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Mimi arrived to her own location. While she did want to find and kill Allen, her first priority was to see Lulu Bell. After all, she only wanted to serve her….till death.

She was in a stone building, no doubt one of the countless hideouts the Noah Family had, and it seemed today they would meet here. Mimi looked around attempting to familiarize with her surroundings. A few halls here and there, dimly lit area, and everything made of stone. After looking so more, she knew this was a temporary meeting place as the Noah family had usually meant in high style.

She heard footsteps before turning around to see a level two akuma. Heavily resembling a cricket, with budging eyes with long antennas, with four metal like feet, spikes on its back, and its two arms looked that of a body builder.

"Weird, exorcists usually don't change uniforms" he said

"I'm not an exorcist, I'm an Akuma, and I need to see Madam Lulu Bell!" demanded Mimi not wanting to waste time

"Sure and I am an Exorcists" he said sarcastically. His stomach bloated before shooting out a thick orange liquid. Mimi immediately dodged and saw the liquid consume the chunk of wall it landed before exploding.

"Find then, if I must got through to get to Madam Lulu Bell, so be it" she yelled leaping up and drawing her bladed fans

"Die Exorcist!"

The cricket like Akuma leaped up, bloating its chest before shooting out the orange liquid again. But Mimi easily dodged it running along the roof before leaping down slashing him across his chest as it was bloating up again. He attempted to say something but it came as a gurgle from the blood before it exploded, shaking the room to its core.


The Noah family was waiting for Road until an explosion relieved them of their boredom.

"Can someone go and see what that is?" ordered the Earl bored out of his wits. Lulu Bell immediate got up after everyone else looked the other way.

"Puff overachiever" thought Tyki as lit another cigarette. Quitting wasn't working for him.

"Ugh what the hell, where is Road, she's never late…well almost never!" The Earl thought. He wasn't worried, he knew Road could hold her own, but time was ticking by and he was starting to consider going on the meeting but this was important information and he did not feel like re-explaining it to her.

"Ok I think we've waited long enough, does any know where Road is?" asked Tyki twirling his cigarette before putting it back into his mouth.

The Earl rattled his fingers on the table, and started to fidget. He wasn't use to sitting around waiting for the time to go by.

"I even sent someone to get her!" he thought tiredly. A few more rumbles were heard.

"Great, who decided to attack now ugh"

The Akuma's patrolling were no match for someone who had probably lived the longest out of all of them. She felt excited being in action again. Not even having to change into her second form, she already felt powerful slicing up the akuma who dare go against her.

She leapt back down slicing the last akuma across the body, shielding herself as it exploded. She looked to the corpse and turned around to see the person she was looking for.

"Madam Lulu Bell" she whispered happily

Lulu Bell, the one with the greatest calm complexion looked shocked for a split second before regaining her composure.

"No….that can't be her….she died"

"Madam Lulu Bell" Mimi exclaimed a little more happily.

"Impossible, akuma cannot come back, it's impossible….yes impossible, and she is an imposter, how dare she!"

Lulu Bell, already in her Noah form, lashed her arm out at Mimi who on the other hand was caught completely off and knocked to the other side of the room.

"Madam Lulu Bell, don't you remember!" exclaimed a tearful Mimi

"She's dead" muttered Lulu Bell but enough for Mimi to hear

Mimi realized that there had never been any known record of an Akuma coming back in history.

"Who are you" Lulu Bell calmly asked walking steadily towards Mimi

"I am Mimi, faithful servant to you" was the response

She swore she saw Lulu Bell's nose cringe at that

"Is this one of the Earls test? Did he notice when I mourned for her? Does he think I'm weak? *Sigh* It doesn't matter now, I won't fall for this, but this imposter will surely die"

Lulu Bell lashed her arm out again with more force knocking Mimi down further

"If I must fight to prove it, then so be it" said Mimi as her skin changed to a dark metallic gray and her teeth became daggers.

"But I won't hurt you…too much" she thought leaping off the ground.

Lulu Bell's arms whipped out attempting to kill her but Mimi dodged every time.

"Why do I feel so…..different" thought Mimi finding it easy to avoid Lulu Bell's attacks.

She leapt down with speed and while her former master jumped back….it wasn't quick enough as the blade cut her tie. Now usually the tie cut wouldn't matter for most, but for someone as Lulu Bell, the fact to actually strike her with ease was a shocker.

She kept the same calm expression but inside she was seriously worrying

"Something feels different…this doesn't feel like an akuma, I can't sense it"

Mimi jumped again, and Lulu Bell spun around hopping to strike her but, a mixture of amazement and pure horror to her, Mimi went through one arm before grabbing the other and cutting deeply into it and getting a hugh kick into the stomach before crashing into the wall.

Lulu Bell looked up in horror

"Who are you" she said with ease yet inside filled with fear

Mimi was panting before withdrawing her fans and kneeling towards Lulu Bell, letting the bell from her neck slip out.

"I know it may be hard to believe, but it is truly me" said Mimi turning back into her human form with a smile

"Mimi….." muttered Lulu Bell

"It's her…..this isn't something of the Earls…..it's actually her….she's alive!"

"How" she asked with no emotion

"It's a lot to explain, something I still don't understand. But don't worry Madam Lulu Bell; I will get you a gift"

A green portal opened up

"The head of Allen Walker" she exclaimed "It was good to see you again, we'll meet some more" she bowed before going through the portal

Lulu Bell of course wanted to say, no scream at her to stay. Her only friend…..

She stayed leaning into the wall for a good few minutes processing everything that happened.

"She's changed….but she's still Mimi" she thought before getting up and heading back into the meeting room. The bleeding in her arm had stopped but the stains remained getting curious looks from the others.

"It's taking care of" she simply stated sitting down

"Perfect timing, but I'm afraid we have a new issue" said the Earl, actually looking a bit worried behind that grin.

"What is it?" she asked

"It's Road" said Tyki taking out another cigarette. "She's been hospitalized" he said with worry but attempting to keep up the tough act. The others were remaining silent.

"Road?" she thought. "But she's always held her own; no exorcist could do that much damage!"

"Something isn't right…but I don't know what it is" said the Earl rattling his fingers on the table.