A/N: My First D. Gray Man fanfic. I know everyone does the AllenXRoad, LeeXAllen, aftermath of the last chapter/episode. AU's. But I have not found a SINGLE one talking about akuma or giving them the center stage. They give them two paragraphs before getting killed in a multi-chapter story. So instead I have decided to get a few well-known or not akuma and have them face off again against those who killed them wondering how it would turn out this time.

The last thing Mimi remembered, other than a slash from Allen, was seeing Lulu Bell nod in approval. She had been so happy to help, even thou it killed her. When she exploded, everything became black, and the world around her faded. Everything felt at peace. The fear of being killed, the desire to level up, and best of all being freed. It was a strange feeling, but she knew she was no longer compelled to obey the Earl. She felt like she could sleep forever, never to wake up wherever she was. But soon she felt a thundering pain, like her stomach was being ripped right out of her. A ghost wrapped in bandages screamed "FREEDOM", floating to a small tunnel of light she had failed to notice.

That light than became smaller and she felt like she was dropping into a never ending pit. When she awoke she found herself on a floor. Regaining her eyesight it turned out to be a room. But a quick glance around it looked like a lobby. The sound of writing drew her attention to a small brown desk. Behind it was an old man in a robe. A very old man whose skin was practically hanging from his skull. He waved a hand for her to come here.

"Ok, let's see, name Mimi, an Akuma employed by the Millennium Earl, and, well that's about it" he said in a deep aged bored tone.

Mimi looked around trying to figure out what just happen. She was dead, right? Of course then again no one ever knew what happened to an Akuma who died. Hell, no one really cared what did happen to a dead Akuma.

"Mimi, eh, do you spell with E's or I's?" He asked

"Um, I's"

He wrote the name in a book that looked like it had a billion pages. Suddenly a surge of pain struck her chest. And then it spread to her entire body. She looked at her hands and found them smoking before setting aflame. Soon her entire body was engulfed in fire. She screamed in pain for the flames increased drastically.

"Extraction complete" she heard before blacking out.

"Hey….hey, get up"

She awoke once again feeling someone poke her repeatedly.

"Ah I see you're awake"

She looked up to see a small girl dressed in a pink and white dress with a blonde ponytail as if she was attending church.

"Where am I?" asked Mimi, still trying to clear her head and the pain she felt earlier

"You'll soon see"

It was then Mimi picked up the sense this girl wasn't a girl, but an akuma. Of course that didn't shock her; the Earl used anyone regardless of age or gender to build his ever expanding army. She looked around to see a few akuma who were starting to get up with confusing looks on their faces.

"Alright I do believe I've got everyone now" said the old man walking in.

The akuma all turned to him trying to figure out where they were. Last they remember they failed and were killed by the exorcists.

"Now before you go on with your many questions allow me to explain. Technically you are all dead, but at the same time alive. While it's true Akuma do not have souls, you do have dark matter which allowed me to harvest it and replicate you. Of course this was only successful after ripping the human soul and setting you on fire to ensure no traces of it remain since I wouldn't be able to harvest the dark matter. Any questions?"

Mimi was about to speak before she was cut off

"Great then now we move on. You see I have acquired many enemies above who have trapped me here, left me to rot. I have lost track of time but not my objective. It's time I make the Noah family and the Black Order pay" he said causally yet bitterly

"I have taken the liberty of restoring you and severing your connection to the Earl, in a sense you are free."

"Impossible, this is a dream, a trick! We cannot survive without the soul of a human" spoke an akuma who looked like a jester.

"Oh please you can. The Earl merely made that restriction incase his army rebelled. He may be powerful, but even he has his limits"

"So….does that mean we can go now" said Mimi gaining hope

"Kind of….well no. I gathered the best I could find. You see your mission will be to free me from this prison. Do that and well basically you can have freedom"
"And why would we want to be enslaved yet again? Death isn't looking so bad" spoke up another. A brown hair girl who had a green scare covering her head.

"I knew you people be in uproar. Well look it this way Angela, you'll have a second chance to beat Kanda and maybe find what his heart desires….you know since you got impaled last time."

She gritted her teeth as he reminded her of the failure and death she faced.

"I know the curiosity is becoming unbarring. And Mimi, you can once again fill Lulu Bell's wishes and beat the exorcists and win this time around"
A brief image flashed in Mimi's mind seeing Lulu Bell with the bell ringing

"And let's not forget Eliade" he darted his eyes to the women hiding in the corner.

"Quiet ashamed Walker took away the life you had once enjoyed"

Eliade merely bowed her head with sadness and disgust

"And last but not least Pierrot"

"What do you want?" he said nastily

"You were the first level 2 akuma to fight Walker…..only to turn into a pile of ash"

"WE HAD THE SAME GOD DAM ARM!" he vigorously defended

"And then that stupid Kanda teamed up! Two vs one you have to give lee-way, that was unfair" he defended

"Right…..well anyways you'll have a second chance to maybe succeed."

"So you've given us a second chance but obviously it's not that easy" said Eliade

"Of course not, while you'll all be able to pursue your separate goals and vendetta's, you still need to work to free me. It's quiet easy actually. I need an exorcist and a Noah"

"Ok?" Eliade knew it couldn't be that simple

"Haha, of course it's not that simple. I need an exorcist or accommodator if you prefer who has not realized he is one and a Noach whose genes have not activated yet…it is vital that both these requirements are meant" he said the last part very seriously

"One more question…I've notice everyone here is a level two…why not higher?" asked Angela

"Ah yes, well in all honestly I'm not powerful enough to obtain higher level akuma. Believe me a level four I would crave. Still have to make do with what you got"

"And why us?"

"You all have distinctive personalities that make you unique from the rest"

"One more question" spoke Mimi

The Old Man heavily sighed

"Won't we just get killed again….especially since the enemy is much stronger."
"So many freck'n questions" he muttered

"Trust me, after I release you, you'll find your powers to be….greater than before.

The room remained quiet for a bit.

"Well I wish you luck. The little girl will guide you; she also has her own Vendetta, charming yes? After you get the two people, she will lead you to the path where everything will further be explained"

The akuma in the room were silent cautious yet eager to get a second chance.

"Well then…goodbye" he waved his hand and a blinding white light engulfed the room.

The last thing Mimi heard was his laughter.

Well hope it was good. I understand how giving akuma the center stage may not be the greatest idea but I can try.

So watch in the future as the akuma try to fulfill their vendetta's and release this man whose name will be revealed in time.