In a large room with three older women working diligently, one over a spinning wheel, another watching the spool of thread form with a staff and an owl on her shoulder, and the last across the room with scissors monitoring threads, the women worked tirelessly to accomplish their tasks. The lady with the staff spoke with concern "Slow Klotho as this is a critical thread for this time period."

The spinning wheel lady answered back "Yes, Lakhesis I have slowed considerable as you can plainly see."

Lakhesis watched as a frown grew on her brow "Antropos, we have need of you quickly!" she said to the lady with scissors."

Antropos answered "Yes, I am aware but I must finish with the parent's first before dealing with the child." Antropos quickly clipped the string before her "There that was the father. It will only be a moment before I can deal with the mother." She stated.

It was only a minute later that Antropos clipped another string and then walked briskly toward the spinning wheel. She arrived with moments to spare, enough to sigh and release her anguish "I hate doing this to young ones they had no time to experience or learn in such a short life span."

Klotho replied sternly "It is the way of things and it must be done to keep the balance within the universe. We must not waver from our task as it risks the natural order of things." She stated with no emotion.

Antropos looked at her and watched her actions of one very use to going about her task with no realization for what those tasks caused others. She was saddened as every day she worked her feelings about this seemed less, Antropos didn't care for this aspect of her job. On days like today where an eighteen month old child was to meet death she liked it even less.

Antropos saw the thread of her current subject near the nexus point she was meant to cut. Her frown deepened as she placed her scissors around the thread. She felt the nexus and squeezed to clip the thread from the stream of life.

The thread quickly began to darken as the subject began to die. The thread fell to the floor as had many others before this one. The floor was littered to the point of becoming a carpet of loose threads.

Antropos, being so busy did not notice that the dimming string suddenly became brighter and thicker. Lakhesis saw a flash of light out of the corner of her eye and looked down. When she saw the string that had just been cut glowing brightly she hissed "The child's light has not dimmed sisters. Something is amiss."

The three turned to the glowing thread resting on the floor. Antropos's Owl Anri' swooped down and picked up the thread in his beak. He settled back onto Antropos shoulder and let the thread fall across his mistress's hand. She viewed the thread with great interest and then her eyes widened as the thread pulsed in time with the subject's heartbeat.

She looked at her sisters with wonder "This child is no longer within our sphere of influence. He is beyond us and something greater is in control of him."

Klotho stood up abruptly and with a rage seething within her "That was not a chosen child. This is something else entirely and all we need do to rid ourselves of this abomination is find the problem and cut it from him."

Antropos held out her hand to stave off the older sister "No, this one has a destiny that is beyond us." Antropos turned to her older sister "Need I remind you that I am death. I am Moira or the Miori and while you two weave and measure new souls, it is my task to remove these souls."

Klotho looked angered until her sister stated the next "Sister you have been at this task for far too long and have become jaded to it. You will not have your orderly chaos today. Today this string has decided to have a revolution." Antropos stood looking at her defiantly with a smile.

Klotho's eyes revealed the rage and uncertainty writhing inside of her "Revolution! What do you know of revolution sister, eh? We both know who has taken this choice from us. The almighty Zues has dictated again what he asks us to manage for him and yet he does not even consult when he overrules us."

Klotho sat back down at her spindle and began the tedious chore of weaving string. Today he has created more chaos for all of us and tomorrow or the next he will persuade us to fix his mess that he has just created, mark my words sisters!"

Lakhesis who had been silent through both sisters tirade finally spoke "Yes, sister it is true but the measure of this soul was different to begin with. It was as if he was only partially in that realm to begin with."

Klotho and Antropos looked at her before Antropos asked "What do you mean he was a being of two realms?"

Lakhesis grinned "He was within two realms and in death we attempted to move him to be completely within this realm. His soul appears to have merged in his realm and that saved him but his measure increased very, very dramatically." Lakhesis stated and then lifted her staff to show the measure.

Antropos gasped "What does it mean?"

Lakhesis grinned "Viva la revolution!"

Grodric's Hollow Oct 1981 –

Métis had spent the better part of the day with this family. She had grown to know them and felt a kinship with them as well. She was greatly saddened when she discovered a few months back that Klotho had weaved their thread to remove this family from the tapestry of time.

She did not understand this as this family had been on the side of right and justice for many generations. She did not feel like the other gods had paid enough attention to their contributions to the world as a whole. Being the Titan of Good counsel and wisdom this did not feel right to her.

Then a week later having almost forgotten about it, she found a scroll which specifically mentioned this family and most importantly this child in a prophesy. When she read it she realized that some gods had worked together to end this family line for a purpose. Two days later she found the answer in that a family member had went against a god nine hundred years ago.

Métis shook her head as she then found the connection to this god and Klotho; they had been lovers for many months. Lelantos had sprung his trap and at last was going to finish this family off and wipe them from time. This was a plot worthy of a god and very unwise as this plot would, in all eventuality, kill off the entire human race. Métis had checked with Chronos to look through time and most possibilities ended with human race dead if the Potter family fell.

Métis had made her decision quickly and over the next week met with Prometheus, the creator of man-kind. She did not directly tell Prometheus what was transpiring but Prometheus revealed enough to lead Métis to find the right scrolls to save the family at least. Métis plotted and planned until her planning led to this day.

The little one was beyond a handful. He was cheerful, happy, and his mother and father were run ragged as Métis watched in mirth. During his afternoon nap, the tyke woke suddenly and stood looking directly at Métis who was disillusioned in the corner. Métis was shocked when the baby stood and waved to her with a smile "Hi Metty." The little baby stated. Métis moved over to him and held her finger out for the little tyke to hold.

The baby without hesitation grabbed her finger "Metty good!" he vocalized as he looked into the older woman's eyes. How could the child see her, it was not possible. Only gods and some of their half-human children could see other gods, it was the way of things. What a most delightful and powerful child she thought as she smiled at him.

It saddened Métis even more that a petty god would try to stamp this little one's life out. Métis backed away as footsteps came closer to the child's room. As she watched the interaction between the father and son her decision to intercede never felt so right.

It was hours later when the homes door were blasted down and the father killed that Métis waited until the precise moment to shield the child before the green curse could hit him. The rebound of the spell obliterated much of the room and destroyed the one who had cast it. The shield that Métis placed in front of the child held. Métis knew that Antropos would have cut the string and this child from hence forth would be outside of the Miora's influence. This child would not be in the tapestry of life but outside of it.

Métis left with a smile on her face as the deception had been complete. The Lelantos ring she had placed back into Lelantos's house and it had never been missed. Métis smiled as the signature of what had been done would lead directly back to Lelantos and he had saved the child. The fates had lost a child to their whims because he was now outside of their influence.