Fallen Star

It had only been a day or so since his little star had gone dark when Pitch found himself riding to the capital of Terra, Santoff Claussen. He typically avoided the place because of its close association with the Lunar Lamadary, but right now he had need of the Great Library. Hopefully, he could slip into the city without too much of a fuss.

It had been a while since he had made himself known and most people avoided his side of the Lamadary. The Nightmare King wasn't exactly a favorite of the populace, that honor was reserved for the Tsar Lunar. That was the way of things and normally this obvious favoritism did not bother Pitch as much. But now he cursed his lack of believers fueling his powers viciously.

If his little Frost had simply died, then...well, it would break his heart, but at least it could rest assured Pitch missed it. But if Frost had not died but instead fallen from the sky, then he would have to hurry. A fallen star was an assent many, both Human and Fae, would a considerable amount for. As long as a fallen Star has not been named, then they were open game. And their hunters were many. The only true safe place for an unclaimed Stars was the Lunar Lamadary, home of the first fallen star, Sanderson Mansnoozie, called Sandman by the wizardlings.

If Frost had indeed fallen to earth, then one way or another the Star would find its was to the Lamadary, drawn by the presence of other stars. But that's if the Star was not captured first.

He had to know what happen. And if anyone knew the fate of a star, it would be Sanderson. And Sanderson could usually be found in the Great Library.

It was the sound of the door creaking open that awakened Jamie. He carefully sat up and looked over his shoulder to where his guest should be sleeping. But the cot was empty. Immediately, Jamie was up and scanning the inside of the cabin before rushing out the front door. His voice died in his throat when he saw his guest standing still just out of reach from the doorway.

The Fae's hood was thrown back revealing feathery white locks that rustled in the gentle late winter breeze. The Fae's face was tilted back staring at the sky. Even from the back, he...er, she -he really had to figure out which pronoun to use- was beautiful in an almost unearthly way.

His hand released the cabin door which bumped the side of the cabin dully. Instantly, brilliant blue eyes, cold as ice and yet so soft, whipped around to stare fixedly on him. As much as it sounded like something a lovesick girl would say, time really did seem to stop for a moment.

Then the Fae blinked and returned their gaze to the sky. A hand reached slowly up as if to grasp the sun, a confused expression scrunching the Fae's beautiful features.

"Hey." The Fae turned back to Jamie's brown eyes curiously, a trace of fear only hinted in those crystal orbs. "My name's Jamie, Jamie Bennet. You were drowning and I pulled you out of the water. It's nice to meet you. You ok?"

The eyes blinked before returning to the sky in open confusion. "Where am I?"

It was so quiet, Jamie almost missed it. "You're in the Circinus Mountains."

"But where?"

"You mean what side? The inland side. Santoff Claussen is just a couple days ride south of here. Why? Do you need to be somewhere?"


Jamie blinked. "No what?"

"No. Nonono, where. Where? Where am I? Where is Tsar Lunanoff? Why is the sun so high? Why? Where? I don't understand. The light. That light. It burned. Does he know? Where is he? Why can't I see him? Why is the sky so high? Where am I? Is this...is this...earth?"

Jamie listened to the constant stream of broken, confused whispers spill from the Fae's mouth. The male Fae's mouth. That was definitely a male's voice. Young given, but still distinctly male. Unnerved, he moved closer and placed a gentle hand on the young Fae's shoulder.

The reaction was instantaneous. The whispers ceased and the boy's body stiffened as terrified blue eyes spun to stare at the Human. Then pale hands were gripping Jamie's clothes tightly and blueish lips parted once more. "Where is he? Please. I must warn him. He must know. I need to tell him. Where is he? Please! Tell me!"

Jamie covered the Fae's cool hands with his warm ones and overrode the boy's frantic please with his own loud voice. "Who? Easy. Easy! Who? Who are you looking for? Maybe I can help?"

"Him! He's always there. Always talks to me. Always-"



Jamie thought hard. Where had heard that name before? He could swear he knew it, but he could not for the life of him figure out why. Instead he settled for trying to calm the steadily panicking Fae in front of him. "I don't know where he is. I'm sorry."

"I have to find him," the boy insisted. "He needs to know. He needs to be warned. They're coming."

"Who? Who's coming? Can you tell me?"

"I...I..." Confusion settled on the Fae's pale features. Honestly, he looked like he was just solid snow and ice given life. His previously frantic voice quieted to a confused whisper, "I don't remember."

Jamie sighed and rolled his eyes discretely. Great. Just what he needed. A paranoid amnesiac Fae. Well, first things first. "Don't worry. I'm sure you'll remember whatever it was you wanted to tell this Kozmotis guy. In the mean time, you hungry? I've got some food back inside. You interested?"

The Fae youth once again looked confused. "Food?"

"Yes," Jamie nodded. He had to be patient with this boy. Theoor guy was recovering from drowning in a frozen lake, after all. Althou that brings to mind, how did the boy manage to stay underwater long enough for the ice to freeze as thick as it had and not drown beforehand? It didn't make any sense.

His stomach growl interrupted his train of thought drawing the surprised attention of the pale boy. The Fae stared incredulously at Jamie's stomach before looking up at the sound of a throat being cleared. "Well, food. Yes? Yes. Ok. This way."

He turned and waited to be sure the youth was following him. After one last confused, longing gaze at the sky, the boy came.

"By the way," Jamie called back casually, "you got a name? Or the name of the Fae clan you're from? You can probably find the embassy for most of the larger Fae clans in Santoff Claussen. I could take you there if you're interested. I've always wanted to go there. I hear it's-"

"I'm not Fae."

Jamie stopped. "Okay then, what are you? If you don't mind me asking."

The not-Fae met his gaze steadily and replied in the voice that sounded almost surprised Jamie hadn't known his race immediately. "I'm a Star."


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