.

"Lobomon! Finish this fast!" Agunimon ordered, and it was received with no problems as Lobomon pulled out an iron mechanical stick, a laser sword shooting out of it.


Takara and Agumon were floating in the space of darkness. Takara tried to look around but she couldn't see anything.


"Right next to you!" She felt Agumon touch her hand, and in response she grabbed the claw and held onto it.

"So uh…got any ideas how to get out?"

"You can't get out. Both of you will die here!" The booming voice of the Cerberumon broke through the darkness. Takara tried to trace his voice but failed. Her eyes widen. She felt something sharp dig into her back like hot iron. A high pitched scream of pain echoed throughout the abyss. The girl gripped her shoulder in pain and felt hot liquid on it. She didn't need her sight to figure out it was blood.

"Takala!" Agumon cried out in grief. A similar pain etched itself onto Agumon. Though he did not scream, he held it in. The Ceberumon was constantly slashing and cutting, Takara raising her hands over Agumon's head as a method to shield him. The scratches were causing more cuts and gashes to form on her back, arms and legs, but she wouldn't let this thing hurt Agumon.

The baby dinosaur was touched at his new friend's determination to protect him. Even if she was yelling and screaming in pain it was only on reflex. Her grip on him was strong, almost using him as a therapy ball to relief the tension of the cuts. Even so, Agumon couldn't handle her being injured; her screams were driving him nuts! He closed his eyes, not opening them in the slightest.

No more, he wasn't going to stand for this no more!

"Time to go for the kill!" Cerberumon declared.

/Sorry Takeshi…Looks like this is it for me!/ Takara thought until she felt something large on her uninjured shoulder. Agumon opened his eyes and placed his head on Takara's shoulders.

"Pepper Breath!" Takara heard Agumon cried out, a fireball shooting out of his mouth and landing on the Cerberumon's chest, injuring it as it whelped and shrieked at the pain. The whines of the Digimon made Takara turn around to see tiny flames still sticking to Cerberumon's stomach. Her eyes tried to get use to the new light but failed, however she was able to see one thing, Agumon's grateful smile.

"Agumon…but you said…"

"There is more reason to fight…than to hurt others right? You fought to protect me, even though you're not as strong as we are, you still did it. I'm fighting…to protect my new friend Taka-ra…" Agumon sounded off her name slowly, to make sure he said it correctly. The twin tailed brown haired girl looked like she could cry at any minute. Agumon's words touch her.

A small light began to glow inside Takara's sleevless hoodie. The girl placed her hand into the pocket and pulled out the device Takeshi gave to her. The screen glowed brighter as the flames from Agumon's attack died out. The brilliance grew brighter, and bigger, blinding al three occupants of the darkness.


Lobomon and Agunimon were both sparing with the other two Cerberumon. No matter how many attacks they did they wouldn't stay down.

"This is ridiculous!" Lobomon complained.

"You're telling me!" Agunimon agreed. "Pyro Darts!" Several wisps of flames came out of the gauntlets and he wiped them off of his fire vents at an incredibly fast rate. Several small fireballs missed the Cerberumon but a few hit its face.

"Is that all you got!? Looks like it's true! After the battle most of your powers were lost! You're once ultimate level power is nothing more than a champion level now!" Cerberumon boasted. Lobomon and Agunimon gritted their teeth.

"It's time we end this!" The Cerberumon facing Lobomon yelled.

"Our thoughts exactly!" Lobomon retaliated. Both sides were ready to unleash their attacks.

A piercing light broke through the dome of darkness, gathering the attentions of the Digimon. Each was shocked or amazed at the light. In mere seconds, the dome broke and the Cerberumon was slammed into the nearby wall. At the same time, the other Cerberumon fizzled out. Both of the Legendary Warriors saw this and pondered.

Cerberumon shook his head and growled. "There's no way! Emerald Flame!" The Digimon cried out as the green flames enveloped the two in the light, but it did not harm them. The light of the device was shielding them from the intense flames. The watchdog of hell panicked. The human and Digimon weren't even grazed! Takara and Agumon both were in shocked. A strange beeping noise was heard from the device, and an unusual insignia appeared on the screen.

"No way, I couldn't get this thing to turn on! Why now all of a sudden!?"

"You have been chosen, Takara Asakura…" A female voice spoke from the screen.


"Unleash the power of Digivolution!" The words evolution made Takara think about her dream. In mere seconds, Takara found herself standing at the same door, although, the door now had a strange script letters and odd circular orbs on it.

"Do you have the courage to unlock the next stage of evolution?" The voices of the door spoke to Takara. It was complete déjà vu. Except this time, Takara decided ot take her chances. She placed both her hands on the door.

"Do you possess the courage?"

"She has the courage…"

"Life isn't something we let take over. We're the ones in control…SO WHY THE HELL NOT!?" The gloved hands pushed on the door opening it, several colors and lights overwhelming her vision. The girl was amazed by what she saw.

Takara found herself back at the arena. Nothing had changed.

"That's couldn't have been a dream!"

"Takara!" Agumon pointed at Cerberumon marching towards them. Takara gritted her teeth. A warm sensation enveloped her hands. When she looked won, she saw a crimson ring forming around her hand. It looked something like a ring of data.

"It is time…" The voice of the device spoke once more. Takara glanced at the device in her right hand, and the data ring in her left. She had an idea of what to do, if she was wrong, then this would be it. It was time to take chances.

Everyone watched, waiting with baited breath for the girl's next move.

By the barracks of the arena, a young pale skinned man of brown hair swept to the right in the style of Kira Yamoto, blue eyes, a silverfish white trench coat, light-blue denim jeans, black sneakers, and black fingerless gloves arrived at the arena with a Gabumon by his side. They were just in time to see the new miracle occur.

Takara pressed the button on the side of the device, and slammed it into the crimson data ring. The words formed into her mind as the device scanned her ring.

"EXECUTE! Digivolution Activate!" A light released form the device.

"Hey…I feel this-" Agumon was overtaken by light and flames.


"Agumon digivolve to…GREYMON!"

In place of Agumon stood a gigantic orange colored dinosaur with blue stripes on his body, and a brown rhinoceros beetle-like shell on its head. The appearance of the massive Digimon made Takara gap, as well as several others in the arena, but all due to different reasons.

"No way! She's a Digidestined! But there's only ten!" Cerberumon declared. Even Lobomon and Agunimon were in shock. They weren't easy Digimon to surprise, but they just were!

"W-whoa! Who are you?! Where's Agumon!?"

"No need to worry Takara, it's me Agumon! I just Digivolved to Greymon!"



Level: Champion

Attribute: Vaccine

Type: Dinosaur Digimon

Families: Metal Empire, Nature Spirits, Virus Busters, Dragon's Roar

Techniques: Nova Blast, Great Horns Attack, Tail Crash, Fire Wall, Horn Impulse, Grey Tooth, Great Tooth

Greymon is my champion form! My high intelligence and strength makes me a strong Digimon, the best out there! My special move "Nova Blast' spews out ultra-high-temperature flames from my mouth and reducing everything to ashes.


"Sounds hot!" Takara declared. Yes it was something lame to say but there was nothing she could say in this situation. Agumon became a ten foot…whatever he called himself! Cerberumon growled.

"Champion or not, I'm still a higher level than you! You know what they say, the bigger you are, and the harder you fall!" Cerberumon jumped into the air, but was easily smacked away from Greymon with his tail, slamming Cerberumon into the ground.

"Get to higher ground Takara!" Greymon declared as flames began to spark form the clenched teeth. Takara freaked.

"Wait wait wait!" She screamed as she ran, but Agunimon appeared behind her, grabbed her and jumped itno the stands where Lobomon was.

"Nova Blast!" A giant fireball spewed form Greymon's mouth, hitting the Cerberumon with full force. As it did, the other two Cerberumon whined in pain before vanishing.

"A champion level Digimon defeated me? IMPOSSIBLE!" Those were the final words of the Cerberumon. The flames disappeared, leaving a shadow of Cerberumon and a similar ring as the one circling Takara's left hand, except silver in color, forming around the silhouette of the black dog Digimon. Agunimon appeared I nfornt of Greymon and pulled out a device similar to what Lobomon had, except the device was red.

"Time for Purification!" The screen and part of the device glowed. "Fractal Code…DIGITIZE!" Agunimon swiped the device against the ring of data. As it did, the data was absorbed into the device and the shadow of Cerberumon disappeared, replaced by an oval of light that shot out into the sky. All of the data vanished into Agunimon's device.

Takara could hardly believe her eyes. Standing next to her was the Warrior of Light, Lobomon.

She was saved by the Legendary Warrior of Flame, Agunimon.

She made a Digimon Digivolve.

And the day wasn't even done yet. Greymon de digivolved back into Agumon, who was held by Agunimon before he jumped back into the stands in front of Takara. Agumon groggily moaned.

"I'm tired…and hungry…Got any food Takala?"

"Seriosuly?" She moaned, before a smile replaced her face. "We'll see what I can do…" Her eyes traveled back to the warrior in front of her, his face stern but eyes burning, with what emotion she didn't know.

"We need to talk."

"Uh….okay…" She knew it; she won't be getting any sleep tonight.


End of Chapter 1


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