"I know we had some rough times getting along but Takara and Haruto take it to a whole new level. But the introduction of Kenta and Sirena made things even more difficult. Agunimon brought them together for a lesson on the D-Analyzers, and they are so similar to the D-Tectors we use to have! At the same time the Digimon were playing together, and I have to admit I was a little jealous everything looked so fun. But then Riku attacked the Colosseum and Digivolved Impmon to Devimon. After everyone Digivolved Devimon defeated them and stole Kurogasa's D-Analyzer! I don't like this guy at all! If I was still here I would Crystal Freeze him, but I'm not… - Tomoki "Tommy" Himi


An hour had passed since their defeat at the hands of their new enemy Riku. To say everyone was down in the dumps was an understatement. Marine was petting Labramon, who was still injured from taking the full blow of Devimon's attack. Takara was pacing about, Haruto was sitting on a rock, Sirena was rubbing her right arm and Kenta was busing looking around the rubble, hoping to find some clue as to where Riku had vanished. As for the Chosen Digimon, they were each being dressed by two different types of Digimon. One was FlaWizardmon and the second type was Wizardmon.



Level: Armor

Attribute: Virus

Type: Demon Man

Families: Nightmare Soldiers

Techniques: Fire Cloud, Magic Ignition

A Demon Man Digimon that came from "Witchelny", a Digital World from another dimension. It's the master of Flame-based magic (advanced programming language) and increases its magical power with the 2 matchsticks it wields in its hands. Its personality is completely opposite to that of Wizardmon.




Level: Champion

Attribute: Data

Type: Wizard

Families: Nightmare Soldiers, Nature Spirits

Techniques: Blink Breeze, Vision of Terror, Electro Squall, Magical Game

Wizardmon is an advanced Digimon that came from Witchelny, the Digital World of another dimension. Although it has a personality that likes playing a few practical jokes, because it has another, shyer side, it tries to never show its uncovered face.


The army of Flareizardmon left the group once Riku and Devimon had disappeared, leaving the group to only lick their wounds as they contemplated the sudden appearance of a human with a D-Analyzer with a Partner Digimon. The one fact that stung them the most was the fact they lost. One champion Digimon managed to completely curb stomp six champions. This didn't bode well for the Digidestined. The three warriors of fire, light and darkness were speaking in an area away from the healing chosen. During that time Agunimon was summarizing the events before the two warriors of light and darkness arrived. To say they were surprised was an understatement.

"Well we found the prototype," Lobomon sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose, looking slightly tired and stressed. "Mercurymon is NOT going to be happy…."

"It was his design to begin with." Loweemon added to which Agunimon nodded.

"I think we better gather ALL of the Digidestined. It's getting close to that time anyway right?"

"Mercurymon's little project? It should be done by now," Lobomon crossed his arms.

"The only problem is Takara. I don't think his trait will match with her…." The Warrior of Darkness commented as his gaze fell onto the Digidestined wrapping bandages around his left arm. Agunimon and Lobomon also looked at her before nodding.

"She does possess Courage, but I don't think it will work…"

"Then we send her to Steel Town." The twin brothers turned to their leader in wonder. "We send her there to be tested. And not just her, but all of them; we have all the Digidestined round up there."

"Liam will be happy he doesn't have to move. Not like he would mind to begin with…" Lobomon commented to the Warrior of Flames suggestion.

Ever since the warriors turned to look at her, Takara had done nothing but stare at them. Why were they staring at her earlier? Or maybe it wasn't her but Agumon? Who knows? A heavy sigh escaped from her lips as she turned around, looking at the injured Digimon and the equally, not physical but emotional, damaged Digidestined. Sirena was cuddling Falcomon, spouting out phrases she couldn't understand, Marine was petting Labramon's injured stomach to try and ease the pain, Kenta looked like he was speaking with Gomamon, with said Digimon trying to raise his flippers, and Kurogasa and Gabumon were walking around, while Haruto was with Tentomon, away from the group looking down at the ground. The twin tailed wouldn't admit it but she felt pity for the brown haired male. She had to admit she honestly thought he got what he deserved, but after seeing his once arrogant face replaced with sadness and shock, she had to feel sorry for him.

Takara scratched the back of her head, feeling regret for several feelings and actions during the battle. The fight replayed like a broken record in her mind, Devimon's smug expression and that gray haired bastard made her snarl. Takara would give anything to get back at them for what they did! Hearing the slight growl from his Tamer made Agumon jump slightly. He dare not ask what the girl was thinking about as the scornful look on her face gave it away. He could understand his tamers anger. They lost to a Digimon that not only had a human partner, but they completely overpowered them and stole an item that must never fall into the hands of evil, but it did. Agumon cursed his own weakness that he wasn't strong enough to be of more help.

"Ugh this sucks…." Takara mumbled, pulling Agumon out of his thoughts as she sat on a nearby rock boulder. Several of the Wizardmon were trying to fix the broken walls of the Colosseum, the rubble placing itself back into place like a jigsaw puzzle. The magic the Digimon displayed captivated the brunette.

"Takara?" The girl turned around to see Agumon behind her.

"You doing alright Agumon?"

"I should be asking you. Riku didn't hurt you did he?" The baby dinosaur asked in concern. The girl spurted before laughing slightly.

"Only my pride. It pisses me off we lost to him."

"I know how you feel." Agumon lowered his head. "Before I met you, I would always loose. But the moment you made me Digivolve…I thought I could do anything. I believed I could do anything as long as you were my friend." His head dropped a bit with each word spoken, his voice cracking and tears welling up around his eyes. "I feel so ashamed now…I let you and everyone else down-"


A hard punch to the top of his head silenced the blubbering dinosaur. Agumon held his head in pain as he tumbled backwards, Takara standing above him, her eyes covered by her bangs.

"What was that for?" The rookie whined as he rubbed his head.


"Wha?" Agumon looked up to see tears welling around his angry partner's face.

"Stupid! You done the best you could and you never gave up! I couldn't ask for an better partner! Don't blame yourself for something we couldn't stop! We may not have won, and we lost Kurogasa's D-Analyzer in the process, but we tried! That's all we could have accomplished!"

"Pretty idealistic opinion there Takara!" Haruto yelled out as he paced his way towards her. "Get your head out of the clouds! This isn't some storybook fairy tale this is reality! And reality says we lost and now he not one but two Digivices, and a hell of a lot of evil Digimon are willing to do anything to get their hands on it!" The dark brown eyed boy screamed at her.

"Then al we have to do is get it back!" Takara argued, which only set the stage for Haruto's anger.

"I knew you were stupid but that's just ridiculous! We don't even know where he is at this moment!"

"We have to go after him anyway if we want the Digivice back so tell me how is this idea stupid, self-centered moron!?"

"This coming from the blind dumbass that let herself get captured!?"

"At least I didn't lose to the enemy TWICE!"

"Stop it you two!" Sirena exclaimed as she placed herself in between the two teenagers. Kenta ran behind Haruto to hold him back while Kurogasa did the same for Takara.

"Break it up!" Kurogasa ordered as Takara struggled. Agumon immediately wrapped his body around his tamer's waist, as did Tentomon. Marine and Labramon remained on the sidelines with Gabumon, Gomamon and Falcomon. Immediately the three warriors appeared.

"What's going on now!?" The Warrior of Light exclaimed.

"Haruto and Takara ready to rip each other's throats out!" Kurogasa explained as he struggled to keep Takara in his grasp. He knew that if he let go the girl would pounce and all hell would break loose, similar for Haruto. Agunimon had enough and snarled, fire wrapping around his body. All the tamers and Digimon, sans his two fellow warriors, immediately trembled at the fire.

"I am already pissed to begin with…do you really WANT TO PUSH ME FURTHER?" His voice was deeper than usual, almost demonic. Takara had no clue what to say or do. She felt fear when she saw Devimon, but it was nothing compared to this. The Warrior of Flame was eerily calm in appearance, but the flames and sound of his voice, even his eyes all screamed anger and lack of patience. The back ends of her hair stood on end, a massive chill ran down her spine despite the heat the flames were radiating. She knew if she said or did the wrong thing, then she would be in for it. Tentomon looked up at his tamer and saw reluctance, but the brown haired boy began to calm down. Kenta felt his ally relax a little and let him go. Haruto ripped himself away from the boy and walked away, his body slumped a bit and his hands on his jacket pocket. Brown eyes watched Haruto leave before returning to Agunimon, his flames slowly dying down, but the rage was still there.

"And you?"

Takara grimaced, taking in a deep breath and then releasing. Kurogasa done what Kenta choose to do and let her go.

"…Sorry….." The twin tailed girl mumbled. The warrior did not even register the girl's apology as he too walked away, possibly to try and calm himself after the events of the night. Bokomon and Neemon watched as everyone left the girl, sans Agumon. After a few moments of standing still the girl walked away herself, Agumon behind her.

"Oh this is looking to be good."


"The purpose of the Digidestined is for everyone to work together to prevent the darkness form spreading. But as of now they can't even stand to be around each other. If this keeps up, then I'm afraid our efforts will be all for naut."

"What do you mean? We won't see Takuya and the others anymore?!" Neemon screeched, which caused him to earn a waistband snap by Bokomon.

"Idiot! Don't say that out loud! The Digidestined still don't know the reason for this…and NEITHER DO THE READERS!"

"Why did you go and spoil it?" Neemon asked once more.

You know the rest….


Takara was now rollerblading around the town at a slow pace. She couldn't stand being anywhere around the Colosseum, not with everyone in the mindset they were in. Agumon was pace walking, keeping up with the girl's slow speed.



"Do you wanna talk?"

Takara scoffed. "I honestly don't think talking would help at the moment. But thanks anyway."

"It can help if you're willing to let it." Agumon counted to the girls comment. The girl came to stop and let out a sigh.

"I said not now. We'll talk later," Once again she rolled on her skates, her thoughts trailing back to the battle.

'Takeshi…if you were here…what would you do?' The brown eyed girl thought. A slight buzzing in her right pocket brought her out of her memories. With slight reluctance she pulled out the touch screen phone.



That's weird. Perhaps it was a wrong number? Either way the girl looked at the two options CALL or DECLINE. Choosing the green button she placed her number on call and brought the phone up to her ear.


"Hello princess!" Chocolate colored eyes widen. "Hope our little scuffle earlier didn't leave you too badly scorn…" That smug voice made the girl snarl.

"How the fuck did you get this number?!" An heated voice pierced through the phone speaker.

"Is that any language for a girl of your standard to have?"

"ANSWER ME!" Her screams echoed through the night but were only heard by Agumon. The baby dinosaur jumped in fright of his tamer's face. It was wrapped in pure, barely controlled rage. A sigh on the receiver was all the dinosaur could hear.

"It's called a phonebook, ever heard of it?"


"Are you still interested in playing that game I mentioned? If you win, I'll give you back Kurogasa's Digivice!" To say surprise was an understatement, the girl was outright astonished. However she knew better. The girl shook her head and growled.

"Do I look stupid or something!?"

"Do you REALLY want me to answer that?"


"No I can guarantee you will play; since it's the only way to free those trapped in the Colosseum…" Takara instantly turned around back to the building, only to see a light green barrier surrounding the area.

"W-what is that!?" Agumon screamed in complete shock that left him unable to move. That instantly changed once Takara sped in the direction of the green dome. The baby dinosaur's light green eyes widen as he followed suit.


Agunimon was pointlessly punching at the light green dome. The green walks would vibrate, but wouldn't break, which only served to make the already angry Warrior of Flame even more aggravated. He screamed out in pure rage as he pounded into the dome even harder, the Digidestined and Chosen Digimon forced to watch as they wouldn't dare go near the Lord of Flame Terminal City. Instantly Loweemon and Lobomon ran to him and each grabbed an arm before wrapping their arm around either his waist or chest.

"Calm down Agunimon!" Lobomon tried to get through to the livid Digimon but to no avail.

"He won't listen he's too outraged!" Loweemon commented as he struggled to keep the warrior form doing anything stupid.

"We-got-no-choice!" The Warrior of Light was going to regret this but they didn't have any other options. It was either that or…

"DON'T YOU F-" Agunimon coughed. Lobomon had slammed his fist into the warrior's stomach, causing the heated Digimon to clutch his stomach before falling unconscious.

"That was over the top!" Labramon declared, to which Gabumon shook his head.

"If they didn't do that he would have just kept going. And personally I don't want my fur to catch on fire."

"You're always worried about your fur!" Gomamon retorted.

"We need to figure out where this barrier came from and how it's trapping us!" Tentomon declared.

"How?! It's encircling the entire area with a big green dome!" Falcomon exclaimed as he flapped his wings a big.

"Not what I meant…" The insect Digimon sweatdropped.

"He means who is controlling it, why it's appearing and how do we break it!?" Sirena explained as she looked around. From the looks of the dome it encircled the entire Colosseum only and nothing else. The sounds of pants and rollerblades brought Kurogasa to turn to the right, seeing Takara and Agumon running towards the barrier.

"Hey what's going on!?" Takara screamed through while pounding on the barrier. The group turned towards her as they watched her try to break through the dome. She tried punching, kicking, ramming her shoulder into the walls but nothing worked.

"Face it Asakura. You can't get in, and we can't get out," Haruto sighed before something appeared in his mind. "Actually that's a good thing. Think this dome has soundproof walls?" Takara's anger was instantly renewed. She gripped her hands into a fist, but tried to restrain herself with her left hand as it held her cell phone.


"Since you all are here allow me to explain the rules!" Riku's voice from Takara's phone made everyone stop and turn towards the device, including the Warriors of Light and Darkness.

"I did NOT just hear that boy's voice from your phone!" Lobomon growled in denial, at which Takara nodded slowly and shamefully.

"Somehow he found out her number through something called a phonebook!" Agumon explained.

"He's lying my phone is a private number only certain people even know it!"

"Not when you're an informant." At this Takara placed the phone back up to her ear.

"Okay seriously what the hell do you want!?"

"A game to test you with a series of challenging riddles. I suggest you put me on speaker because this concerns your buddies also." The girl done what she was asked, with great reluctance. "The rules are simple: You go around town searching for clues that will lead you to Kurogasa's D-Analyzer as well as the device to cancel the barrier. I'll send you a text that will be a hint to the first location. From there you will follow the hints listed at each location till you reach the end containing the prize!"

"Sounds simple enough," Agumon commented.

"A little too simple…though from what I already experienced you placed a time limit on me," Takara remarked.

"Yeah about that…. You have about two hours till everyone in the Colosseum runs out of air." Everyone gasped.

"You gotta be kidding me!" Haruto screamed.

"H-he isn't serious right!?" Marine panicked.

"You can't do this!" Takara screamed in worry.

"I just did. Here's your first clue. And your allowed to have the others help you but don't take too long, and this is the only hint they will be able to help you on. The next few ones are a distance away. Good luck!" The phone hung up, leaving Takara there standing in complete and utter disarray.

"Well…it was a nice life…" Haruto sat on the ground.

"D-don't say things like that!" Marina screamed as she embraced Labramon in worry.

"Everyone just calm down!" Kenta urged. "Takara, did you get the text?"

"Huh uh…" She immediately broke out of her stupor and looked through her messages frantically, trembling ever so slightly. Sure enough, she got one form an unknown number. Pressing the button to open it the girl blanked. The color drained from her face.

"What's wrong?" Loweemon asked. Takara placed the phone in front of him. "Uh-oh…"

"What now?!" Lobomon complained. And form there Loweemon read the message.

"43 62 81 42 32 61 43 31 31 53 33 63 33 81 42 32 23 43 81 93 91 42 33 73 33 81 91 63 53 63 83 33 73 74 61 73 81…" Everyone blanked.

The message wasn't even a message. It was numbers.

Takara felt her blood boil. He was toying with her. Her eyes shined with newfound determination. "To hell with this! If he wants me to take on this challenge then fine! I'll show him who he's screwing with!"


Riku smirked as he hung up on the rioting group. Flipping the phone closed he placed the pay as you go phone in his pocket.

"Let's see what you can do princess…You'll get what you want in the end, even though I'll get what I want also…"


It had already been ten minutes and none of them had figure out the meaning behind the numbers.

"43 62 81 42 32 61 43 31 31 53 33 63 33 81 42 32 23 43 81 93 91 42 33 73 33 81 91 63 53 63 83 33 73 74 61 73 81…" Takara especially kept repeating the numbers at an annoying rate, her eyes narrowed in anger, wanting to throw, destroy do something with her phone but knew it would be pointless. "AAAAAAAH! I DON'T GET IT!"

"We know you've been screaming that for the past ten minutes!" Haruto exclaimed, though he couldn't blame her for being angry. Even HE was baffled by the apparent so called meaning behind the numbers.

"Should we add them up?" The owl like Digimon suggested.

"The sum would be 1,802." Marine pondered as she did the math in her head. "The difference would be a negative, and the product of the number would be too large," She continued to ponder until a shocked expression from Takara caused her to flinch. "D-did I do s-something wrong?"

"NO it's just….can you tutor me in math!?" Takara pleaded as she kneeled. "You beat a freakin calculator, you gotta be a genius to do that, plus you're doing math equations in your head! And I am so struggling so can you please~! I'll do anything you want just help me!" Marine was touched by the girl's words and smiled.


"FOR REAL!? MERCI!" Takara cried out as tears streamed down her eyes.

"FOCUS!" The Digimon Warrior of Light screamed at the girl. "You already wasted twenty minutes! You can discuss this after you get us out!"

"Ah right right right!" Takara shook her head as she stood up and looked over the message again. The only thing that stood out was that they were all double digit numbers. Maybe there was significance in that, anything that had to do with double digit numbers. She was pulled out of her thoughts by an aggravated scream from Sirena.

"I'm at my wits end! Takara didn't he give you another text or something!?" The twin tailed sighed until her eyes widen. Text? The girl pulled up the dial pad and looked at the numbers. The smile on her face couldn't get any wider.


"You have?" Kenta asked. Takara nodded.

"The key is the dial pad. Let me explain. The double digit numbers are actually the number on the pad and the corresponding letter."

"Number and letter?"

"Yep," Takara showed the dial pad to the confused Warrior of Darkness. "See the first letter represents the number on the pad, and the second letter represents the number of times you press it. This was used ten years ago on phones that didn't have touch screens or dial pads to connect with others. So by this logic," Takara began wildly pressing the numbers by the rule she discovered. Soon she had a sentence and showed it to the group through her notepad application.

IN – 43 62

THE – 81 42 32

MIDDLE – 61 43 31 31 53 33

OF – 63 33

THE - 81 42 32

CITY – 23 43 81 93

WHERE – 91 42 33 73 33

TWO – 81 91 63

LOVERS – 53 63 83 33 73 74

MET – 61 73 81

"In the middle of the city where two lovers met?" Marine read.

"Besides the Colosseum what else is in the middle of the city?" Takara asked as the two warriors pondered.

"The fountain!" Agumon chirped. "The fountain we passed while chasing down Lynxmon earlier."

"I almost forgot about that! Ranamon forced Agunimon to place it there because she thought it would be good for the town," Lobomon commented. Takara nodded and smiled ta Agumon.

"Nice job partner!" The partner in question blushed.

"The next clue should be there! I'm gonna find it and free you guys before time's up I swear!" Takara declared as she immediately rollerbladed towards the aforementioned place, Agumon running behind her at top speed.

"That was actually clever on his part," Kurogasa muttered. "But in all honesty, why Takara?"

"What do you mean?" Gabumon asked his partner.

"He's asking why hot head is the one that's playing the game. Basically, why is the villain targeting the rookie in a game and not a veteran like us?" Haruto explained. The question caused the two warriors to be curious.

"That is a good question. Takara has a lot of potential as Agumon has raw power. Perhaps he knows something we don't."

"What could be so special about that girl?" Haruto gritted his teeth. Kurogasa sighed.

"Haruto just drop it-" He was interrupted by the dome barrier. The dome began to glow a thicker green, the hexagon shapes it was made out of made clear. The group huddled to each other as several Wizardmon and FlarWizardmon attacked the barrier, hopping to shatter it but to no avail. However, what happened next shocked everyone. A soft groan erupted from Agunimon as he pushed himself off of the ground, holding his stomach.

"Dammit Lobomon…I'm gonna-WHAT THE HELL!?"


The new team of Takara and Agumon ran as fast as they could towards the water fountain they saw during their chase of the flame armor Digimon from earlier. The streets were dimly lit, only certain streetlights were on, almost like it was intentional for it to be like that. Every second streetlight was lit. It wasn't until she got to a fork in a road and one of the roads leading to the fountain was lit while the others were dark that led Takara to narrow her eyes. The people and Digimon that were out late were confused.

"So Agumon, think Riku's giving us a hint?"

"I would be surprised!" He remarked as they ran or skated down the stone pathway. Eventually they reached the fountain, despite it being nighttime the fountain was still going. The water was crystal clear and the closer they got to it, also cold.

"Okay, so the next riddle should be somewhere around here. I'll look in the fountain, you try the areas around it," Takara explained to which Agumon nodded and ran towards the nearest street lamp. The twin tailed chosen looked down into the water to see her own reflection. Brown eyes closed in exasperation. "Why the hell did he choose a fountain of all places to hide a clue?" Her whispers were unheard but it was obvious she was aggravated. She checked the phone to see it read 10:30 p.m. It had been thirty minutes since the game began. Depending on the number of clues then she was either making good progress, or wasting time. She switched back to the notepad app containing the message and read it again, more specifically the last part.

"Where two lovers met…" What did that passage mean? What lovers was he referring to? Perhaps it had something to do with entertainment? No that would be too vague, maybe something in legends? The Tarot Card the Lovers? What was it!?

'Why they met at a fountain!'

Brown eyes widen. Not in realization, but in true astonishment. A memory of both her grandfather and her form two years back played in her mind. Why? Why now? Why did she have to think of that!? Wait…THEY met at a fountain….but where? Takara turned to the left and traveled to the other side. She began scanning the water in a mild panic. The chosen found what she was looking for as she stuck her hand into the icy cold water, not even registering the cold liquid as she grasped her hand onto something. She pulled the first out and opened it, laying in her palms was a penny.

"She threw a coin and made a wish, and along came a man who fulfilled it…." The words spurred form her mouth like that of a storybook narrator. Her hands grasped the penny, her teeth gritting in pain as memories began returning anew. The pressure of the nails digging into her hand caused the skin to pierce and blood to slowly ooze out.

"Takara! Hey I found something!" Agumon screamed. The chosen turned around to see the rookie Digimon carrying a cylinder of sorts. "I found this laying on top of a bush nearby and-hey what happened to your hand?" The sight of small drops of blood coming from the girl's left hand caused him to worry. Takara smiled her usual grin and replied.

"It's fine I just accidently cut myself. Let's take a look." She took the green cylinder in her hands and examined it. If anything it looked like one of those mini kaleidoscopes that were popular when she was a child. Once again the memories returned. Brown eyes began looking through the tube but couldn't see anything. She pointed it to the direction of the streetlight, but there was only darkness. "Huh, is it broken?" She shook it a few times to get it to work but caught onto something else entirely. Something was rattling on the inside. Takara looked at the top of the tube and saw that it was a screw on. The twin tailed unscrewed the cap and held the tube upside down, a slip of paper coming out.

"Is that out next clue?"

"Let's see," Unrolling the paper she saw another riddle. "A place where life and death reside at the same time? WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS MEAN!?"

"Wait there's more! ON the back!" The green eyed dinosaur commented. Turning the paper over Takara read it out loud.

"Where is the place you spent most of your life at?"


He's kidding right?!

How does he know!?

"Takara? What's wrong? You look pale?" Pale was an understatement. Takara looked like she could throw up at any time. Anger, disbelief, grief, it was beginning to create a mixture inside her that made her sick to her stomach. "We….we need to keep going!" He knew he had to get her mind off of whatever was making this expression on her face. He hated it; he hated seeing his tamer looking like that. In the days he known her, he saw a strong, cheerful, albeit abusive friend, so seeing several emotions he clearly did not like on her face made Agumon worry. Takara turned to him. "Our friends, they don't have much time!"

"R-right…Agumon…is there any hospitals in the city?" She was clearly straining herself to say the sentence.

"Well…I think there is a small one down this road…" He replied as he pointed to the road in question. The girl nodded solemnly.

"Let's go….that's the next place…" Silently she rolled down the road, Agumon behind her. His eyes were upon her back in worry and sadness himself. His tamer was acting strange and she wasn't gonna talk about it. Did she not trust him enough? No, she trusts him with her life, she proven that. Maybe it was something that can't be talked about easily. As he pondered they arrived at the hospital Agumon told her about. It wasn't a large one, if anything it was a small, steel clinic the size of a regular inn in the Digital World. Brown eyes scanned the area, trying to find something out of the ordinary. Her eyes fell upon another cylinder that was on top of the sign.

"Oh great…how the hell am I supposed to get that?" She slumped over.

"Well you can always stand on me?" Takara turned her head, still slumped over, to the dinosaur.


"This was your idea, remember that!" Hands began reaching for the brown cased clue. As suggested by Agumon, the girl, after taking off her rollerblades, was standing on his shoulders with him holding her legs as best he could so that she didn't fall. Her hands patted the cold sign until they felt the oddly rough case. "I GOT IT!" She screamed. Bad mistake. Agumon tumbled and bit and the next thing Takara knew, she was dealing with a major migraine. Agumon couldn't hold her anymore and as such he felt over and Takara fell with him, causing her head to hit the solid ground.

"FUUUUUCCCKKKK!" The brown haired girl screamed in pain as tears welled up at her eyes. Agumon shivered in fear.


"SORRY DOESN'T CUT IT! READ THE GOD DAMN MESSAGE!" Her voice echoed throughout the night sky, it being a miracle the people inside the building didn't hear her. The dinosaur rookie did as told and unraveled the paper.

"Uh….A place where last met a friend. Where do you go that is opened to the public for both outdoor fun and….trees?" Takara stopped whining and froze, her eyes now fully annoyed.



"A park!?" Agumon screeched. Takara was still holding her head in pain, the constant throbbing causing a massive migraine, and the scream Agumon unleashed was not helping.

"Would you keep it down!? "

"Sorry…" He replied as he placed both his hands on his mouth in a "no speak evil" motion. Takara gritted her teeth in pain as she looked at her phone. Dammit it was already that late!?

"We got 45 minutes to scale this place!"

"That's not enough time! The clue could be anywhere!"

"I have a theory, follow me!" The chosen commented as she rolled at a fast speed into the dark parts of the park.

"More running?" Agumon whined but relented and followed his tamer. Takara flew by the trees in a fast motion, ignoring the pain in her head as yet another memory flooded into her mind. If she was right, if the clue was there, then that proved the budding theory she had back at the water fountain. She prayed she was wrong, she hoped she was just being paranoid. The darkness began to slither around the girl's body, her headache was getting worse. She had to stay awake, at least till she found it! At least till this was over! She came to a stop. The area she resided in was one that was wide, grassy area with two benches and a trashcan between the two. Her eyes lowered once more.

Slowly she rolled over to one of the benches and kneeled down. By this time Agumon had caught up to her. Panting slightly he fell to his knees and spoke.

"You…are too…fast...Takara!" He looked up to see the girl kneeling. Using the last bit of strength he had he walked over to her and looked over her shoulder. She was reading the last clue. One of the streetlamps above them flickered on and he was able to read the rest of the message.

"The place where the journey began, where three children came to play?"

"It means you, Bearmon and Guilmon." She answered, standing up. Agumon did not like this. His tamer's voice was quiet, almost soft, but he could feel something else behind it.


Her eyes were filed with it.

"Let's go Agumon…"


The gray-haired boy was laying back on the edge of the cliff overlooking the town. From there he could see everything, including the Colosseum. However something was wrong, the large green dome was gone though. Riku smirked. He could recall the events of how it transpired.


"Dammit Lobomon…I'm gonna-WHAT THE HELL!?"Agunimon screamed. The green barrier dome flickered until it finally dispersed. Everyone was in shock, even the two species of Wizard Digimon.

"Did you do that?"Wizardmon and FlarWizardmon asked at the same time, though clearly the toher did not.

"In case you all are wondering," Everyone turned to the perpetrator in question. It was Riku. "I turned the barrier off. You are all free to go. And here!" Riku threw the blue and white D-Analyzer back at Kurogasa, who caught it, although extremely confused. "NO need to thank me." Agunimon caught sight of the boy and charged at him, ready to pound his fist into the boy's face, only to come colliding with the same energy barrier. The Warrior of Flame howled in pain. "That's gonna hurt. Your fault for being violent!"

"Dammit…just who the hell are you?!"

"I told you, Riku Takamine, 15 years old, human, and an informant with the Program Skill System Shield. I can create any type of barrier I desire, even use it to entrap my enemies. The shields are unbreakable and can only be cut down by my command." At this he brought out his D-Analyzer. "I can even mold the shield into anything I want and act upon it." The laser blade from earlier returned before it retracted.

"A Digimon, Digivice and Program Skill!? This should be impossible!" Lobomon expressed his disbelief. Riku scoffed.

"Not for me!"

"Damn you! What was the point of all of this!?" Loweemon demanded.

"Nothing special. This was nothing but a test, and Takara is passing with flying colors. You better keep a good leash on her Legendary Warriors! You never know when she might switch sides..."

"I…only known Takara from Takeshi's words and from the time I spent with her…" Marine began, causing the amber eye colored boy to gaze at the girl next to Kurogasa. "But I know one thing for sure…Takara has a strong sense of justice and she would rather bite her own tongue than ever join with someone who's out to hurt others!"

"Who said I was out to hurt others? I only do what I'm paid to do, nothing more, and nothing less. Now if you'll excuse me I need to be at the last checkpoint, unless you all want to try and attack me." Everyone remained silent and still, though it was obvious it was taking Sirena's every last ounce of will to do so, that and Falcomon desperately hanging onto her, along with Gabumon, Tentomon and Gomamon. "Smart choice! Oh and Legendary Warriors, you may wanna step up your search…" The three warriors in questioned looked at him with confusion until Loweemon's eyes widen. "The search for the Beast Spirits is now a free for all!" Immediately all three warriors charged at the boy, only for them to be stopped by a shield that covered more than half of the way, leaving Riku the chance to escape from the purposely ticked off, angry warriors.


"She should be here any minute now…" He whispered. Sure enough the sound of crushing grass and footsteps made him aware of the arrival of the girl and her Digimon. "Right on time!" He stood up from where he laid and turned to the girl, her bangs covering the brown eyes. "Congrats princess, the game is over!"

"What was the point of all of this?" Her eyes were still shadowed, but the anger in her voice was beyond apparent. The gray haired informant smirked.

"I wanted to test your skills, nothing more. Out of 100 possible points, you get an 80! I didn't make the clues that hard to figure out and you did nearly run out of time! Speed it up next time girl!" He was toying with her again. Without his notice the girl dashed forward and threw her fist at him, only for him to catch it once more like in their first meeting. A sharp pain jolted through his arm like a lightning bolt, causing him to wince, but not enough for the girl to see. Riku glanced at the girl as she raised her head. Her once clear brown eyes were dark, filled to the brink with resentment.

"You weren't even planning to kill them! This was nothing more than a game!"

"I said it was a game, and I don't want to kill my only competition just yet. Like I said, this was to test your skills. "

"Test…my…skills?! FOR WHAT PURPOSE TO ANNOY ME!?"

"Yeah that's pretty much it," Riku admitted with no guilty conscious. Takara gritted her teeth as she moved to roundhouse kick him, only for him to dodge once more. She continued trying to punch the teen but he just backed away and moved. She was too angry and that make it obvious as to what she would do next. The constant repetition was beginning to bore him and so with her last punch he balled his fingers and shoved his fist into her stomach. Blood and spit flew out of the girl's mouth as she kneeled down, covering her stomach in pain. Agumon ran towards his tamer to assist her until Riku activated the Program Skill and entrapped him in the same dome as the others. A snarl came from the petite dinosaur as fire began to form in his mouth.

"I wouldn't-" Too late. Agumon released a fireball, only to bounce off the shield and hit him directly in the face, knocking him out. Takara groaned as she saw the Digimon faint.

"A..gumon…" Riku walked past the girl and towards the barrier, ready to dissolve it until his eyes widen in surprise. The smug grin appeared and he turned around. She must have looked pathetic in his eyes; balled over clutching her stomach in pain, the throbbing in her head getting worse, tears were threatening to appear from her eyes due to the pain but she bit her lip to keep form doing so.

"What a sad state you're in," Amber eyes closed as he shook his head in pity. Walking toward her he knelt down and lifted her chin. "A person form high class society really doesn't belong here."

"What the hell do you know!?" She spat out.

"Everything. My job is to investigate you guys and figure out the best way to break all of you. I decided to start with the most interesting one. Born and raised in a hospital since birth you were practically abandoned by your parents and dumped onto your grandparent's right after they learned you were even alive. I suppose I can sympathize-"

"Keep your damn sympathy I don't need it!"

"Let's be honest, when was the last time you spoke to your parents? Wasn't it two years ago when you were discharged from the hospital?" He could feel the girl's body stiffen at the remark, her eyes turning to the right to avoid eye contact. "Takara Asakura, the daughter of the ones who own Asakura Industrializations and one of the families that funds the opening for the wormhole to the Digital World. On their command they could shut down the portal in all areas of Japan, making it impossible to travel to the Digital World anywhere in the country. You were trying to so hard to hide that fact from your friends, no they can't be your friends now can they? Let's stick with allies for now." Takara couldn't even bring herself to glare at him. The pain was slowly taking over, both physical pain and mental. "You're afraid once they learn this they will treat you like the high class girl you are and not who you want to be. And then, once they are done with you, they will betray you." The amber eyed boy stood up, towering over her. "So here is the million dollar question I have been waiting to ask all night. Why not join the side that has the chance of finding Takeshi-


What the…What just happened? The last thing Riku remembered was gloating, and now he was on his back on the ground, the right side of his face was beat red and slightly throbbing. Standing before him was Takara, despite all the pain in her head and stomach, she was standing.

"Shut up…" The cold breeze of the cliff failed to sooth the throbbing on his face. Takara glared at him, her face wrapped in pure resentment.

"SHUT THE HELL UP! I'LL BE DAMNED BEFORE YOU START TALKING LIKE YOU KNOWN ME FOR YEARS AND I'D RATHER SLIT MY OWN THROAT THAN TEAM UP WITH YOU!" She slammed her right fist into her hand. "AND IF YOU KEEP TALKING LIKE THAT I'LL MAKE SURE THE LEFT CHEEK IS BLACK AND BLUE INSTEAD OF RED!" Her voice echoed throughout the cliff, enough to stir even Agumon awake. What the dinosaur saw was Riku on his back on the ground and his tamer standing above him, dried blood on the corner of her lips. His friend was standing tall and proud, anger radiating off of her but still.

A soft giggle emerged in the darkness. Agumon looked at the boy on the gorund. He was chuckling still. His chuckle became a loud laugh. Stnaidng up the boy returned the angry glare with an arrogant expression.

"Sounds like a good time. But sadly I have to leave for the day. My job tonight is done, I got all the info I require."

"Like hell I am letting you get away!" Takara charged once more, but immediately stopped in shock. Riku had jumped of the cliff! Jaw dropped the girl couldn't believe what he did. That is, until she saw him again, but on the back of a tainted Airdramon. In his right hand was his D-Analyzer that glowed a bit. The dome surrounding Agumon vanished as she slowly walked over ot his tamer.

"Sorry princess but it looks like our dates over for the night. Let's meet again in the near future! I'll keep in contact!" The Airdramon took off, leaving Takara and Agumon, both injured, on the cliff. The blue winged dragon slowly disappeared into the night sky. Takara knelt down on one knee, grasping her head in pain.

"Takara!" Agumon panicked as he embraced the girl, trying to keep her steady.

"There they are!" Agumon turned to the sound of the voice to see Falcomon flying in his direction. Behind him were Sirena, Kurogasa, Gabumon and Agunimon. As soon as they reached them Gabumon ran up to the girl.

"Is she okay?"

"Define okay…" The twin tailed chosen muttered.


Riku was riding on the back of the flying digital wyvern. He winced as he glanced at his clutched right hand. He opened it, revealing the skin was broken slightly. Takara's punch had managed to tear the skin slightly. A smirk replaced the pondering frown.

"She breaks my skin, and the Digimon cracks my barrier…." The flash of when he checked the barrier showed a tiny crack in the dome form where the fireball shot at. "Get stronger you two…get so strong I won't feel guilty for killing the both of you…"

"I-I don't know what to make of all of this!? I mean, there was so much we learned! If you wanna learn more along with me then keep reading ReImage: Digimon World!" - Tomoki "Tommy" Himi


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Labramon: Richard Cansino (Labramon – Digimon Tamers: Battle of Adventurers)

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