The Magic Inside

Of course, we know how Earth had formed millions of years ago. During this time, Earth was bombarded with asteroids and meteors which including several minerals inside them. Just as the Earth was formed, a meteorite crashed into the earth. It flew into an open volcano and down to the center of the Earth, or the core. The meteorite released some sort of mineral unknown to mankind. This mineral caused the volcano to erupt and create a dome. Over years, the dome wore down to an island. The British found this island by accident when sailing for the New World and named it Sodor Island. Soon, the British Empire sent people over to Sodor Island to colonize it and take control of the land unknown. Over the years, many inventions came along and changed Sodor's history. Once day, humans had found a mine of the coal on Sodor Island. They immediately built a railroad to carry the coal. Inside a warehouse, they built the first ever train and called it Lady. As soon as the coal was put in Lady, something magical happened. Lady came to life and started talking. The owner decided to make sure every train got this coal and this is how the trains and other machines learned to talk. Lady however was the first train so she was the only train keep on the special Sodor Island coal. This gave Lady some magical powers. Using her headlights, Lady made an inter-dimensional portal which would connect our world to Sodor Island. She used this inter-dimensional portal and arrived at Shining Time. There she heard tails of men no taller than 18 inches. She went to investigate this legend and found the family of Mr. Conductor. She gave MR. Conductor the magic to use gold dust to go back and forth to Sodor Island and Shining Time. Then, the Mr. Conductor's family told their secret to the Stone family, who became the guardians of Lady. One day while riding Lady on Sodor Island, an evil diesel engine called Diesel 10 chased Lady and Burnett Stone. The diesel made Lady go too fast and made her crash. Burnett Stone took her to Muffle Mountain, which happen to be the secret entrance to the Magic Railroad. He tried to work hard on Lady, with the help of his wife. Sadly, his wife died before he could fix Lady. Many had heard him talking about Lady and thought he was talking about his wife. And this is where the Magic Railroad begins.